Crafty Cardmakers Challenge 75 Stitching and Lace

It seems like someone has put a curse on me lately, you may remember a few weeks ago I sliced the top of my finger off with a sushi knife and although it is healing nicely its still very painful and quite sensitive. Well Friday night I had a little altercation with the corner of my bed which just happens to have a metal frame. I whacked my foot rather hard on the corner and have broken my little toe !!! this is the third time I’ve broken the damn thing ( and no Florence gin was not involved ) although I have to say am having a few scoops for purely medicinal purposes you understand ! I ‘m now hobbling ungraciously around in my flip-flops and of course the weather has turned rotten and as my craft room is no longer at home  I had to brave the elements dressed like a bag lady in the teeming rain in order to get this post done !! Now theres dedication for you !!!!!!

Its time for a new challenge over at Crafty Cardmakers but before I go any further I would like to thank everyone who joined in my ”  Winged Things ” challenge so many fabulous entries and you really made it difficult for me to choose a winner. Our hostess for the next fortnight is our lovely boss Lin who is asking us to use lace and stitching on our creations and here is what she has to say :-

I would like to see some stitching, either hand, machine or faux on your project as WELL as some lace, real not faux.
I really wanted to create something simple for this challenge ( again ) ! lately I’m in a very CAS frame of mind and I knew my teamies would all come up with lots of  fabulous lacy gorgeousness and I was right, so  I thought I would leave it up to the experts.
I wanted to give the impression of a pattern and so stamped
my image onto velum and then again onto some lovely DP and paper pieced the image. Added a little pocket and some lace and a button. I used my Cameo to cut the scissors and then triple coated them with UTEE  which I inked up first with SU Melon Mambo ink and added a little leather to the handles.
I would also like to enter this card into Pile it On Challenge no 38 ” Its a Stitch Up ” who are asking us to use some real or faux stiching on our project
We have a wonderful sponsor once again Hobby ArtStamps
This is the Fab prize on offer
I’m sure you will agree definitely worth entering for.
Please pop over to Crafty Cardmakers to see the wonderful creations by my team mates and do hope you will find the time to join us.
I would also like to enter this card into Pile it On Challenge no 38 ” Its a Stitch Up ” who are asking us to use some real or faux stitching on our project.
Right time for me to hobble off home now sniff,sniff.

take care


40 thoughts on “Crafty Cardmakers Challenge 75 Stitching and Lace

  1. Lol!! I was going to say you need to add more water with it!!!! 🙂 Fabulous card. Love the idea of stamping on to vellum to make it look like a piece of pattern paper. Very clever. Super design.
    Florence x

  2. You really have been in the wars Marie and I do feel for you as it can’t be nice to have a painful finger and toe!
    A really lovely creation you’ve made and just adore the simplicity. Lovely prize too although I can’t enter this one as Chris and Jenny are good friends and I have the gorgeous lady stamp.
    Maybe next time!
    Take care and get better soon.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. What a clever little card Marie 🙂 love it
    What are you like breaking you toe like that and whats this a proper craft room away from the home very professional I must say
    Take care Von x♥x

  4. Lovely cards, Marie! Sorry about your toe. Florence is wrong, taking water with gin is not advisable, doubling the amount of gin is better. It doesn’t improve the coordination, but you won’t care it about it so much….Valerie

  5. OMG my memory is terrible. Of course I saw your new craft room but had it in my head that you were taking classes in Greece as its huge……. OK swop you with my kitchen table…………………lol Annette xxx

  6. Fabulous card, the vellum realy looks just like a of pattern paper to me.
    Gosh you are a little accident prone at the moment, bet you are bumping into things a lot more now the poor toe is broken, ouch!!!! Keep up with the pain killers.
    Yvonne x

  7. Why am I not entirely convinced that gin did not play a part in this tale?
    Marie, poor you, what a time you are having of it.
    That little clip is an adorable addition to your card, such a wonderful idea.

  8. Hi Marie, treading very carefully here and so full of apoplogies and I have loads of excuses and I know you won’t believe this but last night I thought I really must visit Marie’s blog as it seem an age since I checked you out. No is wasn’t your lovely comments on my posting that spurred me on honest.This is a brilliant card, love the very clever idea, great scissors. Kath x


  9. This is brilliant Marie!!! Absolutely love it!

    Hope your toe is better soon. I go through phases of being black and blue! At the moment its the tops of my legs where I keep walking into the corners of desks in the classroom. My right arm is battered too because I keep catching it on door handles!! Terrible spatial awareness!

