Addicted to Stamps Challenge No 3 Christmas in July

Hopefully while you are reading this I shall be sunning myself at my summer-house in Halkidiki that’s if WordPress does its magic. There was a huge kerfuffle  ( no idea how to spell that neither does spell check…...Vicky ) in the crafting cave last week as the dogs got wind of my plans to replace them with felines. Not  wanting to point any fingers but I will anyway, I  think that Valerie of Bastlemania is the guilty party as she said she was going to send them an email  and spill the beans,  don’t  know how she got it as even I don’t even have it ! The beans have been spilled and now I’m left cleaning up the mess ! After much whining and growling and that was just me ,we have decided that if there is to be any future in our relationship then we need to get away from it all ( crafting ) and try to work through our feelings and see where our priorities lie. So I am packing up the doglets their toys and such like and leaving my crafty supplies behind for a few days. I have managed to smuggle the I Pad into one of my bags while they were getting their swim suits ready and hopefully will be able to do some sneaky commenting when they go to bed. Valerie if you tell on me I will be very annoyed !!!!l

I do hope we can work things out as I do love them dearly and this little break will give us the opportunity to explore our inner most feelings. Another thing is that many of you shared you feline experiences with me and its rather put me off……better the devils you know !

Goodness got all carried away with the R & B saga and nearly forgot to post my card !!!! Over at  Addicted to Stamps its time once again for our new challenge and our illustrious leader  Kylie has chosen a corker !! Christmas in July. My heart sank when I saw it I mean it’s about 38 here today and I had packed up all of my Christmas stash and of course I can’t find it ! Its most probably went the way of lots of other valuable crafting items in other words,  the bin,  so I am making do with what I could find .


I created the yellow ( well it is Christmas in July ) frame with my Cameo and  cut out the central circle with a spellbinders nesting die. Stamped old Santy Clause there with one of my lovely Waltzingmouse stamps and embossed with SU grey embossing powder. Framed the image again using red card cut with Spellbinders. Used one of my TH on the edge dies to cut the top piece of red felt and attached to the card, added some red pearls and a lovely yellow resin flower and that’s me all done !

This is especially for the visually challenged among us so you can see how naff my embossing is.

Do please pop over to Addicted to Stamps to see what the other talented and lovely ladies have created to inspire us all and thank you all so much for taking the time to pop by  it really is appreciated. Must dash as I have to finish packing and  find Rosy’s water wings otherwise all hell will be let loose. Did you know that French Bulldogs can’t swim ? If you are really well-behaved while I’m away I might just share some holiday snap of the mutts frolicking in the waves .

Ta ta


26 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps Challenge No 3 Christmas in July

  1. That Santa is ridiculously cool! Thanks, Marie, for my morning giggle. You have outdone yourself by the sounds of things 😉
    Hope you and the doggies enjoyed the weekend away – sounds like you all had fun and you created another “Wish I was there” moment lol xx

  2. Your post will have me laughing all day Marie ! The card is brilliant–the colours certainly are:) . Love the image as well.

    Have a relaxing break and I hope all is well when you return home

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Hi there Marie – you’ve had me chuckling again this morning! A really lovely, different, Christmas card – love the addition of the felt on the edge piece. Can I just ask a favour??? Please stop mentioning the weather………everything in my craft room is going rusty as it hasn’t stopped raining over here – it’s more like October than July! Of course I blame it on the tennis, football, Olympics…… I need to go on? Have a wonderful break at your summer house. I’m sure the doglets will forgive you – eventually!

    Karen x

  4. Hi Marie. R and B can come and live with me. I’ve sent them an e.mail (got the address off Valerie) and have already invited them. You ought to see their reply. They have their rucksacks packed and are checking out flights on Doggyjet to Malaga. So be kind to them!! LOL! Fabulous card as always. Love the different colours for Christmas. Great challenge again this week. Have a wonderful break.
    Regards Florence xx

  5. Well, if the dogs are off to Malaga, I think I’ll join them! Of course you didn’t get to see the mail – the doggies had chewed it up before you got out of bed. And they KNOW about that I Pad, so beware of the dogs!! Great card, although it’s too early for me to be thinking about Xmas….Enjoy your time off, and start looking after those poor canines, they always look so neglected! Hugs and woofs, Valerie

  6. oh you always make me smile Hun,as for your card,gosh its gorgeous,great too see such different colours,too,love the felt you have used,so effective,enjoy your break hun oh how I could do with getting away take care hugs Cherylxxxxxxx

  7. Wow, this brightens the day, a great cheerful card for Christmas.
    Hope you have a good holiday. Those poor little mites, they always look so innocent, sounds like they will be having a super holiday as well.
    Yvonne x

  8. Bah-humbug lol really cheerful card Marie and as for Valerie what a snitch tehe you have a wonderful break and don’t spoil R&B to much or who knows what will happen once you return :0)
    Von ♥

  9. Oh Marie you do crack me up. Love the doggie stories.

    Great card, nice and bright and fun. Love that you incorporated felt into your creation and that resin flower is divine.

