Addicted to Stamps Eyes Down For A Full House ” Bingo “

I want cats !!! yes you heard me I want cats !!! if there is anyone out there who is willing to trade then please send an email to In exchange one porky French bulldog that goes by the name of girly girl and a small but feisty mini pincher Bailey bail . We  are at an impasse ,  as much as I love the dastardly duo it seems that they have had enough of me and have asked ( in their own special way ) to be transferred to a non crafting environment and who could blame them. Now I love my pets and I thought that they loved me but a complaint has been lodged and they are demanding certain rights .I did hear mention of the RSPCA being discussed between them which of course we dont have  here in Greece,  me thinks leaving the Mac un- attended and open while I am at work is not such a good thing after all ! so my dogs want out and I need something to cuddle during the times when the internet is down or blogger is mis- behaving,  so this time I would prefer a feline friend who is independent and can amuse itself, . I look forward to hearing from the interested parties and for those of you who have not seen R & B here is a photo of the little ” darlings ” oh and by the way refunds and returns are not accepted !

Right on to more important matters , its time for our second challenge over at Addicted to Stamps and I would like to thank everyone both old and new blogging friends who supported us in our first ever challenge , it was so lovely to see so may new and wonderful entires and I thank you all. Our new challenge for this week is  “Bingo ” and here is our little bingo chart for you to look at

We would like you to  choose a line either diagonal or horizontal, here is my take on the theme.

I chose, buttons, free and red for my line. The flowers have been cut with Paper Arsty dies the patterned paper I have no idea as to whom it belongs as the cover has long come off ( whats new ) the sentiment is SU and the HUGE button I bought at a crafting exhibition I attended recently in the UK. Looks like a simple card and it is but it took me about ten goes to get the cut outs exactly where I wanted them ! If you want to see some real talent and some beautiful inspirational cards then please head on over to Addicted to Stamps where you will see some fabulous creations by my fellow DT members who are obviously avid bingo fans !

Right am off to bed all of this dog trading business has worn me out plus the fact that the two terrors are yapping at my heels !

Take care and don’t forget my doglets


29 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps Eyes Down For A Full House ” Bingo “

  1. Marie you crack me up. Only yesterday I saw a post on my work ‘classifieds’ advertising two beautiful 4yo Bengal cats free to a good home (owners moving overseas). Such a shame they’re all the way down here in Australia. They’d be perfect for you.

    How much do I LOVE your card – that big bright button is divine. Love the way you’ve cut out your flowers on your mat layer. Great colour combo too!

  2. We have never met, but I reckon WHEN we do, it’s going to be a blast with lots of laughs!! I wonder where the owners of the two Bengal cats that Patrice mentioned are moving TO???
    More importantly, your card is crazy awesome. I love that massive button, the colours, the cut outs, just everything!

  3. Again Marie you’ve cracked me up……I’ve been laughing so hard my face aches!!! I’ve been trying hard to work out how you got your flower dies that exactly match your humungous gorgeous red button? Genius.

    Karen x

  4. I know that problem well with the clean and simple cards Marie lol looks fab 🙂
    Hope Rosy and Baily are hanging there heads in shame !
    Von x♥x

  5. oh Hun,you are funny,they are so cute though,bless there hearts,I love what you have created here, those flowers,and buttons are amazing,hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  6. Actually cats are not that good in a crafting environment either: they bat ink pads onto the floor where they roll under cupboards with their lids rolling in another direction, sleep on your favourite papers and crease them beyond all hope and ribbon – don’t get me started!!! My advice is stick with the devils you know and love!
    Btw – your card is gorgeous – I have those dies so I’m going to try this technique very soon – Jacqueline xx

  7. Just look at those two little faces…they’re the picture of innocence – LOL! You are sooooo funny, Marie.

    I love the clean and simple look to your card. But I can imagine that it wasn’t easy getting those cut outs just right…well worth the effort though, as the end result looks fabulous!

  8. Fantastic card, I love the huge red button.
    Ah just look at those two adorable faces, butter wouldn’t melt in either of those little mouths, I hope they know what you are saying about them
    Yvonne x

  9. No wonder they want out and they don’t even know about the cat(s) as yet – yikes, there will be mutiny on the bounty once they hear (or read – obviously with them being internet savvy I am assuming they check out your Blog) about the C*#%$. The poor little mits. Okay, from that photo they don’t look as though they are poor little mits but someone has to be on their side.
    You have made me chuckle (once again).
    Beautiful, fresh card that you have such a knack for creating.

