Addicted to Stamps colour challenge ” Blue “

If you have come here expecting to see more photos and hear more gossip about the terrible twosome and I dont mean Florence and Valerie ( although Valerie is still trying to stir it up ) then you will be sadly disappointed. I do feel the R & B saga has run its course at least for the time being so you will just have to put up with plain old boring me ! Thank you all for your well wishes for hubby and I we are both on the mend well I am at least but you know what men are like and they do like to drag it ou a little now don’t they girls. Why is it that the male species when ill with something simple and petty always insist they are at death’s door and revert to being five years old. Now it is no fluke of nature that men don’t give birth can you imagine it ! they would be intolerable. We ” the weaker ” sex however can have a baby in the morning  be home in time to cook  dinner , clean the house put the washing on do the shopping and then ask  them how their day was,and still have the energy to listen to what a hard day they had at the office/golf or whatever  it is they get up to outside of the house. I’m not saying that my Teo is faking it I just think he’s enjoying watching rubbish TV in the morning and seeing how the other half live, his knowledge of the current soaps and tv trivia is a little alarming to say the least.

Over at Addicted to Stamps we had some fantastic entries  for our Christmas in July challenge last week, thank you all so much for joining us. To be honest we could do with a bit of a cool breeze here its soooooo hot  but it’s not the heat that’s the problem its the humidity and the mossies the little buggers are quite dastardly and are immune to every kind of repellent known to man. It’s not so much them biting its the buzzing noise they make in your ear  just before they dive bomb you and  take a chunk out of your wotsits! yes my wotsits are out in all their glory. Sorry for going off at a tangent , now if I was a man I would say it was due to the malaria after being bitten so many times but as I’m just a mere woman I will put it down to having too many things whirling around in my lovely little brain.  Right before you all start yawning and getting itchy fingers let me tell you about this weeks challenge which is a colour challenge and the colour is blue. Come and have a peep at my little ( actually it’s not so little ) creation

Yes the theme is blue !!! not white but it does have blue on it doesn’t it. I cut the frame on my Cameo used this lovely new stamp by memory box ( new to me ) I coloured the flower and stems with copic markers and then added glossy accents to the buds and matted it onto Marina Mist by SU. The first ever challenge a few weeks ago at Addicted to stamps you may remember we were asked to use markers on our cards well I had about 3 mangy ones as I never use them , so after that I went out and bought a ton of the things ( thanks Kylie ) aren’t they expensive !and you can’t just buy three colours now can you ! So I have been practicing, not that you can tell by this effort and I don’t think I will be ready in the immediate or even distant future to get a Copic certificate, not that I could get one here even if I wanted. Sorry off on that tangent again ! oh Malaria is a terrible illness.

Yes that’s it , one lousy photo from me and too many words,  so if you want to see some real talent why not pop over and see the wonderful inspirational cards by my fellow teamies a lovely and funny ( and I mean that in a nice way ) group of gals if ever there was one.

On another note some of the turncoats have suggested that the mutts start a blog of their own so if anyone one is interested …hands in the bucket !!!

Right am off now for a rub down with my various mossie repellents as the little blighter’s are nipping at my bits

Ta ra !

31 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps colour challenge ” Blue “

  1. Firstly and most importantly your card is once again, yawn yawn, this is getting so boring…. simply stunning. I’m getting fed up of saying the same thing week in week out, I’ll have to get my thesaurus out to find some new words to describe your creations, and secondly you are a nutter, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  2. Your card is fantastic, Marie. I LOVE that frame! And your stamped image is beautifully coloured…so there! I love the added glossy accents, they really make your flowers pop.
    Almost choked on my horlics when I read Karen’s comment above…”You are a nutter” LOL!! But in the nicest possible way! Love it! I love reading your little sagas though.

