Less is More ” Gold ” and Its a Dogs Life !

I feel it’s time to draw a veil over the sad events of the past few weeks concerning Rosy and Bailey I was totally devastated after the lovely ( former lovely ) Lynne of Adorn jumped on the bandwagon and sided with Florence, Vicky and Valerie. Up until now I had held these  Fabulous artists in high esteem and of course artistically I still do but I feel they have betrayed our blogging friendship and have come down totally on the side of the mutts. For anyone who is not quite sure what this is all about please feel free to read my previous posts . Florence even had the nerve to leave messages for Bailey and Rosy on my blog for all of the world to see ! how could you Florence ! Anyway as I said I’m drawing a veil over the whole proceedings that and the fact that the mutts have taken pity on hubby and I due to us both being ill and have decided that home is where the hearth is ( we don’t have a hearth but you know what I mean ) there was a mention of learning another language and Rosy being a French Bulldog decided Greek and English were already difficult enough to master !

It has been many a moon since I took part in a Less is More challenge but I do pop by every week to take a peep at all of the wonderful entries. Mandi and Chrissie do set such marvelous challenges and am always totally blown away by their inspirational pieces and those of the entrants. Yesterday was my first day back in my craft cave after a week of working all day and taking care of hubby, who now is on the road to recovery, thank you all for asking. Gold is the theme this week over at LIM a tricky colour to pull off but I see you have all managed quite superbly. I made a couple of cards and here they are……

I used my Cameo to cut out the feather, firstly onto heavy white card and used the negative space for the base. I then cut another couple of feathers with Gold mirror card . I popped up the card base with some foam and then placed the gold feather into the aperture , the sentiment am not quite sure who’s it is , I really must label things ! I had a couple of feathers and wasn’t sure if the card looked a little bare so I added a second one… what do you think one or two !

Right my next card am not really sure if I like it but I will let you all be the judge it was a bugger to photograph due to the reflection of the mirror card , well it is mirror card after all !

I made the heart from Fimo air drying clay using one of the silicone molds I made a while ago. When it was dry I rubbed over some gorgeous orange smelling antique gold paste by Pen Art it really does smell like oranges and I was really tempted to lick my fingers afterwards ! I used these fab frames from spellbinders to cut the apertures and then matted them up on foam squares to give dimension ,  a fab little resin flower in the corner and all done !

Please pop over to LIM to see the amazing creations and inspirational cards by Mandi and Chrissie and the rest of the LIM fan club. For all the tennis fans in the UK I bet there wont be much crafting done this afternoon as Andy Murray is playing in the Final at Wimbledon. Having missed all of the matches as Greek TV doesn’t show it I have spent all morning fiddling with my Mac and have finally worked out how to view it on line well at least I hope so !

No you’re not getting off that easily  ! I just wanted to share some photos of Rosy and Bailey, these are for the traitors, Lynne, Florence  Valerie and Vicky,  feast your eyes cos you wont be seeing anymore for a long time !!

Rosy feigning sadness !

Bailey, Rosy and hubbies foot all trying to feign sadness !

Rosy posing for the camera

Rosy not feigning sadness !! she was sitting next to hubby begging for cake and didn’t get any !

Right I’m off,  sorry for the photo heavy post ( I’m not really ) have to tidy up the craft cave before Wimbledon as we will be watching it on my Mac and I think hubby might have a relapse if he sees the mess in here.

Ta ra


40 thoughts on “Less is More ” Gold ” and Its a Dogs Life !

  1. Hmm, trying to get in the good books of the blogging world by maligning those of us who have been trying to call attention to the sad fate of tpm’s (Totally Pampered Mutts). Don’t worry, we will not give up that easily, and continue our work of ‘save the mutts!’
    By the way, lovely cards, and glad you are feeling better.

    Be good to those poor creatures! And if you don’t show us any more pics to prove they are being treated well, I will be over to collect them! Hugs,(to Bailey and Rosy!) Valerie

  2. Gorgeous cards – love those feathers! Have to say – gorgeous mutts too!
    Hope all is soon well at the happy household.
    Hugs, Neet x

  3. Hola Marie, fantastic card, your cameo is a great secret weapon for make cards, gorgeou work!s, clever idea your heart with Fimo, good work!
    Ooooh what beautiful photos and a little sad post about they, i hope the happy return fast (is not easy, i know).
    A hug from Palma

  4. Can you hear my roar of laughter?!!! Oh Marie what an absolute tonic (as I non-drinker that tonic has no gin in it – just in case you wondered!)
    I can see I’ve hurt your feelings but see it from my point of view – sad, puppy dog eyes, i’d have to have a heart of stone not to be taken in by that. Those two are definite little starletts with their doe eyes and puppy pouts. What I want to know, when are they setting up their own Blog? I am sure if they woof nicely to you then you would do the typing for them.
    I cannot wait for this afternoon. Andy Murray’s hometown is no distance from my own town so it is incredibly special that a Scotsman is in the finals. I am sure I will have no finger nails left by the end of today.
    Have a lovely Sunday and say “woof” to the little ones.
    Lynne (formerly lovely!!!)

