Out of a Hat Creations ” Use some Craft Stash “

For those of you who celebrated Easter at the weekend I trust you are all back on your diets !! Here in Greece we celebrate at the weekend and am hoping the horrible weather improves. Easter is a time of huge celebration here with families returning to their villages , connecting with old friends and the traditional roasting of  lamb on the spit its my favourite time of year  ( if the weather is nice ) .

There is another new challenge blog on the block Out of a Hat Creations was formed by four blogging friends after a challenge that they participated in every week closed. I was also a regular contributor to the site although in the last few months I had been a bit lackadaisical ! The idea behind their blog is that the four team members, Chrissie, Florence, Sandra and Janet each put ideas for themes in ” the hat ” and each week one is chosen by random. This weeks theme is to use up some of your craft stash.

Now before you see my card I just want to point out that although it looks incredibly simple it has taken me four whole days to complete !! Yes four !!!

The heart is made from fused plastic beads, the beads are tiny and are placed onto a small plastic base with little tiny pegs that protrude. You place the beads on top in the desired shape and the using a heat-resistant paper iron the top and the plastic fuses together. Ok so far so good !  Not if you are me , the slightest movement of the base dislodges the beads and you have to start all over again or in my case, again and again and ……………….After many many attempts I finally got to the ironing stage but alas the wire from the iron touched the base and they went flying all over the place ! Bailey and Rosy thought this was a great game trying to eat the plastic perishers , I am very sure they are not approved by the canine association ! So out came the Hoover and I started all over again. Near to tears I eventually yesterday evening after twelve hours of work at my shop  shakily added the last bead….. and success !!! which is why the card base is so simple I just didn’t have the will to do anything else except for a bit of embossing !!

This is a picture of the offending jar of beads which is from  a well-known Swedish super store and is supposedly for children !! Now I know why it has been sitting on the top of the wardrobe for over a year and its gone right back up there !!

Do pop over to Out of a Hat Creations and support these lovely and talented ladies .

Would also like to link this to Use It Tuesdays who are also asking for us to use something from our stash think this fits the bill !!

One more thing, a few of you have been unable to leave comments not being able to find where to leave them. With Blogger we are used to seeing the comment form at the bottom of the page but of course the blog theme I chose with WP doesn’t have that facility., trust me ! If you take a peep at the top of the post on the right hand side you will see a little bubble,  click on that,  or the post title and the form will come up.

Wishing you all a wonderful week

Take care


35 thoughts on “Out of a Hat Creations ” Use some Craft Stash “

  1. Humm lol haven’t seen them used in years, they are ment for 3yrs and up aren’t they 😉
    dose make make you think what else you could do with them doesn’t it, lovely card Marie
    whoo rains gone the suns shining and off to work in a mo 😦
    Von x♥x

  2. Hi Marie. You do make me giggle! 🙂 Your perseverance paid off. Super card and a great idea. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing with the Hatters this week.
    Comments: Have you noticed the new small WP comments box? You have to just type. There is no flashing cursor.
    Kind regards Florence xxx

  3. I don’t care if these beads are meant for kids – I think this card is AMAZING!! Another fabulously creative idea Marie!! Don’t you dare put them back on top of the wardrobe!!

    Hope the weather improves for you for the weekend. Happy Easter!

  4. Marie, I admire your patience! I think I would have quitted after the third attempt. But the result is STUNNING, so really worths the while! Very very well done!

    Hope the weather gets better too (although usually it rains on Easter Friday, doesn’t it?)


  5. Now the trick is, not to have a glass of wine in the other hand! Lol! What a fab idea, my daughter has some of these, I’d never of thought to put it on a card. Very CAS & cheerful! Weather rubbish here just now too. xx

  6. Hi Marie

    Thank you for joining the challenge at Out of a Hat this week. Love the end product but what a nightmare for you to get there. I see you still have lots beads to go so you will need all the time and patience you can muster.

