Get Creative March 5th Card Challenge ” Create a Card with an Envelope On

Hello lovely ladies and welcome to another whingeing post from my sickbed !!!

Yes four weeks on and am still feeling unwell and miserable, I now have contracted a lovely virus from my ever so generous husband which apart from having flu like symptoms  has rendered us both deaf in our left ears and in quite a bit of pain. If it didn’t hurt so much I would laugh as trying to communicate at the best of times with  Mr P is a chore  but now we are both deaf ….actually now I come to think of it I finally have a legitimate excuse for ignoring him . Of course him being a man ( well that’s obvious ) he was off to the doctors like a flash and taking antibiotics within five minutes !

Anyway enough of my boring medical chat and on to our new challenge over at Get Creative. Our lovely leader Irini has once again come up with a great theme for us , she is asking us to create a card with an envelope on it or in it ! I really loved the idea but unfortunately being the miserable so and so that I am and feeling so sorry for myself  I just couldn’t get motivated and so wasn’t too happy with the end result .


Onto a piece of Design Paper I stamped this lovely SU script with sepia archival ink and distressed the edges, made a tiny weeny envelope with my Cameo and added a folded tiny doily and a wooden heart to close it.

Using a lolly stick I ran over it with one of those lovely wheel stamps from SU and then punched holes in either end with my crop o dile and added a couple of eyelet’s and some thread. A touch of sepia ink was added to the edges and there you go another rubbish card from me and the bugger took ages to make too !

Do pop over to Get Creative to see what the rest of the DT have come up with and also welcome a new member to our card team Erina, She makes the most amazing cards  I’ve been a huge fan or her work for ages and as a bonus she is a thoroughly lovely lady too.

We have a wonderful sponsor this month

Paper Stories 



On a lighter note I was pleased to get top three at the Craft Room last week for my handmade embellishment see here if your curious its  been ages since I won anything but to be fair it’s  ages since I entered anything so it did cheer me up no end.

Before I go I would like to leave you with a couple of photo’s of the “pets ” . I share my craft room with my good friend Stavroula , well you have all met her mad cat Mr Ziggy well here is another member of the gang Ronin her lovely Jack Russell who also happens to be Rosy my little porkers boyfriend.

IMG_2948Here they are enjoying a tender moment !

IMG_2976This is my  Bailey who looks like a little angel here but don’t let this doe like face fool you he is the boss in our house and even though he is just a tad over two kilos he definitely rules the roost  !

Take care you all and hope that by my next post on Saturday I will be well on the road to recovery !



24 thoughts on “Get Creative March 5th Card Challenge ” Create a Card with an Envelope On

  1. Whatever you contracted sounds serious! Not good at all – and for such a long time. You must be getting very tired of feeling ‘rotten’! Well, for a woman with no inspiration, your card is once again absolutely stunning. Love it. Thanks for the pet and friends photos – love them. Take care of yourself and your Mr. Perhaps the Dr. is not such a bad idea?? xoDonna

  2. You should be delighted that you managed to achieve anything with you feeling so poorly. It is never any fun to be poorly and so frustrating when we want to craft but the motivation has taken a vacation.
    Gorgeous colours and such a creative use of the stick (it looks like an expensive purchased embellishment).
    Such cute photographs and as for Bailey, definitely those eyes are saying “Don’t mess with me!”
    Look after yourself and hurry up and get better soon.

  3. Oh Marie – I am so sorry to hear that you’re still feeling so poorly. Trouble is anything you want to do seems to be magnified by at least 10 in it’s difficulty!!! As for ignoring the OH that’s probably the one good thing to come out of it. If I didn’t know better I would suggest you take a lovely holiday in, say, Greece……..hehe Anyway, you’ve made a darling card. Love that envelope you created and the lolly stick is pure genius…..just might have to CAS(e) that. Thanks for the wonderful pet photos…..just love that first one; so cute but hope he didn’t go and bite her ear after?

    Take good care of yourself and hope you’re feeling better soon.


    Karen xxx

  4. What an outstanding creation again!! I love the old scropt and your soft colour choice… not to mention the wonderful things you do with your Cameo!
    I´m so sorry, that you are not feeling well… hope that will change soooon!!

  5. hello dear Marie..Im so sorry to hear you are still sick…i hope you feel better soon…Amazing card…Love it..and the puppies are adorable…Thanks a lot for the wellcoming and for the sweet words…You are amazing lady and i so glad that i met you…My thought are near you!!!Hugs and kisses..Erina..

  6. Gorgeous card, the lace envelope looks so beautiful. Of course I love the photos of the pets as well. Hope you fell a bit better soon.
    Yvonne x

  7. Oh Marie, not ill again, think it is time you moved back to England the cold kills off all the germ, what!!! you probably didn’t hear that comment.
    Fabulous card, even though you don’t think so. Love the colours and I can tell it must have taken you ages.
    You weren’t Calamity Jane in a previous life were you?
    Keep calm and crafting.

    Kath x

  8. Amazing card (‘specially when you’re unwell) … the lace envelope with the doily and heart are just charming! Hope you’re feeling much better very soon, Marie, it’s so yuk feeling horrid … keep smiling! Anita 🙂

  9. Hi Marie. So sorry to hear you’re still feeling rotten. Take care of yourself and the mister and get lots of rest.

    You are too hard on yourself. I love your vintage-style card with the doily envelope. The colors are gorgeous! … and the wooden heart is so sweet.

    Love the pictures of your pets … they look like they get along well. Bailey is so adorable, but definitely those sweet eyes would always get their way 🙂 Loll xx

  10. Hi UB, Sorry to here you are still feeling poorly. Hope you are feeling better soon. Fab post. I am still giggle about Mr. P. You are so mean to him. Lovely photos especially they one of my Bailey. Gorgeous card. Really unusual and creative.
    Take care,
    Florence xx

  11. Very pretty card Mrs P, the little envelope is lovely. Still under the weather? Are you sure you’re not just lounging about eating Magnums – well, where else could that lolly stick have come from?! Hope you’re feeling tickety boo real soon. Take care. Suze xx

  12. Hi Marie, I’m not happy that you’re still feeling rough – are you sure you don’t need antibiotics too? Your card is so beautiful and the envelope is gorgeous; it looks like it should be holding a romantic love note – perhaps from you to Mr P … . okay, perhaps not, lol!
    Congrats on your win!

  13. Oh! NO you is still a poorly girl, pain in the ear is awful, pain in the a** even worse LOL. Hope you’re better soon, perhaps a visit to the Dr wouldn’t go amiss, earache can be a real pain in the a** especially if it is an infection in the middle ear, I know from experience. Don’t be a “woman” go and see the doctor. There I have told you, – still my friend?

    Even though you are poorly you still come up with the goods, whether you like it or not this is another genius idea, love it.

  14. I’m sorry you are ill! It’s been a Winter for sickness it seems. But your card is gorgeous! I love that lacy envelope and the doily! And the background shows it off to perfection!

  15. Marie, I have to admit that I enjoy your cards as much as the pet photos you are sharing with us! lol! Love your card, such a creative envelope! And it is amazing how you can keep on writing your hilarious posts even from the bed of pain. Sending you warm thoughts and hope you feel better SOON!

  16. Hi Marie, this is gorgeous and so beautifully vintage. That SU script stamp is one of my favourite background stamps, and I love the little envelope. Bailey looks adorable, and the other two look like friends for life :-).

    Take care Marie

    Maria xxxxx

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