Get Creative July 5th Card Sketch Challenge

I am a little miffed in fact I am a lot miffed !! and why you may well ask, well if the truth be-known certain so-called blogging friends have shown their true colours,  Florence and Valerie  being just two of the turn coats. It seems their allegiance lies with Rosy and Bailey my two little mutts and not only have they taken theirs sides but have been corresponding behind my back ,  Florence has even invited them to move in with her and Freddie in Malaga !!!!! you can image my surprise,  apparently seats have been booked on doggyjet and the little so and so’s are quite happy to go. There is one little hitch Florence as they are both under age they need an adult to travel with them so if you are prepared to come and get them then you can have them,  little traitors the lot of you !!!

On another note I would like to thank the lovelier and more honest blogging friends amongst you for all of your well wishes for our holidays unfortunately they were not meant to be. After arriving at our summer-house and spending the whole day cleaning it from top to bottom we had to return home as hubby was suffering badly with his back , let me just say I did the cleaning so it was not as a result of that ! He was unable to work in our shop so we packed everything up and returned back to base. Upon our arrival I also started having problems with my shoulder ( have  little problem with my spine and it flares up when I do too much housework ) its true it’s not an excuse. Needless to say we are both drugged up like two zombies but because I have use of my legs I drew the short straw , not only have I had  my holiday cancelled but  I’m working all day long everyday , looking after an invalid and two traitorous dogs !!!!.

Anyway……. over at Get Creative its time for another card sketch challenge and our lovely leader Irini has generously given the DT a little break,  so for July and August we will be having only one card and one sketch challenge.

This was the gorgeous sketch we were given to work with

I made this shaker card and I can honestly say I wont be making another one in the near future ! Why is it that the simplest of cards always seem to defeat me ! The treat cup  from SU that holds those pesky teeny-weeny seed beads was a real so and so to attach mainly because I was a meany and didn’t buy the matching circle punch . I thought one of  my Spellbinders circle dies would surely be the same size but nope no siree , trying to align the treat cup with a larger hole was very annoying indeed. As for the beads….. I think most of them ended up in the dogs as they kept escaping and spilling out all over the place  ( the beads not the dogs ) I stamped the love image using a  Waltzingmouse stamp which fitted perfectly in the aperture,  cut out a circle of orange felt with my Spellbinders and attached the sunrays which I cut with my Cameo, a couple of stick pins and there you have it. I also flipped the sketch cos the rest of the DT had made such wonderful cards so I thought no one would notice how mediocre mine was if it was upside-down !

 Over at Get Creative we have a new and extremely talented member of the card Dt Puccarina, apart from being an outstanding artist she also writes the most amazing blog posts and is a regular contributor to our challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome her to the team and look forward to working with her.

Our sponsor for the card challenge is also a member of the Dt , Channa who has a fabulous e shop  Crafts and Pieces with lots of gorgeous goodies , I know cos I bought some lovely resin flowers from her recently,  just look at what our lucky winner will receive

Please do pop over to Get Creative to see the fabulous inspirational cards by the other DT members and who knows you could be our lucky winner. Right before I go after this marathon whingeing post let me just leave you with this photo of Rosy who after being told that her plans had been foiled and she was not going to live with Florence in Malaga decided she would try to smuggle herself into one of my travel bags but Bailey being only two kilos could not lift or drag her to the airport !!!!

Right off to work

Ta ra


31 thoughts on “Get Creative July 5th Card Sketch Challenge

  1. Gee, we’re a bunch of old crocks, I was at the chiropractor getting tweaked this morning. Shame about your wee holiday though, hope you and hubby are back to swinging from the chandaliers real soon! Now, onto business, I hope that’s not voodoo pins you’ve got in that card – if I were Florence & Valerie, I’d be worried! Your sunburst is spectacular and very clever, cause it could double up as a maraca! Ta ta, xx

  2. Lovely card, and sorry about the pains and problems! BUT how could you treat innocent mutts like that??? There is no problem for them travelling on their own, they get tickets for UMs – Unwanted Mutts, and even get transported free of charge. I have heard that the Greek dogs are going to be holding a demo to protest against this shameful treatment! Pampered Mutts of the world unite! Protest against your tin-openers and stick throwers! Hugs, Valerie

  3. LOL! you always make me laugh, Marie! I’m so sorry, however, about your and dh’s aches and pains. that’s no fun! I do loooooove your card and it was worth all the issues you had with it- it’s fabulous and fun! hope you and dh are feeling better real soon. i’m off to catch up on your blog- i think i’ve missed some funny dog stories. 🙂 hugs,

  4. So sorry you didn’t get your holiday and hope you are both better soon. Loving your sunburst card, so bright and cheerful. Obviously Rosy was totally up for a house swop………..little traitor…………lol xx

  5. Well they a dogs! now we IMPs would know better than to makes plans and communicate them in any way an ape might figure out. No we keep our staff on their toes and up to scratch by being mysterious and silent (well silent to the apes ears anyway). Purrs and Whiskerd

  6. Oh I am sorry to hear about your failed holiday plans. Hopefully you will have another opportunity to get away. Naughty Florence and Valerie inciting rebellion amongst your dogs! Tut tut!

