Out of a Hat Creations ” A girl can never have too many shoes ” and Modge Podge Mania !!!

Hello my lovlies did you miss me !!! What you didn’t notice my absence !!! Well never mind am back now ! Have been away for a while visiting my family in Liverpool and as luck would have it it just happened to coincide with a crafting exhibition in Aintree so was able to combine the two thank you very much ! Another happy coincidence was I was able to meet the lovely and very funny and lets not forget talented Maria Green of Made by Maz who has become a great blogging friend over the past months. It was so lovely to finally meet up and we found to our amazement that we both went to the same high school and lived within close proximity to each other, Maria is four years younger than me so our paths never crossed and of course I know live in Greece  it was such fun to reminisce about our old school and talk about the teachers that we shared. Of course being a fellow Scouser we had a lot in common and I felt like I had known her all my life. Cant wait to meet up again next year.

I havent been able to take part in a challenge for a while and as soon as I returned on Tuesday hubby disappeared on a little trip of his own so now am back to working all day . I did notice that the lovely ladies at Out of a Hat Creations have a fab theme this week and I had just the thing , well at least  I hope it is . They are asking us to create a project using shoes, please visit their blog for all the deets and of course check out their fabulous and inspirational creations.

Like most women I love shoes , and handbags and clothes oh and jewellery and ….well you get the idea . I have this lovely pair of yellow leather shoes which unfortunately have been put out to pasture but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, little did  I know that they would become part of a crafting project  and not only that but I am going to wear them too ! I’m going through a bit of a modge podge phase so I decided to try it on the shoes they’re a little funky don’t you think !

Not really much to explain here just a couple of paper napkins and some Modge Podge but I love the mad result !!! Hope ladies this is acceptable but please feel free to delete it if not.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I had Modge Podged a radiator at home but it was in my sons tiny bathroom and couldn’t get a good shot well I recently did another makeover on one of the radiators in my living room and although the photos do not do it justice I thought I would share it with you so here it is.

This took quite a while to do and was quite fiddly I love the effect even if I nearly lost the use of my legs from crouching for hours on end ! Now am sure quite a few of you will consider it maybe just a tad outrageous but believe you me if fits perfectly ( well I think so ) with the look of my home. A few years ago I decided to strip back all of the doors in my living room  single handedly ,  there are eleven of them all quite large and with quite intricate wooden frames. This took me three whole months a very time consuming and painful process as I ended up requiring surgery on my shoulder upon its completion. The overall effect is a quite distressed look as I left some of the paint on the doors. Here is a photo of one of the double doors that I did so you can get a feel as to how the radiator might fit in.

Didn’t quite mean for this to be such a long post so for those of you than hung on in there ….many thanks.

Right am off now to catch up as best I can with you all cant wait to see what you have been up too

Take care


32 thoughts on “Out of a Hat Creations ” A girl can never have too many shoes ” and Modge Podge Mania !!!

  1. well, yesssssssssssssssssssssss! Love those shoes, although I wouldn’t be able to wear them just now with my broekn toe, and the radiator is fantastic! Well done Marie. Glad you had a good time in Liverpool, I miss England so much I can’t begin to tell you how! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Marie – just look at you and Maria (who’s my blogging chum too!) having a lovely time! Hope you got loads of bargains at Aintree and enjoyed the traditional spring weather while you were here too. Thanks for the guided tour around Marie-land – The shoes are just brilliant and I adore the radiator and the wonderful stripped doors. Now could that possibly be your hubby in the photo at the end…? Of course not! Vicky x

  3. What an interesting time you have been having. I love the radiator and can see it in a home furnishing mag somewhere, where everyone says who would do that? Oh! but I LOVE it so much, can’t see hubby letting me do something like that, he’s too “old fashioned”. As for the shoes, I’m in love AGAIN. just watch you don’t stab someone with them LOL. I had a few like that, cleared the last one out last week, wish I’d known about the modge podge before LOl.

  4. wow those shoes are awesome Marie, brilliant. It must have taken you ages to do the radiator wow that is some project. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things. x

  5. Fabulous Marie and just right for the shoe challenge this week at Out of a Hat–thanks for joining us

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. WOW Marie those shoes just rock, what an excellent idea. Love em. So glad you took part in the challenge. Oh and the radiator now thats innovative. Clever Girl on both projects. Hugs Sandra XXX

  7. those shoes are looking amazing – what a great way of giving them a new lease of life. And the radiator is just stunning, if I had a hat, I’d take it off to you because you must have some patience woman!

  8. Hi Marie,
    You look fab on the photo with your friend.
    How lovely that you got to meet up and share life stories.
    I love your Mod Podged shoes and radiator. If I could, I would definitely wear those shoes, they look amazing, and no one else will have a pair like them. You also did such a fantastic job with your radiator…another designer piece which fits in perfectly with the wonderful work you did on your stripped doors xx

  9. Wahoo Marie what fun, I love the shoes, fabby colours, and what an amazing effect on your radiator. Will it not go brown? the mod podge I mean, when you have the heat up? Lovely to see you back, Gay xxx

  10. Wow, I think those shoes are Fabulous, bit high for me, but I can dream.
    The radiator is brilliant, definitely a one off in home decor. Sounds like you had a great home visit.
    Yvonne x

  11. Hiya Marie! Gosh, I must send my mum on a decent photography course – I look about 88 stone on there, lol! Thank you for your lovely words, it was wonderful to meet you and I certainly did feel as though I’d known you all my life – I think maybe a night out next year to catch up!

