Addicted to Stamps Bingo Challenge 3

Hello my names Marie and I’m addicted to …… not gin stamps !!!!!! There’s a nasty rumour going around that I’m a little too fond of the “sauce ”  I think I may have started the rumour myself , albeit in a desperate attempt for attention, hoping to distract you all from the fact that I’m a naff card maker ! It seems to have worked , even my own sister Karen at Tricky Little stitches is fueling the fire !!!! Another attention seeker in the making  ! I would just like to point out that although I do occasionally partake of the ” waters ” I am far from vacationing at the Betty Ford clinic and this is all purely for your entertainment. I know that Florence from Florence and Freddie and the lovely Lynne from Adorn are having great fun maligning my name,  don’t let all that lovely lace and prettiness fool you ! Now before Suze Bain jumps on the bandwagon and says that denial is part of the illness I just want to assure you all that my recent injuries are not alcohol induced just me being clumsy !!

Its time once again for a new challenge over at Addicted to Stamps and our theme this week is Bingo so have a peep at the little card below and choose your line you know the drill

I chose score, grey and circle but I see that as chance would have it I also have score , free and purple !! so I don’t know whether  I win a prize or am disqualified !!!!

Basic Grey Dp for the background , Spellbinders circles for ……the circles duh!!!!!  Tim Holtz mini and maxi paper rosettes dies and  what looks like a Rowntrees blackcurrent fruit pastel in the centre was made by I with one of my handmade moulds filled with clear acrylic and a few drops of alcoholic , sorry I mean alcohol ink for the lush colour. Leaves courtesy of SU and Melon Mambo ink. Oh and the curved sentiment is from my cameo did a little bit of magic to curve the sentiment and all done !

Right if your still with me please pop over to Addicted to Stamps  and have a peep at what the DT have made , there are some gobsmacking tricky cards for your viewing pleasure and then there is of course mine.

Before I leave just wanted to show you a piccie of  Ziggy my friends cat who shares my new craft studio, I had just bought this little basket to keep some of my tat in and the furry feline was in it in a flash !!!!!

For the eagle-eyed amongst you that whisky and coke in the background is not mine !!!!!

Right am off  into the night , hobbling home in my flip-flops in the rain( still can’t get my shoes on )

Take care

Oh and a word of warning am going for the  ” Triple ” three posts in three days you lucky, lucky , people !


26 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps Bingo Challenge 3

  1. Ever hear the expression ‘methinks the lady doth protest too much’ – backs away into the corner muttering ‘pass me the vodka’

    Lin xx

    PS Fabulouso card

    PPS What has that cat seen that we haven’t? That expression is to die for

    PPPS Are you singing a Shakin’ Stevens song there???? Check your sig to see what I mean!

  2. Well my dear, it’s surely not Ziggy’s!!! AND he’s the only person who shares your new craft studio, is he not??? Next you’ll be telling us that that green bottle had 7up in it!!!

    Whilst I’m still thinking about this one, I had a look at your stunningly beautiful card and decided that you must’ve made it before you bought the whiskey, lol….

    AND I got your email (in my spam folder) – thank you – I will reply soon with all the gossip!!!

    Take care

    Maria xxxxx

  3. Well Marie – not sure if there’s something wrong with the world clock or your gin filled one…….hic……just joking! To go by my clocks over here in the UK it is 10.30pm and my post is due to go live in one and a half hours…… now I’m totally condabbled and befused…….anyhowse it’s a great card and I love your fruity pastel in the centre. Full of yumminess. I was very remiss not to have comiserated on your poorly toe but was taking note from a distance. I can totally empathise as I’ve broken my little toe 3 times in total and it’s flippin painful to say the least. I thought I’d get a little straight jacket for mine but instead they attached it to the next toe for support which doesn’t get you much sympathy does it? So I have every support for your full bottles in the background…..surprised they’re not empty! BTW – love the pussy….