  7. This is a really gorgeous card Marie and love the clever shaker element you’ve added.
    So very sorry to hear you didn’t get your much needed break after all but hopefully you can take it once your hubby has recovered.
    I really enjoyed reading about your 2 fur babies and they’re so cute I have to say I can quite see why someone would want to steal them lol
    Thanks for your kind comments on my Studio 12 cottage too and hope you’ve left a comment on the candy post as I think you’d love what’s on the CD.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  8. I think the doggies have sensed that you have been speaking unkindly about them and are somehow involved in the scuppering of your holiday plans. I really feel for you missing out on your holiday, but if it means that we get to see more of your creations then I really don’t mind.
    I love the vibrant colours here and really want to give the card a good shake…if you don’t still have it then I would settle for shaking one of the doggies since they contain some beads too! Keep up the creating and I’m glad to see your sense of humour hasn’t left you.

  9. Hi
    Your posts always tickle me but this has be in side stitches, what a tonic!!!
    Rib tickling text, gorgeous card and that photo – never mind The X Factor it’s all about The Aaaahhhhhhh!!!! Factor.
    Hate to reveal this to you but I’m on the side of Florence and Valerie. I’d have R&B at the drop of a hat except I have a feeling they would not take kindly to the dreich (read that as dull, wet and positively miserable) Scottish weather.
    That photo is too cute for words. What a little starlett

    • Ah Lynne you too ! what a sad day , my very favourite blog friends deserting me but maybe there is a silver lining for me I may well just put them up for auction and maybe make some money from the little blighters. Oh and as far as the weather goes, French Bulldogs do not like the heat and am sure Bonnie Scotland would suit her better. If you are serious then maybe
      you should contact the other traitor Florence as she has first dibbs on them

      • First of all so sorry your holiday hasn’t happened and I hope that the aches and pains are under control with the pain killers. My Meg said, have your two would be travellers remembered they may need a passport to travel. Also they may be old enough to go off alone if someone was meeting them. Oh and don’t forget that one doggy year is seven of a humans. Meg cannot help herself and likes to sick her nose into everything
        Finally, I love the card, its great colours and a super sketch.
        Yvonne x.

  10. Oh Marie I was so sorry to hear about your failed holiday plans but then I also have a hubby with a bad back and I have to put up with the torrential rain so not sure if you deserve to lay back in the sun especially when you have two fur babies itching to relocate to stay with Florence! Perhaps you could come to some arrangement whereby they get their own stewardess for the duration of the flight and then Florence meets them at the other end……I’m sure that was the secret message of playing hide and seek in your bag!!, lol. Seriously I hope hubby’s back and your shoulder get better soon – doesn’t seem to have hindered your gorgeous card making…….love the sun rays and the shaker doodad (sorry you were too mean to buy the correct punch – see it always comes back to haunt us…..!).


    Karen x

  11. Such a fabulous take on the sketch, Marie! LOVE the fabulous shaker!!! And the pins are great, too! I need to buy some more! 🙂

  12. Treacherous bloggers, rebellious mutts and a cancelled holiday – this is better than Corrie! Speaking as someone who’s desperate for a holiday (yes I’ll escort the mutts to Malaga for a few boneos!) I am sorry you had to return home. This card is amazing upside down or any other way – I love the shaker element and the rays are fab. (I should have mentioned the circle punch so sorry about that.) Take care and don’t work too hard! Vicky x

  13. Oh Noo not still having trouble with the mutts?? Seems to me that your blogging buddies aren’t helping either, inciting a riot and encouraging escapism. B&R need to buckle down and do some serious doe eyes and beg your forgiveness!! Poor you and you have shoulder trouble, husband ( with bad back) trouble and you haven’t had your holiday. I mean for goodness sake how much can a sane woman take???
    Totally love your bright and sunny card Marie:0)
    I hope that everyone takes their sanity pills and it all gets sorted toot sweet!!!!xxx

  14. Καλησπέρα Marie! Πολύ λυπάμαι για την αλλαγή των σχεδίων σου, εύχομαι πάντα τα καλύτερα! Η καρτούλα σου γι άλλη μια φορά είναι εξαιρετική! Όταν την πρωτοείδα είπα: ουααααου!!!!! Τι έμπνευση να κόψεις με αυτόν τον τρόπο τις ακτίνες του ήλιου, αλλά και να φτιάξεις αυτό με τις χοντρούλες!!!! Φανταστική, πολύ καλοκαιρινή και χαρούμενη! Σε φιλώ

  15. I knew you’d cheer me up, lol!! I’m just so sorry that you’re in pain and you’ve missed your holiday :o( If Dave isn’t sorted within the next couple of weeks we’ll be missing ours too.

