Get Creative Card Challenge ” Use Stickers ” and Goodbye Dolly Daydreams Hello baileyrosy !!!!

Goodbye Blogger Hello WordPress !! This is my first post from my new blogging home. After weeks of Blogger messing me around and not publishing my posts I have finally and to use the words of a lovely blogging friend , Lynne from Adorn ,” moved over to the other side”  !!! I would just like to thank everyone who has popped over to support me , thank you all so much, blogger friends are the best !!!

Over at Get Creative we have a new challenge up and running and an interesting one it is too ! Our lovely leader Irini has asked us to use stickers on our cards, no background papers just stickers. Well I nearly came unstuck myself with this one ! I must be one of the few crafters who doesn’t have any , luckily Irini came to the rescue with these beauties ,  and when she revealed where they came from I nearly fell off my chair but more of that later.

Do you think the photo is big enough !!! As its my first post here am trying out all of the possibilities until I find out what suits me best so please bear with me. I used those pesky Gilding flakes to make the background, I do remember saying I wouldn’t use them again due to the fact that they attached themselves to everything inside the craft cave  including the mischievous mutts Bailey  and Rosy . However I felt they were a fitting backdrop to the gorgeous stickers and reminded me of an old mirror. This time I had problems sticking the flakes to the background ,after several attempts and lots of cussing I discovered that I was using glass primer instead of the appropriate glue. These flakes and I do not go well together ! In the centre of the frame I used a piece of transparency that I had printed this lovely flourish on to. The grey card was distressed and I used Stazon gold ink around the edges. The Lovely frames are from a Childrens toy store Jumbo which is here in Greece and the last place `I would have imagined finding these beauties.

Do pop over to Get Creative to see what my fabulously talented team mates have come up with to inspire you . We have lots of very interesting challenges this month, sometimes I wish I wasn’t on the DT so I could take part.

We are sponsored this month by the lovely Tina Suitella who has been so very generous with her fabulous gifts , she also is a very talented crafter so why not pop over and check out her blog .

I do hope that this post finds you all, I have been on a roller coaster ride this month and was very close to packing it all in a few times. I would love to hear your comments and get your feed back on my new blog and if any of you have any suggestions on how I can improve it please do let me know.

Now I really do hope I can’t catch up with you all !

Take care



28 thoughts on “Get Creative Card Challenge ” Use Stickers ” and Goodbye Dolly Daydreams Hello baileyrosy !!!!

  1. Hello Marie, such a fabulous creation. And yes, the photo is big enough. During these days I’ve some probs with Blogger, too. I think it’s because they are changing something and I hope it will work better soon.
    I’ve put your blog on my blogroll, so I will be informed on new posts 🙂

  2. Gorgeous project, the photo is a super size, great textures as well, it nearly filled my screen.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter
    Yvonne/Meggymay x

  3. Hi Marie. Absolutely stunning. I did giggle at the glass primer. I can’t believe this beauty is a sticker. I paid an arm and a leg for a photo frame very similar to this.
    Regards Florence xx

  4. WOWZERS!!! Yep I love this Marie!! Gorgeous frames for your work too:0) Loving your new blog and hoping to get updates by email, I signed up but it hasn’t sent me this post. I’m wondering why. Please let me know if I’ve done something wrong, it told me that it had sent an email to my addy but I didn’t get one. I’ll pop over from time to time to check it out, have fun, hope you’re a bit warmer? hugs Gay xxx

  5. Great creation, very beautiful and origianal.
    Bit difficult to get used to, couldn’t find the comment link for ages really, it is a case of the blind leading the blind, but I am sure that both of us will get used to it.
    I think I followed you yesterday but don’t know how to check if it worked or not so if you get chance can you let me know.

    Kath x

    • Hi Kath . aw thanks for popping by again you are too kind. checked and your not following I think the link is on the right hand side with WP you have to follow by email. I haven’t got a clue what am doing. Think I’m too old for all of this malarcky !!