  10. Your post made me giggle but I can assure you that cats are just as bad, mine are always causing havoc with my crafty stash (you can look at some of my older posts for stories if you like), plus they only ever seem really interested in me when I’m busy.

    I love your card it’s so fresh and bold, the big button is fabulous. I didn’t know about the new challenge blog but I’m definately going to join in this time.


  11. Hee hee! Cats aren’t that great at crafting either! Mine always manages to find the most expensive piece of stash out and then sets about causing mayhem with it! He usually positions his furry backside on a big stack of patterned paper, patting ribbon around and generally *destroying*!! (Love him to bits though!)
    That button is AMAZING! I can see that it will have taken ages to line up all that clever cutting. The “simplest” cards often take the longest to make, don’t you find?

  12. It’s very tempting to swap Tuppence with your cute pair of dogs Marie but I need her for speaking French to. I’m not at all au fait with Greek and they look pretty fluent in that (of course I’m not remotely au fait with French either but that’s neither here nor there!) What an amazing card you’ve come up with this time! I adore those fabulous buttons nestling nicely in their die-cut recesses. Vicky x

  13. Well as we’re playing bingo, is it okay for me to say you’ve got ‘one fat lady’ there! Whatever you do, don’t tell my daughter you’re giving them away – she has been pestering me for a kitten or a puppy for four years! (I’m a hard mother!) A super card, I love the die cuts with the DP behind. BTW, are your pooches bilingual? No idea why that popped into my head – it’s getting late – night, night! xx

  14. if i didn’t know you better I would believe you about those two little doggies. Sorry no pets here to trade but next door do have two cats! Not that I would trade them, they are my surrogate pets (when I feed them – believe me it is only cupboard love with cats).
    Lovely card and yes, I can believe you it took a while – the simplest looking things always take the longest. This is classy and elegant!
    Hugs, neet xx (who has now got a wordpress account so she can comment – hurray!)

  15. Hi Marie, beautiful card love the contrast between the white card and the paper and fabulous button. What about a straight swap for one pesty old man (cavalier called Dylan who has a bit too much attitude) with a penchant for carrots. I keep meaning to say, in my youth (obviously only a few years ago!!) me and other half went inter railing and stayed in Thessalonika for a few days. I remember us getting terribly lost walking round the streets looking for a pharmacy and then me buying a beautiful pair of silver earrings LOL! xx

  16. Well you got me this time, here I was expecting another of your amazing creations and lo and behold you go and change your style completely! That’s not to say that I don’t adore this card, it’s simplicity is very appealing and the colours work so well together. This card just oozes fun, and I can’t wait to see your next creation, I’m never disappointed with your cards, and your blog is something to look forward to, you really are a funny woman!

  17. Oh Dear poor you and poor Baily and Rosy but it seems you all need your heads knocking together LOL I’m sure your differences can be worked out… to each other!!! Now make up and be good !!!! LOL
    Right now that’s sorted your card is gorgeous, I have never seen such an enormous bright red button it’s delicious Marie!! Brilliant design and well worth all that effort :0) Hugs Gay xxx
    p.s I would love to join in the Addicted to Stamps challenges but I’m a bit stretched ATM, I really hope you will forgive me, Gxxxxxxx

  18. Sorry Marie but I don’t do cats or dogs.
    Love this card, the large flower is fabulous and so is the whole of the card, fabulous placements and colours.

    Kath x

  19. You are so funny! you always make me laugh. Fab photo of R and B. Stunning card Marie. What a great challenge. Popped over to see the DT’s projects. They are all amazing.
    Regards Florence xx

  20. Oh you dont mean it really….. cats are too independent!! although I know what you mean about keeping themselves amused :0)

    super card, that button is so cool and is the perfect shape to fit in the aperture too.

  21. This is soooo gorgeous! LOVE that amazing large flower button! I’m so bummed that I didn’t have time to play along this time! 😦 Can’t wait for another challenge! 🙂

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