Addicted to Stamps ” Make your Mark ” and ” The Fullness of Time “

Hello lovely ladies,  hope I find you all wonderfully well and fighting fit. Darnell if you are reading this I hope your back is better and you are avoiding hammocks !
Time once again for another  challenge over at Addicted to Stamps were our theme is ” Make your Mark ”  In other words girls get out those markers and go to town,  you are free to make anything you wish as long as those markers are involved. I may be on the DT for ATS but my colouring leaves a lot to be desired as you will shortly see but if you pop over to ATS you will be truly inspired , no really I mean it, my team mates are so talented , I think they just let me join in cos they feel sorry for me. Anyways here are my offerings.

Gorgeous LaBlanche stamp, the wings , eyes and lips coloured with Promarkers and then glossy accents added to lips and eyes. When dry I rubbed all over, ( the image not me ) with pink Pan Pastels and added a Silver marker to the edge. Matted with blah blah blah and a little photo corner cut with my Cameo. Spellbinders Edgeabiliies for the border and some lovely grey pearls. Not satisfied with this I decided to treat you all to another mediocre card……

This lovely spellbinders die with holes in ( sorry don’t know the name, don’t have the packaging and too tired to look it up ) I cut two of them and joined them with a piece of card for the base. The stamp is Penny Black coloured with promarkers and once again Pan Pastels brushed lightly over the top , Ta da !!!

I would just like to thank everyone who has supported us over the past few weeks at ATS , we are a new challenge blog with a fabulous DT  ( except for me ) and we love to see your wonderful crafty creations . I do hope you will pop over and pay us a visit and maybe even take part we would dearly love to see your gorgeous work.

Lately I have been begging your forgiveness for my lack of commenting and said in previous posts that all will be revealed in ” The Fulness of Time ” about my secret mission. well I have had several emails ( ok five ) from nosey crafters who obviously are too impatient to wait for ” The Fulness of `time ” to take its course. There were also some super cheeky bloggers one being Maria from Made by Maz ,  who even had the audacity to try to bribe my sister Karen of  Tricky Little Stiches  with lace and ribbons and I think even a little fabric was offered in order to find out what I was up too !! Can you believe it,  what a nerve, luckily my little sister refused or so she says although she did mention she may be meeting up with Maria in the not too distant future so looks like you can’t even trust family !!! Once again everything has been blown out of proportion and my little crafty secret now seems so insignificant I feel as if I should make something up but I just can’t think of anything interesting.

I will just leave you with a couple of photos as  a taster if you will,  am sure the cleverer among you will work it out …….more photos to follow……….in ” The fullness of Time ”

take care


28 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps ” Make your Mark ” and ” The Fullness of Time “

  1. Beautiful cards Marie and love the crafty space–it is bigger than our whole house lol.

    Whatever you are going to be doing I bet it will be a lot of fun:)

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Hi Marie ..Tis I! Love the cards and really really love the cherub stamp and what you have done to that. Oh my gosh is the space for when I come over? it is isnt it! You shouldnt have – am so excited now! Cxx

  3. Gorgeous cards. Now those photos look like a craft workshop to me. a real inviting space to play and create, with maybe a few classes as well?..
    Yvonne x

  4. Gorgeous cards Marie, I always look forward to seeing the beautiful shapes you create for your fabulous images. As always your stamping and use of colour is immaculate – Jacqueline xx

  5. Hi Marie, at last I am commenting on your blog!, but just ’cause I ain’t commenting doesn’t mean I don’t see ALL your fab projests, thank goodness for following by email LOL.
    I LOVE what you do to your cards and projects, can’t believe that you think they are not good, especially for someone who hasn’t been at it long, I always think you are genius with what you do.
    Now as for the crafting space, I think it looks like you are going to share your skills, perhaps I should move to Greece to learn something from you LOL. Fabulous space.
    Take care, hope all is well.

  6. You really sell yourself short – you are amazing. I am always looking forward to what you are going to come up with – love your work xx

  7. Hello
    First I have to say that your sister is sooooooo lovely and I am guessing you are the cheeky one of the family!!!!!! Heh! Heh! had to be a bit naughty there.
    Struggling for a favourite on your cards today as they are both so striking but I might have to opt for No. 1. which rubbed off on me (sorry, not sure what has come over me today – lack of sugar possibly).
    WOW what a special studio, worth the wait to see this. I Want this space, I NEED this space, so I have to ask you, any room for a wee one who has stamps she would happily share (and open to other bribery).
    You always bring fun to our lives Marie, this post is no exception.

