ATCAS – Challenge #7 – Hosted by Sue

Hello lovely ladies !

How time flies ( not ) when you’re  stuck in bed without the aid of a laptop and gin has been banned by the doc due to the taking of horrible woozy inducing medication !

I have once again escaped from the confines of my bed to schedule this post as my lovely Mac has found a new home in my craft studio which is no longer on the premises !

Its time once again for a new challenge at Addicted to CAS and  the lovely and talented Sue is hosting this fortnight’s challenge, so line up in an orderly fashion at the bar and you will all be served in the fullness of time, no pushing there at the back that means you too Darnell !!

Sue has chosen for us

ATCAS - code word masculine

I really thought this was going to be a toughie but it came together so quickly


I love this stamp even though I don’t know the maker is, What a surprise ! I lost the packaging some time ago so if anyone recognises it I would love to know who it is as I would love to see what else they make !

The frame and the sentiment where cut with my Cameo and popped up with foam for dimension and that’s it,  super simple.

We are once again being sponsored by

Addicted to CAS Code Word Heart

I would just like to thank everyone that has embraced Addicted to CAS over the past few months not only do we have the most wonderful ( read crazy,nutty ) leader Kylie but the rest of the DT are all simply fabulous and thoroughly nice gals,( except for that baileyrosy who to be honest is a bit of a hypochondriac and I have heard that she likes a tipple from time to time) Enough said why not pop over to Addicted to CAS to check out those lovely ladies for yourselves and why not take part as our wonderful sponsor has lots of gorgeousness for the giving !

I see that the Craft Room is also on the look out for  “Something for Men ” and as I so enjoyed playing along with them last time thought I would give it another go.

Right am back off to my lair but before I go here’s a photo of Ziggy the cat who shares the studio or should I rephrase that and say that I share the studio with him, he’s always on my desk especially when I have something drying  his favourite is glossy accents and the sticky mat from my Cameo, can anyone spot what Mr Zig is wearing …..


Answers on a postcard please.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thank you all for sticking with me…

take care


35 thoughts on “ATCAS – Challenge #7 – Hosted by Sue

  1. Hi Marie, sounds as though you’re feeling at least a little better … hope it’ll soon be a LOT! Fabulous monochrome card … LOVE the way you’ve done the sentiment and the touch of gold is perfect for the image! Anita 🙂

  2. Hi Marie – so sorry you’re not feeling well at the moment (not withdrawal symptoms is it?) – hope you feel better soon. Love, love your card – it’s perfect with that gorgeous frame and the touch of gold on the pen. Sorry can’t help with the stamp manufacturerbut hope someone else can as I think it’s fab and would love to know as well. Great photo of Mr Zig…….I’ve heard of carrying your heart on your sleeve but not on your hip! Sending positive get well thoughts.


    Karen xxx

  3. Wonderful card for a bloke, its a great image. Love the carefully modelled heart on Mr Zig.. Hope you feel better soon.
    Yvonne x

    • Still in your bed – alone, with no gin. Sounds like an emergency to me! Do hurry and be well again – we worry about you and the air fair to Athens is astronomical these days. LOVE the card, so very appropriate for some good looker. The stamp IS gorgeous – and unusual. I hope someone can help you find the source. Sorry the sangria was gone when you arrived, I’ll try and keep you a private stash in the future. I’ll send you the hiding place via email. Ziggy is obviously showing his love for you with the heart – or more likely because he is a cat – his love for himself. :o) Do get better, Marie – and be quick about it. Things to do places to go, gin to drink. Take care. xoDonna

  4. What a fab male card Marie, I would love to source love that stamp, my eldest son is a writer and this would be perfect for a card for him! So sorry to hear you are under the weather again, how about using the gin as rubbing alcohol it wouldn’t affect your antibiotics:)
    Val x
    btw I love Ziggy!

  5. I LOVE this male card.
    Keeping the colour palette restrained adds such impact.
    I will whisper this (I am a dog lover more than a cat lover – had too many bad experiences with their claws!) but Ziggy looks so cute and docile.
    Take care of yourself.
    P.S. For some reason I can no longer click Like – it has disappeared

    • Oh I wish it was true but he’s not at all docile. The first few months as a new resident in the craft room he took to ambushing me especially when I entered and the lights where out !

