Hello all from a gloriously sunny Thessaloniki  and about time too !! It’s the 5th of the month and time for a new card challenge over at Get Creative where our lovely leader Irini is asking us to create a card using a wreath . Instead of following the bosses orders and what a lovely, talented and creative person she is  ( do you think that’s enough crawling ! ) I decided to make a wreath without a card ! and here it is ….. I took a simple wreath made from polystyrene and wrapped it with various pieces of ribbon and fabric. I used heart pins to secure it and then used a gorgeous chipboard wreath which was kindly denoted to the Get Creative DT by Sfragidiomania covered it with pink Stazon and then double embossed it with UTEE . I made a rolled flower with some lovely striped DP don’t remember who’s,  what a surprise  ! Secured it to the wreath with another pin and there you have it. Do pop over to Get Creative to see the Design Teams amazing cards I was totally blown away when I saw them and also see the fabulous prize by our very generous sponosor Celine Navarro  fromThe Green Frog Studio   I  would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have followed me over to WordPress it means so much to me, I had over 220 followers on blogger and lost them all when I moved over here so it’s lovely to see so many friendly faces . The last eight months has been a real roller coaster ride for me and I’m eternally grateful that you have been here for me. Before I forget,  for the cheekier amongst you , no,  that was definitely not a picture of hubby on my last post,  hubby has a beard !!!   Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.   Marie

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  1. Marie, you must have got an amazing mind!, It just conjures up such wonderful creations, including this!

    Love your comment about shoes and modge podge, I bet you have started a rage of selling of the stuff LOL

  2. oh Wow Hun,you never fail to amaze me with your super talent Hun this is just outstanding,your detail is fantastic,brilliant,hugs Cherylxxxxx

  3. Hi Marie,
    Your posts are such a breath of fresh air. You brighten what is a very cold and miserable day here in West Yorkshire. I love your sense of humour!
    I also love your wreath, which is so very creative and inspiring! I don’t think for one minute that Irini will mind that you made your beautiful wreath instead of a card. I love that you did that!
    Enjoy your beautiful weather, Marie. Hopefully, I will soon feel the sun on my shoulders, we are off to Spain next Friday for two weeks xx

  4. Hi Marie, your creativeness is fantastic and I agree, you do have such a wonderfully distinctive style!!! This is so gorgeous and unique, and I love your flower and those heart pins. I hope you’ve had a chance to play with your new stuff? I really, really want a Melt Pot but indeed I may not be safe with it – did I ever tell you about the time I ended up in A & E over the goose fat, lol? I’ll save that for another day!

    Take care Marie

    Maria x

  5. I love your stylised wreath! It was a great idea to wrap each section with different materials and I love the combination you chose. You’re such a star Marie – just keep reminding everyone that you can follow by email and I’m sure you’ll be inundated by hundreds of followers in no time! Vicky x
    PS. Okay, not your hubby… but who was it? Perhaps someone who came for a party and never made it home? He looks very surprised!

  6. Hi Marie, sorry it’s long time, no comment! It took me a while to figure out that your blog has changed!
    Fabulous creations too and so lovely to see them at last. Love the flower here, the textures are amazing.
    Hope you’re well and will be following you here now so I don’t miss any more gorgeous creations.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  7. Το θαύμασα το στεφάνι σου και στο get creative αλλά δεν μπορούσα να μην έρθω και από εδώ να σου εκφράσω τον θαυμασμό μου!!!

  8. I reckon you can get away with a wreath and no card because it’s just so cool…..love the modern take on the traditional design?..especially the knitted section!!! You are such a creative lady and I love that I never know what treasures i will find when I visit :0)
    Sorry it takes me a while to hop by…trying to get all my crafting and commenting in or at the mo having taken on more for my plate!!!
    Jenny x

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