    Karen x

  4. Hi Marie, Everyone knows you so well!! You can’t pull the wool over anyones eyes!!! Staging that whisky bottle and saying it is someone elses just to throw us off….what a laugh. We all know you carry your gin around in a litre sized water bottle. We’ve heard you… oh I get so dehydrated…slurp. It’s so hot here is Greece….slurp. I’ve just come from the gym…slurp!!!! LOL! Do you think Ziggy thought it was his new litter basket!!!! ha ha ! Back to crafting. Sensational card. Love the design.
    Regards Florence xx

  5. Hi Marie, love your card, I kept scrolling up and down and it looked like it was growing in size! and that’s without anything alcoholic:) I think your clock must be a little inebriated as your post was a bit early!
    Val x

  6. I think you have brought all these comments on yourself, my dear. There’s not much left for me to say… If that whiskey isn’t yours, do you keep it in a special drawer? I do!! LOL. I noticed you were a little early with your post but put it down to the fact that you are so excited about the latest challenge. Now, I see that probably wasn’t the case.. I think I should come over there and help you with ALL your addictions 😉
    Oh, by the way, your card is amazing! I love it, love it, love it!!!

  7. Καλημέρα Marie! Σου στέλνω μια αγκαλιά! Η καρτούλα σου είναι γι άλλη μια φορά εξαιρετική και πολύ όμορφη!!! Μου αρέσει η έμπνευση που έχεις και η δημιουργικότητα σου! Κι εμένα ήρθε το mail σου στα spam. Να προσέχεις τον εαυτό σου και να περνάς υπέροχα και δημιουργικά στο νέο σου craft room! Φιλάκια

  8. Yes Marie, just admit it … once it’s out in the open it’s so much easier to deal with. The denial you are going through is taking up a lot of blog space! LOVE the card. Those rosettes are fabulous – I want the die cut! Take care of that little toe. They say soaking it in gin works – sort of pickles it. xoDonna

  9. Beautiful card Marie so obviously the gin and the cat haven’t stopped your creative mind from working. Do what you do and enjoy doing it cause we all love you to bits.

    Not sure sharing with an alcoholic cat is the best idea you’ve have ever had :(????

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Marie, I don’t believe a word of all thats being said, I understand the need for ‘painkillers’, as long as it works, it sounds good to me.
    Anyway, your card is fabulous, love the huge flower.
    Take care of the toe.
    Yvonne x

  11. Marie
    We all have our weaknesses, unfortunately you appear to have more of a thirst than the rest of us but of course we understand that it is liquid painkiller.
    It doesn’t stop you creating fabulous cards. This is stunning composition and great use of stamps.
    I am a dog lover (always been slightly afraid of cats) but this one looks so lovely.
    Have a great day.

  12. Hi Marie – loved reading your post, loved your card too. I can never get those rosette thingies to go right for me! – Jacqueline xx

  13. Nothing naff here Marie:0) You should be proud of your work, this cards another beauty, I love your inventiveness ( is that a real word?) well it is now LOL Gorgeous flower, have a wonderful week and take care with that little pinkie, hugs Gay x

  14. I do love to read your posts Marie, you always give me a laugh. Absolutely gorgeous card – loving those rosettes and that gorgeous centrepiece of your flower. Awesome lovely. x

  15. oh hun,great post as always so entertaining,you always make me laugh Hun,as for your card its simply stunning just love how you have used,that rosette,and as for your,wee,cat oh he is adorable and looks,so cute in the basket,hugs Cherylxxx

  16. Beautiful card, Marie! Love the colours and such a fabulous rosette flower…love how you’ve done that!!
    Love the photo of Ziggy! If only you had taken that photo a little more to the left, Ziggy would have hidden your little secret – LOL!
    Have a great weekend!! xx

  17. What a lovely card Marie! I like the paper peeking through the aperture and those gorgeous leaves. Ziggy looks as if he could be related to my Tuppence! I must say he’s looking rather shocked but if you SAY you don’t have a ‘problem’ (hic) then of COURSE we believe you! Vicky x

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