    Oh! PLEASE send us some sunshine, Marie. It’s absolutely dreadful here in the UK. And the long range weather forecaster said it would probably continue until autumn. Something to do with this high pressure from the Atlantic which at this time of year should be a lot further north, out in the sea above Scotland. Instead it’s settled right across the UK. The last time we saw any sun was in Spain at the end of May. But I know what you mean about humidity, that’s unbearable, too xx

  3. Gorgeous, Marie – your creation stands out again!
    Thanks a lot for your nice comment a few days ago – yes, I´m fine, thanks, but it was so hot here the last few weeks – I had no energy left for crafting or blogging – I hope I will get under way again soon 🙂
    Have a beautiful day and thanks again for thinking of me!

  4. Hi Marie – well yet another stunning creation – the frame is adorable and your colouring of the MB stamp is great. So sorry you HAD to go and buy some Copics (other brands are available)! Thanks again for making my morning – love the continuing saga of Bailet, Rosy and their owners………sorry, strike that – slaves!!! lol. However I definitely think I’m going to have to stop visiting – there is far too much talk about weather and heat…….impossible to stomach when things are so wet and miserable over here in the UK………


    Karen x

  5. I know this is addicted to blue but that frame is a showstopper! WOW!!! I do like your stamping and colouring as well… naughty Kylie encouraging you to spend money!

  6. Hi Marie – stunning card again – that stamp is gorgeous and so is your frame. So sorry your holiday ended badly and I am totally with you on the male/illness thing!! – Jacqueline xx

  7. Marie your card is ‘ supercalifragilisticexpealidocious’ and I don’t expect you know how to spell it either!! The frame is wonderful, so ornate and tbe blue peony? is beautifully coloured.
    Marie your posts crack me up, and we need something to make us laugh during this awful summer. Mind you I can do without humidity and mozzie invasions! Men and illness, just don’t mention it:)
    Val x

  8. Heh! Heh! Heh!
    What a girl you are (oops, are you offended that I used the term girl – if so, what a woman you are) you do make us chuckle with your tales (or should that be tails and on that note …… no photos of the naughty twosome!!!)
    You make amazing use of that gadget to create such beautiful cards. Such sophistication. The blue against the white is striking.
    No mosquitoes biting bits here as the rain is thundering down and not even a blink of sunshine.
    You know my feelings on the doggie blog 🙂
    WIshes & Take Care

  9. Εκπληκτική δημιουργία,δεν απλώς μια κάρτα αλλά μία τέλεια διακοσμητική κορνίζα!!!!

  10. You must have sweet juicy blood Marie, I always get munched but hubby never even gets one bite, he must have manky blood! A gorgeous creation from you today, you are the cameo queen! TTFN xx

  11. This is absolutely amazing Marie! The white and grey is just making the blue pop even more and I love how shiny the flowers are. The ornate frame is a perfect way to showcase the focal piece too. I’m with you on mozzies – they are creatures of Beelzebub! Vicky x

  12. Hi Marie. Stunning card! Fab post. You always make me giggle. I’ve given up on the repellent… the mozzies love it!! What you doing flashing you bits!
    Hugs, Florence xx

  13. wow Marie, this is soooo elegant! You put me to shame with my Silhouette, you make such good use of your Cameo! I’m always waiting to see your next card ;o)

  14. Hi, there, friend! I feel lost not seeing all my CCM gals this month! But a month off might be a good thing. 🙂 LOVE this card–it is absolutely STUNNING!!! LOVE that it looks like a framed art print! I invite you come and join me at Technique Tuesday–I’d love to see what you’d create!!! 🙂

  15. Oh, well done, Marie! I love the pops of glossy blue flowers! Thank you for your sweet comments over at my place. I must say if we ever got together we’d have to use sign language to get a word in edgeways with each other! LOL!

  16. oh Hun this is just gorgeous,the simple yet effective,stamp and detail is just stunning hun,a sheer work of art Hun love those glossy flowers,hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  17. Hi Marie, Wow what a lovely frame for your beautiful blue flowers, Love that shade, :0) Glad you’re feeling a little better! Send some warmth our way please, it’s really challenging here at the moment:{ Hugs Gay xxx

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