    Enjoy your break away! x

  10. Have a great time away with your doggies spare a thought for those of us in the UK all soggy and water logged – I personally am building an ark it’s so bad here so maybe I’ll sail away to find you!
    It’s a great card by the way, I love the felt border and the fabulous bright colours – Jacqueline xx

  11. Hi Marie
    As much as I love you I have to take R&Bs feelings into consideration and tell you that I am on their side ….. felines, goodness what came over you!
    As for their swimsuits, I was sure they were bikin and speedo type of doggies, how wrong am I, they are much more demure than I give them credit for.
    Wonderful card that oozes heat but still festive – amazing how you managed to achieve this.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time and think of me, your pale and interesting friend who as I look out the window I witness grey skies and wet pavements.

  12. Well, first of all, where did last week go – I haven’t done my bingo card yet. I must try better this week! Next, well your card is a scorcher, you certainly manage to do fancy things on that machine of yours. Hope you manage to patch things up with R&B, I’m sure if you buy ghem an ice cream or two, all will be forgiven. Re the promarkers, I just printed that image onto plain copier paper, if I’m stamping I use a smooth cardstock, it does bleed through to the back so you just have to mat up the layer. Enjoy your wee break, I am so jealous, it’s like pea soup here and has been for three days. Reminds me of The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town! xxx

  13. That frame really pops with the red Marie – I love it! And I always knew that there was a connection between Santa and The Man in The Moon… I hope that you are having a lovely time exploring your innermost feelings as I type this and can I just say that although I am an expert on Kerfuffles, I have no idea how to spell it!

  14. Hi Marie, It does sound like you’ve been in counselling with B&R if not perhaps you may need to? That Valerie is a bit of a card, you may need to watch her LOL Hope that your holiday will soothe the tattered nerves:0) Fabulous make for one who has no Christmas stash, well done my friend, Gay xxx

  15. Another lovely cheerful post to read, Marie…you and those doggies…LOL!

    Love your bright and beautiful Christmas card! I always love to see your Cameo creations.

    Have a fabulous relaxing holiday with those two little mischief makers. And while your soaking up those wonderful rays…just give us here in the rain drenched UK a thought xx

    PS… I have given a link on my blog to a tutorial for the Pompom flowers…Just for you!
    I hope my posts aren’t still ending up in trash xx

  16. I dont blame you at all….. I cannot think about Christmas cards in the summer whatever good intentions I have to make them early!!!
    A contemporary colour combo and very striking :0)
    So glad B&R got a reprieve… hehe
    Hope you had a great time away :0)
    Jenny x

  17. love your colour choice for this piece….not one I would have thought have for xmas.Im sorry I havent been commenting on here recently, since youve changed blogs,I now subscribe using email, so I do see your posts but *blush* I keep forgetting to pop on comment. Thank you for your recent comments on my blog…really appreciate them, as always xx

  18. I concur about the colour choices, lovely and vibrant, and the felt is a lovely touch, felt always reminds me of Christmas and I don’t know why! You’ve got me feeling all Christmassy now, which is about right given the weather we are having.

    Just thought that I should let you know that B&R have been emailing Taz, and have asked for him to arrange some passports if possible. Luckily I intercepted the email, and put paid to those plans.

  19. Hi, lady! This is FABULOUS!!!!! LOVE the silver embossing with the fabulous bright and vibrant colors! LOVE it–an amazing card! 🙂

  20. Hi Marie, Fabulously vibrant, lovely to see such zesty colours used for a chrimbo card. I hope you’re having a lovely holiday and enjoying the sunshine ( she says with a smidgen of envy) as it is pouring down here as usual (sigh) well I think your doggies are very lucky to be taken on holiday. Dylan will be packed of to Doggie Borstal when we go to France LOL. xx

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