    Good luck with WP I am sure you will soon get used to it

    Lotsa luv Chrissie xxxx

  7. Seems like you have been having some fun with those beads Marie, but well done for persevering and creating your sweet little card.
    Big black clouds are looming here again today, I wish it would improve.
    Have a good week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  8. Is it okay for me to be laughing at your post?!!! You poor soul, frustration definitely taking place and no wonder but good on you for persevering and ending up with a card that is unique and a sense of fun to it.
    I assume the little ones were not allowed to scampering around at the time?!

  9. Τέλεια η ιδέα σου να χρησιμοποιήσεις αυτές τις χάντρες για να φτιάξεις κάρτα!!!!
    Καλό Πάσχα!!!

  10. marie,what a lovely card!i remember those beads. i found a way to comment trough the emails i am getting when you post something on your blog. much easier 🙂 happy easter for this weekend(without the lamb for me 🙂

  11. wow this is definitely a work of love Marie and perseverance. Loving your heart full of beads. Today is the first day of sunshine in the UK for 4 days and its great to see it. Lifts your spirits doesn’t it. Take care of yourself, Hugs Annette xx

  12. 😀 How cool – I know these little plastic beads. My daughter loved to play with them, she created a lot of hearts and flowers…. Melting them was a bit stinky 😉

  13. Hi Marie,
    Loving your card,it’s a long while since i’ve seen these beads,you must have loads of patience.Thank you for joining us at OOAHC.
    Janet x

  14. Hi Marie, my 4 cats would’ve had sooooo much fun in your house while you were making this, lol!!! I remember these beads – I’m sure I had a coaster at some time. They look fabulous on your card though, and a fantastic way to use them up (maybe?). I love the sound of Easter in Greece, it sounds a great family atmosphere, and I hope the weather is nice and sunny for you.

    Take care

    Maria x

  15. Hi Marie, So glad to see you back in blogging land and I can’t believe those beads are meant for kiddies it sounds like a trial to get them how you want them. the end result is fabulous they make a great colourful card. I do hope Bailey and Rosy did not get into to much trouble. Thank you so much for joining us on Out of a Hat Creations. Enjoy your Easter. Hugs Sandra XXX

  16. Hi Marie,
    I’m not surprised that it took you so long to assemble your heart. It looks amazing! And was well worth your time and patience! Hope you had a lovely Easter! Has your
    son had any leave time yet? xx

  17. AH! my ds has made those and even has one we need to do sitting in his room…. now why didn’t *I* think of putting them on a card? Oh… right, because i’m not as creative as you are! genius! I love it!! (off to steal stuff out of his room….. hee hee)

  18. Oh Marie I feel your pain! I bought a jar of these for my children when they were younger and it was very useful for teaching them patience! I love how CAS your card is – the scored background is lovely and the single eyelet the perfect finishing touch. Vicky x

  19. Oh I remember these little perishers well! I work in a nursery and one of the children brought a heart just likes yours for show and tell and I broke it!! glued it back together and there was 1 missing= one sobbing child and nursery nurse rolling up tiny bits of paper to fill the space(doesn’t work by the way)! But your card looks wonderful and so very effective! x

  20. oh Hun how clever is this,its so unique just brilliant,can remember my kids,playing with these and finding them all over the place.This is just amazing Hun especially with the scored background its so effective,and one beautifully presented card love hugs Cherylxxxx

  21. I love this Marie, it brought back so many happy memories. I use to buy the beads for my daughter when she was small and she use to make all sorts of things with them. I still have a couple of the photo frames that she made.
    xxx Hazel.

  22. What a harrowing experience! I HATE when things like that happen! BUT–this card is yet another stroke of genius from you! LOVE the simplicity of it, and I think all your hard work definitely paid off! LOVE it! 🙂

  23. Love it Marie…my kids used to play with these, they are called Hama beads over here and I still have loads of brightly coloured coasters around the house made out of them (couldn’t wait to get past the coaster stage!!) and then loads of keyrings!!!
    Great for putting on a card I see, perfect CAS card :0)
    Jenny x

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