ATCAS – Challenge #12 – Hosted by Christine

Hello lovely ladies !!

First of all let me start by apologising to you all for not visiting your blogs lately but there are many good reasons. `It seems the time has come for both of our boys to leave home they are moving in together which is fantastic news for them but bitter-sweet for myself and Mr P. It also coincides with our youngest sons leaving exams for high school and the Greek orthodox Easter which means we are working full-time around the clock every day, because this is their first home together we have had to start from scratch and buy everything, I had forgotten how tiresome this could be. Our day is a constant round of plumbers painters and delivery men, dismantled furniture in our living room and the pressure of exams ! It also means I will be leaving my lovely studio as now I have plenty of room at home so although I am happy to return  I feel a little sad at giving up this wonderful space. My emotions are all over the place….lots of new beginnings for all of us. Enough of my sad story and on to the matter at hand…..

ATCAS – Challenge #12 – Hosted by Christine

Time for a new challenge at ATCAS and this time our host is the wonderfully talented Christine and this is what she has chosen for her code word for the next fortnight


Lots of scope for this one don’t you think !

Although the design team always know well in advance what the forthcoming themes will be I tend to leave everything until the last moment I just lovvvvvvveeeeee the pressure,  but this time due to all of the “goings on ” in my home life this was a BIG MISTAKE as most of my crafty stuff is in boxes and the boys have buggered off with both PC’s from home ! Luckily enough my card came together quite quickly and although not one of my best I do hope that Christine will forgive me as it is the best I could do with limited supplies.


This is when the Cameo really comes into its own, I printed the lovely ladies and the sentiment from my Cameo library onto acetate and then cut a frame to fit around and hide the glue, that’s it !!!!

We have a wonderful sponsor again this time Clear Dollar Stamps who are offering  $15.00 voucher to be used at their store.

We would love to see you again at ATCAS and thank you all so much for your continued support we also have a DT call on at the moment  why not pop over to see the fabulous inspirational pieces by my fellow DT members and find out all of the details.

I would just like to wish all of my Greek  friends and family a happy Easter and hopefully if all goes well I might just get a quick dip in the sea as the temperature is around the 30 mark !!

Will be back tomorrow with another post for Get Creative

Take care


27 thoughts on “ATCAS – Challenge #12 – Hosted by Christine

  1. Lovely card, the rainbow ladies were a great idea! Sorry you have such a lot on your plate just now, not easy I know. I can remember dimly when my daughter moved out although it is almost 30 years back! Valerie

  2. Θαυμάζω το πόσο ευρηματική είσαι κάθε φορά στις κάρτες σου!
    Ποτέ δε θα σκεφτόμουν να έβαζα τις κοπέλες σαν ουράνιο τόξο…
    Καλή δύναμη στη μετακόμιση και καλή προσαρμογή!
    Καλή Ανάσταση!!!
    (Χαρά στο κουράγιο σου, που θα βουτήξεις στη θάλασσα!
    Μακάρι να μην είναι πολύ κρύα!!!)

  3. Hey Mrs P! You sound like everything is just a whirlwind at the moment. My whirlwind has downgraded to a gust of wind every now and then. Lots of relief! I hope your boys remember to come and visit their mum all the time. Tell them that SK will kick their behinds if they don’t.

    Right, on to your card. Leaving it to the last minute, hey? Well, you did great. I love all the colours for the ladies and then also with the sentiment. Just beautiful. LOVE it!!! xx

  4. This is beautiful, Marie. I can understand how you feel at this time of big change and upheaval in your life. I don’t know what your studio was like but I’m sure crafting at home and creating a new space will be wonderful and will mean you can create at odd moments when the whim takes you. It must be an emotional time but I hope you can look on it as New Beginnings. I had a big unexpected upheaval last year with my home as you probably know, and it is quite energizing to make a fresh start. Wishing you lots of luck in this new era of your life,

    Lucy x

  5. Well Marie with everything going on in your life at the moment I am surprised you managed to get anything out!!! Such an upheaval for you and Mr P and sad as well I am sure. Such a shame you are leaving your studio as it looks wonderful but you will have to show us your new space at home when it’s up and running. The card you came up with is fantastic – striking and definitely thinking outside the box for this challenge.