    Gorgeous sketch and I just love the card you’ve made – it’s like a burst of sunshine and just what we need in the UK at the moment!

  16. Hi Marie. I have tears rolling down my face from laughing!! I’m coming to get them!!!! No worries about that. Vicky you can come as well. Sorry for the late visit I have been glued to the telly watching the tennis for the last couple of days. Anyone interested Andy Murry just got through to the Semi finals. I have not been wasting my time though. I have sat there making some little paper flowers ‘cus I know how much R and B like to munch on them!! lol! Freddie has been busy making R and B some bunk beds for the spare room which is now known as the “Pooch Parlour”. Love the photo of Rosy…. fantastic! Sorry your holiday has been cancelled and I hope hubby is feeling better soon. Stunning card.
    Hugs Florence xxxx
    P.S. Still laughing.

    • Tell Freddie not to waste his time R & B like to sleep together to be precise Bailey likes to sleep on top of Rosy being the porker that she is so only one bed will be necessary that is unless you have a spare travel bag the size of a French Bulldog. Well done Andy Murray can’t get the tennis here damn it !

  17. Hi Rosy and Bailey. Not long now!!!!!! I have just received your e.mail. Yes, I can buy your favourite doggy chocs and yes you will meet lots of new doggy friends.

  18. Lovely simple card Marie and yes I’ll never do another shaker card either lol
    Dhu you have drawn the short straw hope the OH is back on his feet soon .
    They’re artful little b…s are they lol
    Have a great weekend
    Von ♥

  19. Marie η κάρτα σου είναι απίστευτη!!!Φοβερή δουλειά!!Χαίρομαι πάρα πάρα πολύ σε γνώρισα!Λυπάμαι πολύ που χάλασαν τα σχέδια σας!Περαστικά σε εσένα και στον άντρα σου!Φιλάκια πολλά!!

  20. I love your post Marie – made me smile. Sorry you had to cut your holiday short, hope you’re feeling better now and I love your card.
    xxx Hazel.

  21. lol Marie, your posts always make me laugh!!! I’m so happy I just resolved the rss feed problems that I have and now I won’t be missing any of your posts! (i.e. I will be stalking you, hihihi)

    Well, I probably shouldn’t been saying this, as both your hubby and you are in pain. I do hope you feel better soon!

    So, is this a mediocre card? Are you for real? I find this a stunning card!!! Love-love-love the colours! As for the shaker card part… I’ve done two so far and they were such a trouble, I think I’m staying away for a while ;o)

  22. Oh what a hoot this saga is, it’s like a love triangle!!! Rosy looks so unbothered in that bag :0)
    Gorgeous card, well done on persevering with those beads…I can’t stand working with the little devils!! Love the rays of sunshine…like Katina said we could do with it here :0)
    Sory to hear about your hols…great picture in my head of you both dosed up to the eyeballs with painkillers tho..haha

  23. Hello my friend, you sound as stressed as me, lol! Who would’ve thought rosie would be such a little traitor, tut tut. Consider a holiday in malaga? We are now officially moved house – I must’ve bought much more than I originally thought at aintree as most of the boxes had “craft” written on them – quite a few raised eyebrows from dave, and two at a time! A lovely card and well worth the effort. I will hopefully be back to normal soon so will try to join in with this one.
    Lots of scouse hugs
    Maria xxxxx

  24. What rotten luck, Marie,
    I did the wrong thing and read your later post first, so didn’t realise that you had had to cancel your stay at your summer house…you poor things! I can sympathise…just sleeping one night in a hotel bed with a dodgy mattress has sometimes ruined our holiday. And taking loads of pain killers does make you feel zombified, (is that a word?). Glad to hear that you are both on the mend now, though.
    I love your beautiful sun ray card…such a fabulous take on the sketch. I’ve never attempted making a shaker card, and from what you say, I don’t think I’ll bother… the beads would end up being thrown in the air.
    Rosy definitely looks snug as a bug in that bag…Bless! xx

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