Get Creative May 5th Card Challenge Flowers

Hello lovely ladies and happy Easter to all of my Greek friends and family !

For those of you that read my post yesterday I wont bore you with the details of the mayhem and madness that is prevailing in my life at the moment but get right down to matters at hand which is our new challenge at Get Creative . April showers bring May flowers is the theme for the whole of May always a popular theme…….except if you are me of course !!!! Cant seem to get the hang of the thingies !!! My team mates over at Get Creative have done a magnificent job so why not pop over and see their wonderful blooms. Don’t expect to find anyone at home though as its Easter ~Sunday here, the weather is glorious and everyone has left for their villages !

As I’m in the process of moving my studio most of my things are boxed up so I didn’t have too much to work with, to be honest even if they weren’t boxed up I would still have a problem !!!!!


A quick and easy card and I love the fabulous colours, I used a favourite Japanese print and copied it onto acetate, cut the frame with my Cameo and added a little flower


Another simple one, this beautiful hand stitched silk fabric was given to me by a lovely friend who has my good luck would have it has a fabric shop here in Thessaloniki and has given me tons of samples the only problem is they are just too beautiful to cut up but being desperate and short of time I got my scissors out !. I did make the paper flower flowers underneath I’m embarrassed to say ! The frame once again cut by my Cameo.

We are sponsored once again by Get Creative Embellishments who have this lovely gift for the winner


We also have a wonderful guest designer this month the very talented Rania, not only a very creative lady but fun to be with and a thoroughly nice person .

Well I must dash Our boys have invited us to their new home for Easter lunch,¬† they have this fabulous top floor apartment with a huge 45 meter balcony and although we are guests you can image who has done all the preparations,cooking and cleaning so far……

Once again happy Easter for those who celebrate

Take care



13 thoughts on “Get Creative May 5th Card Challenge Flowers

  1. Happy Easter, Marie! I’m sure you will have a wonderful time with your boys and spend most of the celebration on that beautiful balcony, G&T in hand, enjoying good company and good food, thus forgetting about all former whinging. :o) Your cards are delicious – even without your equipment and supplies you work your magic. That piece of material is soooo gorgeous! droooool. Makes one beautiful presentation. Always enjoy and am inspired by your work. Hope things settle down for you now. take care. hugs, Donna

  2. Really beautiful cards Marie.

    Enjoy the celebrations and hope you can get your feet up and relax lol

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Wonderful wonderful cards and beautiful fabric, to make the one really luxurious.

    Love them both and I’m going to try printing on acetate today.

    Have a good Easter.

  4. Hi UB. I hope you have been able to relax a bit and enjoyed your meal with the “boys”. No tinned meat in your house then!! he he! It must be a bit of a double edged sword. Sad to see them go but proud to see them making their own way. How exciting for them. These cards are simply gorgeous. What wonderful fabric. Lucky you!!
    Hugs, Florence xx

  5. Goodness woman, do you ever take it easy, sound like things are a tad hectic, nae pandemoniac (is that a real word) in your neck of the woods. How exciting for your boys though. Love these cards, especially the fabric one, and your rainbow of women is fab. Enjoy your easter weekend. Toodlepip. Xx

  6. Well, what else are Mother’s for, it doesn’t end till the day you pop your clogs, so a long time to go for you Young Lady.
    It never ceases to amaize me how you do not only manage to make the one card for a challenge but make two or three and they are always tip top, I can only make one, if I am lucky, and that one isn;t a patch on your cards.
    The second card is my favorite, love it.

    Kath x

    Hope you have had a good Easter, we have has a really decent day for our May Day.

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