  10. Fantastic card! I love the CAS layout and your design is just brilliant! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for letting me know, that’s very kind of you:-)!!!! Have a lovely evening! Hugs Delphine xx

  11. Hiya Marie, I’m with Valerie on this one, ditch the water and double the gin (that’s where you’re going wrong!) – it certainly won’t hurt anywhere near as much. On a brighter note, they say everything comes in 3s………

    I LOVE your card, the vellum and paper piecing work brilliantly, and I love the clip and those UTEEd scissors! I really will try to join in with this challenge (I know, I always say this) and as I have replaced my machine and just bought some new loverly lace, I have no excuse whatsoever!

    Did you get my pics, by the way? If you’ve replied, I didn’t get it, lol.

    Bye for now

    Maria xxxxx

  12. Hi, dear friend! This is so cool!!! LOVE the pop of amazing color on top of the white–and your images and pieces just go so well together! LOVE this! 🙂

  13. Your card is outrageously good, Marie! I think you must have thought you were walking on air, it’s that good! Oh, but, well, of course you weren’t actually walking on air, you were just a mere mortal with her head in the clouds – shall I draw you a cartoon head (that needs a nose job) way up high in the sky? – and then, bam, broken toe! Thank you for braving the elements and keeping your card photo safe and dry to bring such loveliness to us! Now that you’re deposited back to safely, triple hot toddy for you!!!

  14. Inspired!! Love the idea of it being a pattern. I really wish I could do CAS – I just can’t seem to stop myself going overboard!! Cxx

  15. I love the way your mind works Marie, this is a fabulous piece of art work. I love the scissors – others might have embossed them in silver but yours are a gorgeous shiny pink! As for the toe, I’m beginning to think you need a minder madam! And I’m sure I read somewhere that tequila slammers are an excellent alternative to paracetamol…! Vicky x

  16. Oh dear Marie I hope that the curse gets lifted in the mean time drink lots of gin, I find it works for me. Love your card, the “pattern” looks really authentic and I really like the scissors, you’re so inventive.


  17. oh gosh Hun,this is just brilliant I adore this too bits,love the scissors you have added hun super effect,.and lush detail as always hugs Cherylxxxxx

  18. Hi Marie – OOOO I REALLY like that card – its a corker. What about your toe then…bet you didnt realise till next morning didya!!! My Great Grandmother loved a drink and was so pissed she fell down the pub steps and dislocated her arm, they popped it back there and then and she had no idea at all!! —- its true… you just couldnt make it up! Cxx

  19. Thank goodness you put the little explanation over there ——-> about how to comment because I was completely lost. I have been up and down this page like a lunatic looking for a comment box!

    Anyhow, now I found it, finally, lol, I can comment on your obvious problem with drink (now where are the evil smiley faces when you need them?), only joking! When I was a child I tried to slip my foot into a flip flop and four toes went one side of a larger corner wall and one went the other and snap, bloody painful, so I sympathise.

    Fabulous creation Marie. Thanks for supporting the team so well with your fabulous projects, and sorry I have not been able to get round for ages. Hopefully now I am more settled in my new home, pokey as it is, I shall have more time for peeking into peoples lives , errrr I mean blogs!

    Lin xx

  20. I adore this card, I love how detailed it is but how crisp and fresh looking you have kept it! The scissors are such a fab detail
    Rebecca x

    p.s. I thought it was just me that couldn’t figure out how to add a comment , but I got there in the end!

  21. As much as you may think I’m a witch, I did not put a spell on you! Your poor little tootsie – I bet it’s real outchie. As for hobbling about, you’ll have to get yourself one of those granny mobility scooters – or a broom – ROFL! Fabbie card, love those scissors and the paper piecing. TTFN. xx

  22. Ah Marie, what a rough time you’re having, I really feel your pain ;(
    Don’t worry I won’t spill the beans as to how you really did it, even if they try to bribe me again….family loyalty and all that.
    What a cute little card, I love the idea of the pattern, I bet someone on here could actually use that to make a teeny weeny little frock. You are such a talented girl, in spite of your disability (they do class alcoholism as an illness now so don’t feel too bad.)
    Take Care and be careful!!!

  23. Im so sorry Im late with this comment but just realised that most of my comments havent actually published due to my unfaithful internet. You are sooo clever. I love it xx

  24. This is genius, Marie! Love all your creative elements…especially the scissors cutting off the button. You have a VERY creative mind!
    Sorry to hear about your mishap, and hope that your toe will soon feel less painful! Poor you!! xx

  25. wow. you have had some bad luck….. or too much gin perhaps. lol! i’m catching up and looking at your blog backward…. 😉 this card is AMAZING! love the scissors and the clip. awesome. hope everything else is great and quit getting injured. 🙂

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