    • Ok your still lovely she said through gritted teeth but only because you have such a beautiful blog and you write beautiful prose. The mutts had mentioned setting up their own blog but I just don’t have the time am always running behind with my own. Bailey is up for typing lessons as he has quite dainty paws but all will be revealed in the fullness of time. So sad for Andy Murray but he put up a good fight and it was so touching at the end I fairly welled up myself !!

  5. A truly golden post Marie! I love the feather and the fimo heart:) Glad you both are on the mend, you’d be in a deep depression if you were here in soggy Britain! Bailey and Rosy would hate having to wear wellies:) I’m in the middle of trying to reorganize my craft room, a slight misnomer as it’s 7′ x 3′ under the stairs!! Hope Murray wins:)
    Val x

  6. Hi Marie, You have set the tears of laughter off again!!! I haven’t laughed so much in ages!! I am on a mini blog holiday at the moment but had to pop in. Obviously I am completely devasted that R and B are no longer coming to live with me. I was just base coating the new doggie bunkbeds. I was thinking of decorating them with serviettes so they wouldn’t get home sick. They will be here ready and waiting in case R and B ever change their minds in the future. Hope you are both feeling better soon. Stunning cards. Love them both. Off to watch the tennis.
    Florence xxx
    P.S. Gorgeous photos!!!!

  7. Hi Marie, I love the cards, amazing gold feather! I like the one feather best!

    Thank you for coming by and joining my site and for all the wonderful compliments! I’ve had a back-read on some of your posts (great photos) and see we share the same wicked sense of humor!

  8. Well Marie, great news that you and hubby are feeling a little better ;0) A veil drawn over the whole doggy saga is probably for the best, B&R don’t look sorry at all LOL Thanks for the cheery post I’ve been watching the match too, boo hoo……
    Loving your golden cards, the feathers are brill and I’m just drooling over the inky heart:0) Have a good week :0) Gay xxx

  9. Absolutely beautiful cards Marie – feathers and fimo are all gorgeous.. so glad you’re feeling better. Try giving Bailey and Rosy a tickle under their chins with a feather……..it might – just – cheer them up…….although there’s always cake! lol

    Karen x

  10. Hi Marie, I’ve been following the whole doggy saga with much amusement … but I’m sure Rosy and Bailey would never leave you, they know which side their doggy bread is buttered 🙂

    Glad to read that you and your DH are on the mend … you might just get some me time soon, with a bit of luck!

    Your cards are lovely but I’m sitting on the fence about the number of feathers, both versions are great. Crafty hugs, Elizabeth x

    PS: catching up after my holidays 🙂

  11. Beautiful cards, Marie. The feathers are stunning.
    And I don’t like dogs….there is a reason why.
    But the ocs of the dogs are amazing. Love them
    Big hugs
    Doreen xxx

  12. Your cards are amazing! Love those gold feathers and the CAS design is perfect! Glad to hear that your family is staying together… I think my face would look like that too if I didn’t get any cake either!

  13. Hi Marie,
    Another delightful and hilarious post today. Love the whole doggy saga!

    Glad to hear that you and hubby are both on the mend.

    Love both versions of you feather card, but if pushed into choosing a favourite I would probably go for the card with one feather, which resembles a quill to write your note.

    Your Spellbinders card is fabulous! I love that particular die, and your fimo heart looks great with the gold paste…Glad to hear that you didn’t lick your fingers!

    Wonderful pictures of your doglets, too xx

  14. Πάρα πολύ όμορφες κάρτες!!!!!έχεις ταιριάξει το χρυσό τέλεια!!!!!
    τα σκυλάκια σου γιατί είναι θλιμμένα;φιλιά!!!!!

  15. FAbulous cards MArie, I think I favour the first, have to say. That’s some greta use of fimo
    Love your doggies!
    Thanks so much
    “Less is More”

  16. Lol, fab post Marie – you always make me laugh! Gorgeous, classy cards as always. The quills are such a brilliant idea and I love the fimo heart.

  17. Fab cards and quite a few of us have had trouble photographing the gold this week!

    I’m off to read the post which explains the “sad events”


  18. Oh I do wish your email thing sent emails to me! found this one on LIM with your stunning one feather (yep I’m of that mind as well).

    It might be a good thing for you that you are all in Greece, here the IMPs regularly threaten me with the RSPCA. Suspect the much maligned Muts might do the same.

    XOXO Zoe

  19. Oh dear, look at me late to the party as usual… what do you mean it was last week?!! I hope all has settled down with R&B and you two invalids – I expect you do have a hearth but it’s probably in your craft cave under some card stock… What wonderful cards you make Marie – the first one is my favourite, it’s beautifully CAS and I love the way you put the gold feather in the negative space. I really like your fimo heart too – so detailed! Have to just add that hubby’s foot takes the (doggy) biscuit for feigning sadness and I’m sure Rosy’s just trying to remember the number for Dogline in the last photo! Hugs, Vicky x

  20. STUNNING cards again Marie, I vote for the one leaf card, it is soooo gorgeous!!!

    Love-love-love your bailey and rosy, I would also jump on the bandwagon had I not my cats ;o)

  21. I love your liquid gold feather Marie, it really looks like it’s been cast!! I think the CAS version is my fave…beautifully elegant :0)
    What gorgeous photos of Rosie…love how she sits right back on her bottom!!
    Jenny x

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