ATCAS – Challenge #9 – Hosted by Harriet

Hello gorgeous girls and PF my ” special friend ”  ! Greetings from freezing cold Thessaloniki, what happened to spring ! looks like we might miss it again this year and go straight from winter into summer. Actually this was my way of introducing our new code word at ATCAS which has been chosen for us by the lovely and talented Harriet, so can you guess what it is….

ATCAS - code word spring


My lovely Cameo came to the rescue once again cutting the frame and supplying the little birdies up the tree, the sentiment is also from my darling cameo. What did I do… well I coloured it of course and did a smidge of layering and behold another cameo creation.

While the machine was revved up and raring to go I made another quickie


It’s a bit naff really but I made it so you’re seeing it !!!! I added the one tiny bloom to the tree to give the impression of the  onset of spring , sorry that’s the best I could come up with. If you want to see some really inspirational spring creations why not wander over to ATCAS to see what the talented ladies have come up with,  nothing naif about them !

We also have a wonderful new sponsor to introduce to you for this challenge.
It is our privilege to welcome Stephanie from Clearly Besotted Stamps who is most generously offering two of her wonderful stamps sets to our CAS perfectionist
With Love Copyright
Baby Love Copyright
Well worth joining in the merriment don’t you think !
Would just like to leave you with a photo taken at my studio at the weekend with  a couple of  crafty friends
That’s me in the middle can you guess what they are trying to do to me ?
Hope you all have a super weekend and look forward to catching up with you all
Take care

39 thoughts on “ATCAS – Challenge #9 – Hosted by Harriet

  1. Absolutely love the bird card, great image and fabulous layout.
    No idea what they are doing but you don’t look to be putting up much of a struggle so it may be something good.
    Kath x

  2. Two gorgeous cards Marie, love the little birdies in the tree! As to what your friends are doing I can only guess it’s a lipstick called Bombay Sapphire!! We have snow today:(
    Val x

  3. Great cards, Marie! I love that little bloom on your second card to show that spring is on the way. I just mentioned over at Karen’s blog that I am feeling sorry for everyone where it hasn’t warmed up for you. I told her that the problem would be solved by just coming over to visit me and enjoy my tropical paradise 🙂 See you soon? xx

  4. 2 Fantabulous cards Marie, you and CAS are related and your Cameo with you at the helm is one brill machine.

    I think your friends are puting Spring Pink lipstick on you, somehting really bright that you wouldn’t normally wear, suppose I’m wrong though. 🙂

  5. Both cards are so beautiful Marie! You have to prepare an online course on Cameo for us, you make such a great use of it! Hope we see spring soon, I’m really fed up with all the cold :S And wish I was there with you girls!

  6. I just love what you can achieve with your Cameo Marie – both cards are absolutely gorgeous…….think I’ll have to pop on over and have a private master class!!! lol Absolutely intrigued as to what your friends are doing to you……..either putting on makeup or feeding you – can’t see the bottle of gin so it can’t be that; although they wouldn’t have to hold you down for that one eh? lol

    Karen x

  7. Yes, I must agree, with you at the helm, cameo can work miracles. Honestly, Marie – sometimes I just have to go and have a drink after I see your work. :o) Beautiful – both of them. Oh, BTW, I have left a fresh hand cut crystal glass out for you by the pitcher of sangria – is that more to your liking? Take care – hope you are over that terrible virus. hugs, Donna

  8. You and your Cameo are a perfect marriage. Beautiful cards – cute little birdies.
    As to what is taking place, I have absolutely no idea but I can see that it even required you to be held down!

  9. Now that photo is intriguing. I’d like to think it was some form of torture but I’m not sure! Tree-menudous cards, love those little birdies. Tweet tweet. Xx

  10. 2 lovely cards!
    What is she doing to you??
    Oh, your studio seems to be so beautiful – would you like to do a room tour for us one day?

  11. Hi Marie. Two fun and spring-y cards. Love those sweet little birds on the tree – so fun and definitely signs of spring in your studio, even if it isn’t outside your door! 🙂 Love the fancy-cut tree with the one blossom … so sweet! Loll xx

  12. Brilliant cards, Marie! I love them both. Hope that wasn’t tooth extraction, lol! Here it is snowing yet again. this snow stuff is getting boring now! 🙂

  13. Hi Marie, love these cards! Every time I visit your blog I tell myself I really MUST save up for a Cameo. Are they trying to put lippy on you, lol?!

  14. Yikes Marie – what are they doing to you??? Glad you made the cards before they got a hold of you!! I love what you have created with your Cameo – I am still just learning to use mine. The birds in the tree are adorable and the little flower on the second tree is perfect for representing the coming of spring!! Hugs, Harriet

  15. Hmmmm, she looks like she’s gonna knock you out! Glad to see you much better Marie. These are gorgeous, I love the first one with the little birds, and the second one is beautiful! It’s absolutely freezing here – no sign of spring at all, in fact, I think we might go one better and go from winter to winter!

    Take care Marie

    Maria xxxxx

  16. Yes it must be some kind of dentistry experiment – the cropadile will be coming out any minute…! Love the spring cards – the first is so sweet with those little blue-winged birds and the second is beautifully bold. We can only dream of a sky that blue – we have MORE snow here and I’m definitely hibernating for the winter next year! Vicky x

  17. Fabulous cards UB. I loved the card with the birdies on the tree as soon as I saw it. Looks like the girls are getting their own back. It’s about time someone removed your moustache!! LOL! CWL!
    Hugs, Florence xxx

  18. Two fabulous card, love especially the first one. Seems you three have had a lot of fun 🙂 Looks like one of your friends intends to paint your face 😉

  19. How fun, Maria, and how brave you are! Judging by the way your friend next to you is holding you tight, my guess is that you are getting a tiny gem punched through your nostril. Am I close? Now, of course, you have to take an “after” picture to show us whether we are right or wrong!! Whatever it was, I hope it went well and you all had a lovely stiff drink afters!!

    And your cards? Sigh. Another big push for me to get a Cameo. Dang, these are astounding!!

  20. Fabulous cards again, Marie….fantastic Cameo work! You always achieve such clean cuts. And your designs are so unique.

    I am guessing that you may be having some type of beauty treatment. Looks like your friend may be about to attack you with a pair of tweezers!

    Enjoy a lovely Easter weekend my friend xxx

  21. Hey, Marie thanks for dropping by mine & yep! Been busy you-tubing how to use the Cameo…..looks like all I need really do is actually drop by yours every so often. NAFF? I don’t think so – I LOVE the symbolism of your 2nd tree branch card!!! And MAN! They are small words on the top card. That’s serious Silly stuff:):):):)

  22. Love your card with the multiple frames and the springy tree! As for the photo – I just recently saw Les Mis and can only think of the tooth-pulling scene. Eek.

  23. Hi Marie, I love the cute card with the fab frames and dinky birdies! I think you’re right, spring is trying to push its way through. I dread to think what your friends are doing to you in the pic!! It looks like they’re trying to put false eyelashes onto you! Kx

  24. Marie, your HA-tree is such a great stamp for a spring card. Love how you framed it – the white on white with all the structure is awesome!


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