    Karen x

  6. Everything happens at once it seems! The tornado comes and goes quickly, leaving you in a heap not knowing what to do next with yourself. Everything around you seems to have disappeared. LIFE! Your card is gorgeous – love the rainbow ladies. I’m sure they could become a theme for many avenues. Enjoy Easter, Marie. If you need help (and you will) gin is definitely the answer. :o) Hope things settle down soon for you and you can have a little break. hugs, Donna

  7. First of all its a beautiful card, love the row of ladies. Big changes can mean new beginings in my book, think of the space you will be gaining. My boys moved out years ago to the next village, just close enough to turn up for frequent meals, I’m sure your will visit often.
    Yvonne x

  8. Hiya Marie
    Considering you must be feeling down with your boys leaving, this is one bright cheery card, I love the idea of the printing on acetate, it must shine beautifully.

    20 years ago my son asked us to sit down as he had something to tell, you can imagine in a nano of a second he had been up to all manner of things, then he told us he was moving out NOW, 17 years old!!!! I went to work the next dear in tears, came home from work and he was back for tea LOL, it lasted 3 months, he spent ALL his savings, never to be replaced! He didn’t leave until he was 19 then to a good job, 10 years later he was back again!

  9. Brilliant take on rainbow, Marie … very retro looking and I LOVE the sentiment … perfect for you just now! Do hope you have a Happy Easter there, and things settle down quickly after all the changes! Anita 🙂

  10. Oh, Marie, I know just how you’re feeling! My boys left home suddenly and separately within three weeks of each other and I couldn’t go into either of their bedrooms without crying! It gets better love!

    Your card is AMAZING and how apt is that sentiment for your post today!

    Happy Easter my scouse greek friend!

  11. You never cease to amaise me with the idea’s you come up with, this is brilliant and so original.
    I cried my eyes out when my eldest Daughter left home but then thought my youngest was never going to leave, had to give her Fiance a kick up the backside to get a move on lol..
    Been AWOL myself as just been on holiday for a couple of weeks so no comments from me.
    Have a great Easter.

    Kath x

  12. Hi Marie. Fabulous card. Love the rainbow colored ladies … and your matching rainbow sentiment. Incredible design … you do good under pressure!!! 🙂

    Such a hard time with both boys leaving the nest at the same time. Good that you can now have your studio in your home, though. Take some time for yourself and relax! Loll xx

  13. I love your card Marie and what a great tip for acetate – to put a frame over it, I wouldn’t have thought of that! Change is always hard but I can imagine just what a wrench it must be for you with both your boys leaving home – great for them to be moving in together though and hopefully not too far away? The upside is that with your studio at home there’ll be no more roaming the streets in your pyjamas! Hugs, Vicky x

  14. Wonderful card! I adore the way you stamped the images and words in rainbow colors. Such a welcomed change to the “rainbow” theme. 🙂

  15. How clever are you UB!! Fabulous take on the rainbow theme. I am amazed you managed to think of anything at the moment with everything going on. Thinking of you Sweetie. Take care.
    Hugs, Florence xx

  16. Love these silhouette ladies Marie, very striking! Enjoy having your crafting space at home, my son seems to be taking over more rooms instead of moving out!!!
    Val x

  17. Wow I love this card Marie – it sure doesn’t matter how much or how little time it takes to make a card – this is super! I will have to try this!

  18. Are you kidding? I LOVE your creation, since it’s strong and positive and something I have never seen before. You did a great job, so sorry you don’t feel comfortable with it.

  19. So much change going on at once!!! Your lads moving in together sounds great… I bet they’ll have a ball :0) you rustled up a fab card here… The rainbow colours look great stacked on the repeated image… Very original design :0)
    Jenny x

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