  6. For goodness sake woman, are you still lounging about in your PJs all day. You’re telling us it’s the meds that’s making you woozy but I bet you’ve got a bottle of gin stashed under your pillow! V. stylish card as always, love the touch of gold. Take care. Xx

  7. This is such a fabulous image, Marie…stamped so perfectly! And I love the frame created on your Cameo. A unique design perfect for a masculine card!

    I’m surprised to hear that Ziggy has a “Dark” side. He does look very docile. I had to smile at the image in my mind of him ambushing you.
    That reminded me of a ferrel cat we adopted many years ago. We christened him ‘Wild Bill’. He was a complete nutter, and would never come into the house as he hated walking on carpet…it terrified him. And stroking him was a definate no, no, unless you wanted to lose an arm!!

    Hope you soon feel much better. I know what you mean about the whoozy meds. I can’t tolerate anything stronger than a paracetamol. Take care! xx

  8. Oh, my drinking gal pal, I’m so sorry to hear you are in suite sans gin. Dagnabbit! Stay calm, breath deep, you’ll be back fighting me for that last drop at the drinks trolley in no time! ‘Cause fun times when you’re having flies!!

    Whatever is happening is certainly not affecting your imaginarium and creativity and excellante execution! Your gent’s card is absolutely genius! I went off and asked Mr. Google who made the image, but he was of no use.

    Your photo of Ziggy is regal and amazing. His sleeve has fallen down, you know, where he keeps his heart for you. He looks like he is modeling for a cat statue!

    Get well soon, chickadee!!

  9. Fabulous male card, and a great image, glad that you used sticky pads as the wording look fabulous lifted off the card. Another classy creation.
    Thanks so much for your comments and hope that you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Kath x

  10. Hi Marie, Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well…. so glad you could share this fab card with us :0) The side-on sentiment is great and love the vintage style image too. Ziggy looks very regal….. I think he knows exactly where his place is in the pecking order!!
    Jenny x

  11. Absolutely amazing (and pinned) card Marie. I really hope you feel better real soon, I’ve just been off sick for 2 weeks and it’s driven me insane (back to work tomorrow, yay), I’m just so used to being well, but at least I could craft, I feel for you GF!

  12. Your card is AMAZING, VERY classy, I think you aught to branch out and sell these in your shop, OR do you? Love the frame and the words are so fine too.
    Hope you’re feeling better today.

  13. Poor you Marie, still wandering around town all bewildered in your PJs LOL! Hope you’re feeling better now. I love your card – as classy as always. That’s a great image and really effective in black and white with touches of gold. Mr Zig reminds me of my daughter who assured me she hadn’t eaten any of the chocolates (only she had a ring of chocolate round her mouth!) I’m sure Mr Zig hadn’t been in the embellishments drawer – honest! Vicky x

  14. Right! I had the most awesome reply for you, Missy Moo, but my computer froze and it all went to the ‘you know what’ chute…
    Stuck in bed because you are sick? A likely story!! You are lucky you are one of my bestest friends and I will let the crazy nutter comment slide! I would have to be a crazy nutter to work with you, girlfriend 😉

    Your card, as usual, if I MUST say is AWESOME but don’t let that go to your head. Now from memory I am sure there is a Google app where you can take a picture of something and Google will tell you what it is… Perhaps worth a try to hunt down the name of this stamp?

    Take care and will see you when I row, row, row my boat over to you xx

  15. Hi Marie. I want this stamp!!! Funny enough I was looking for some stamps the other night and I saw this. I think, if I remember right, it is by Inkylicious. Stunning card! Really love this. Hope you are feeling better. How was the egg and chips! he he.
    Healing hugs, Florence x

  16. Hi Marie, fabulous card for a man, stunning!
    And so heartful cat, I have one statue, where the black cat is standing just in the same position!
    Thank you for sharing your creation at Craft-Room Challenge, good luck and welcome again;-))m

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