  8. WOW Marie – is this your craft room???? OMG – it’s unbelievable. Love it. I will visit you and we can craft together ,)
    Your cards are stunning as always – very special
    big hugs
    Doreen xx

  9. Firstly both your cards are fantabbydozzie!!!!! Don’t know why you think we just put up with you………….along with Darnell you both keep me giggling every day! Now, can you tell me just when I can come out to play in your beautiful HUGE playroom? I love that mobile with the birds and butterflies – gorgeous fanned tails on the birds; they look so impressive.


    Karen x

  10. Well Marie, finally your reveal, I have to say I’m sure it won’t stay that tidy knowing you. I agree with Lynne of course (if only she knew who was the cheeky one!) and also Kylie, you do sell yourself short. Of course this weeks cards deserve a mention too, lovely use of colour…do you remember getting colouring books and crayons from Bob Isherwoods market stall? I bet Maria does 😉
    Cracking cards as ever, mwah XX

  11. Wow, so much to say. (Duh)

    First, thank you for the well-wishes about the back. It is FINALLY better today. When I woke up this morning, I could gingerly stretch out my legs, ahhh, and I could get a shower, ahhhhh! So that’s all better, phew.

    Second, slap yourself over your denigration of your work. I won’t put up with it, you hear me? Don’t make me come over there! Your work is beautiful and the DT at ATS is fortunate to have you! So no more of that.

    Third, what is this gimoosive space that looks like it’s from a magazine?! Is that yours? Please put a linkup with WOYWW – you’ll have everyone green!! So what are you planning? Others think it’s a workshop space. Uh huh, I can see that. But all that floor space? Do you Zumba, belly dance, or line dance, as well as all your artistic talents? I think that might be it. Whatever your plans, your space is STUNNING! I love, love, love the butterfly chandelier!!

  12. I don’t believe it, you went into my spam folder (and no, I am not going to make a cheeky comment in reference to this!). That is one humongous crafting space – I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s covered in gilding flakes and cameo snippets! It looks fab – let me know when the launch party is! Your mediocre cards are actually quite lovely. Okay enough niceness for today. TTFN xx

  13. Who, me????? I can’t believe you would think such a thing of me!!! Ok, I had to up my offer to 486 balls of Sublime wool just to get her to consider, lol 😉 – and omg I do remember Bob Isherwoods!!! There’s gonna be some catching up next April! I haven’t received any of your emails so am just about to send you another one!

    Wow, what a crafty space. I have a very small craft room so there is DEFINITELY room for me in here as well – I’m just in the process of packing and should be there in a couple of days to keep you company and use your Cameo.

    Your cards are gorgeous, as usual, I love the little cherub (the bottom of this is card is fabulous) and the rose so very beautiful.

    Bye for now

    Maria xxxxx

  14. Καταρχάς οι κάρτες σου είναι εκπληκτικές όπως πάντα Marie μου!Φοβερή δουλειά!Τι δωμάτιο είναι όμως αυτο????????Έχω μείνει με το στόμα ανοιχτό!!!!Ζηλεύω,ζηλεύω,ζηλεύω!!!!!!

  15. I think we’re all banning the word mediocre from your blog as there is NOTHING mediocre about anything on it! I adore the touch of colour on your cherub and the rose is divine! As for the new craft space – well I’d be there already but of course they wouldn’t let me on the plane! Vicky x

  16. So happy to see your comments on my blog! I have missed you terribly and somehow lost track of what you were up to! (heaven forbid!) All is well, I’m hooked up with e-mail now, so I won’t miss your charming musings. LOVE your cards (as always) sigh. OOooo – haven’t been around, however your creative space looks big enough to share – (the plane is warming up as we speak). Get out the ouzo. :o) xoDonna

  17. Two fabulous cards again, Marie! I love both designs!
    I am in awe of your wonderful craft room!! It resembles one of the design studios at the art and design college where I used to work, which was a bustling hive of activity. So much space to create…AMAZING!!!! xx

  18. Oops forgot to say sorry to hear about you accident. Two very different cards, and two fabulous images. Personnaly prefer the second card but love the touch of red on the first.
    Kath x

  19. OMG, having just downsized from a craft room, into a bedroom posing as a craft shop I am soooooo envious of your craft space!

    Two gorgeous creations above it! Love just the highlights on the angels face and that other ‘mediocre’ card is a delight.

    If I didn’t love you so much I would have to hate you with all that lovely space around you!

    Lin xx

  20. Your cards are superb Marie, and I won’t hear anything other than that, blah blah blah LOL You’re naughty but it looks like you’re getting up to some fun stuff, what a brilliant crafty space, I could play for hours there, I hope you’re having fun, LOL Gay x

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