      Marie xx

  6. Hi Marie, wow, this is gorgeous! Those frames are stunning, and I do love those gilding flakes :-). The new look blog looks fabulous, I quite like it over here on the other side! I got an email with your post, by the way, and love the big pic – great for the detail.

    Take care

    Maria x

  7. poor you, you sound so stressed no surprise really living in Greece must have been very tough this last year with all the political issues going on. You had to support your best friend back here through her terribly sad time and then blogger fails you! Here you are on a new page beginning a new blogging chapter and as always your art shines through and stands out.

    ‘Fraid when I was here last it would not let me follow I’ll try again now and I am so glad the number comes up because without it I would not see where to comment!

    Stickers or Peel offs I gave boxes away when moving last year wish I’d know of your lack. The frames you have used mind you are far nicer than any I had. Have to chuckle at your exploits with gilding flakes love the result it was all worth it once again. Fabulous card.

    Happy Easter XOXO Zoe

  8. A more than stunning creation Marie! This really leaves me speechless! Thanks for this wonderful eye candy and also for your sweet comment on my blog. Happy Easter! Ira x

  9. Hi Marie, so this is what you’ve been up to….moving house!…. Lol
    Like the new look blog, I signed up as soon as I saw your comment on my blog and this post came through to my email inbox no problem :0)
    Love the big pictures…that’s why I’ve de-cluttered my blog too! The metal frame and guilding flakes are so opulent :0)
    Going to see what else I’ve missed :0)
    Jenny x

  10. Marie, your new blog is beautiful. I hope it proves kinder to you than Blogspot was. Your gorgeous piece of art is just wonderful. I’ve never used the flaked gold so I can’t begin to know what a hassle it must have been. But, you did great with it, as far as I can see.

  11. Hi Marie. Your new blog looks fabulous and so does your piece of art. I love the frame and the guilding flakes – I have some but never really played with them.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. This is one gorgeous card, those frames are fab-u-lous! I’m 100% sure I’m signed up for your emails but I didn’t get this one and I can’t see the second photo in this post. Hey ho, I got here in the end! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx (PS I’ll tick the follow me button again)

  13. Γεια σου Marie!!!άλλη μια υπέροχη κάρτα!!!!Έβαλα το νέο σου μπλογκ ευτυχώς που μου το είπες είχα μείνει στο παλιό!!!!σου εύχομαι Καλό Πάσχα με υγεία και αγάπη!!!!

  14. Hi Marie,
    Love your new blog – looks even more sophisticated and artistic than your old one!

    Your make today is gorgeous – those gilding flakes were definitely the right thing to use even though they caused you grief, lol! I’m sooooo glad you didn’t jack it all in as I would have missed you so much!

  15. Hi Marie, I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend with lots of chocolate and I hope it’s warmed up a bit for you in Greece:0) Thank you so much for visiting me and your lovely remarks about my cards, you a so kind :0) Hugs Gay xxx

  16. This is awesome!! I’ve only a few stickers that are at least 6 years old now…. Love those flakes, they were totally worth the frustration and the gold on the distressing is perfection! Love the look of your blog! (just wanted you to know that I couldn’t open the second photo… high chance it could be my computer error.)

    • Hi there, thanks for the feedback and your lovely comments. No problem with your computer for some reason I was unable to delete something and it is appearing like this. Any idea how I can get my comment form at the bottom of my post !!!!


  17. Wow who’d have thought it there was I thinking you had taken up metal embossing to add to your tallents .:)
    Would you believe I didn’t get the email and just poped by on the off chance I’d missed something
    It’s rained here back in the UK for most of Easter hope it’s been nicer for you 🙂
    Hugs Von x♥x

  18. This has real wow factor Marie – I’ve been staring at it for ages! The gilding flakes are perfect for this project and who would ever have believed you used a sticker?! I love the way you use items from all over the place in your artwork. Vicky x

  19. Um, this is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. LOVE the gilding flakes–but I don’t think I’ll ever try them! LOVE that image on the transparency, too! This is so gorgeous!!! 🙂

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