    With regards to your radiator (I’ve been really looking forward to seeing this) – absolutely stunning, and looks great with the stripped doors – your hard work has most definitely paid off. As for the customised shoes (I’m a bit of a shoeaholic) – these are fabulous and will go with absolutely anything.

    Take care Marie

    Maria x

  12. Wow ! I love your radiator (Santorini colours) Your door is exquisite. You should of had one of my cats to help you. He doesn’t like to be closed out and scratches until I lose it! Question: Will the radiator hold up with the Modge Podge. I worry it would be flammable?

  13. oh wow Hun,love that shoe and your radiator is just amazing,wow you sure have some talent Hun its,just fantastic,glad to hear from, you was wondering were you had got too,hugs Cherylxxxxxx

  14. Hi
    Never apologise for the length of your posts as they are always worthy of anyone’s time.
    It is a small world as you know you won one of my wee Giveaways and just the other month I won the Giveaway Maria was having and she was telling me you were meeting up. You girls certainly had fun.
    As for the shoes – stunning, they are so fabulous.
    Then your home. Your radiator looks amazing and I can just imagine how much patience was required, beautiful. Love the look of your doors, I am such a shabby girl (that would be a good blog name!).
    Tell me, who is the other man in your life, a very interesting character!

  15. Wow, wow and wow! You are officially the Modge Podge Queen. Fabulous shoes and radiator, however looking at the third photo you could be doing with a touch of beauty sleep! (only jokin’ xx)

  16. Oh my goodness those shoes are incredible Maria, so unique and so glad you are going to wear them now…no one else will have a pair!!!
    The radiator looks like its straight out of the pages of Country homes and gardens, love the pattern, in fact your whole house looks gorgeous..including that fun figure in the third picture :0)
    Glad you had a good time over here…I expect you caught all the wet weather:0(
    Look forward to seeing your crafty haul from the Papercrafts show.
    Jenny x

  17. Marie!! Where do I start?! Those shoes are amazing – people would pay you to alter their shoes like this! Your radiator looks fantastic and is perfect with the stripped doors – you are sooooo talented!! People would pay for you to do these too, lol!

    If you come to Liverpool next year, let me know and I’ll definitely go to the show just so we can have a gab and a cuppa. Then I’ll drag you up the road to my house and you can do my radiators and shoes, lol!

    PS Who’s the scary fella at the end, lol?!

    • Wow love the shoes Marie ! bet they get some commments from friends 🙂 and as for the radiators well what a worth well task they suit the room so well 🙂
      Hugs Von x♥x

  18. Those shoes are absolutely glorious Marie and as for the radiator I love it! It must have been a labour of love but so worth it. Your doors look great, your room must be huge with eleven doors in it :o)
    Val x

  19. Hi Marie. Wow! Love those shoes. What an incredible idea. tfs with the Hatters. Pleased to hear you had a great time in the UK. Lovely photo. Isn’t it a small world. Love the doors. I renovated a house years ago and had some doors dipped but they looked to clean. Much prefer yours. The radiator looks fantastic. Very French country chic.
    Regards Florence xx

  20. OMG love that shoes I want a pair!! Please tell me how you did it never heard of ‘mod podge’ and that radiator is gorgeous too ! and mustn’t forget about the wreath it;s brill ,totally struck dumb with awe as you can see !:-D x

  21. oh yeah. those shoes are too cute! and omg- that radiator is amazing. never would have thought to do that in a milion years (not that we have those here in CA. hee hee)…… artistic genius you are 🙂

  22. oh wow Marie, you’re simply unbelievable!!!!! I don’t know which I like most – the shoes, the radiator… or even the doors! I admire you for your creativity, your style and your patience!!!!

  23. Hi Marie, how are you?!
    Your shoes are absolutely fantastic – what a stunning idea to do that! They look great!!! I definitely want to try this myself, too!
    And I love your radiator! I would have never thought about this myself – great, great, great!

  24. Marie, τι υπέροχο που έκανες το καλοριφέρ! δεν εχω ξανα δει κατι τέτοιο και ταιριάζει απόλυτα με τις φανταστικές πόρτες σου. Αν κατάλαβα καλά απο το κείμενό σου, έπαθε ζημιά ο ώμος σου…? λυπάμαι πολυ, ελπιζω να εισαι καλύτερα. Σε ευχαριστώ που πέρασες απο το μπλογκ μου, τί ακριβώς θα ήθελες να μάθεις σχετικά με το πινακάκι? ειναι πολυ πιο απλό απο οτι φαίνεται 🙂 ειμαι στη διάθεση σου για οποιαδήποτε απορία σου θα χαρώ να βοηθήσω! Καλή συνέχεια!!

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