Twinkle Twinkle !

Hello and good afternoon to all you animal lovers ! It seems like once again R & B ( see previous post ) have stolen the show ! The  “Dastardly Duo ” the paper eating canines are the heroes of the hour ! While most of you or so it seemed felt sorry for me the little terrors have a growing fan club.

I had many emails offering to send me scraps  ( paper ) and hinting that I should feed them more often, most of you thought that it was indeed a sorry state but how cute they looked etc. They are indeed cute and lovable and perfect little pooches but mainly when they are asleep !

I digress, this week over at Just for Fun one of my fave challenge blogs they have  set a little teaser, thank you Von ! The theme being star or stars . As usual it was a tricky one and I had three little projects on the go for it, I spent all morning with my pokey tool after die cutting a very intricate lace star and spending two hours trying to…. well poke out all the unwanted bits, only at the last minute to make a few extra holes than I shouldn’t have ! The upshot being it looked like something R & B had had for supper ! This is one of the reasons I usually avoid intricate die cuts either my patience deserts me or my failing eyesight ( am suffering from the dreaded bloggers blindness ). Suffice to say I am posting something completely different. After showing it to hubby who asked in all seriousness why was this dude destroying a broom !!!!!! I ask you !  It looks like a guitar to me, what do you think ?

Hope you all have a fab weekend


38 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle !

  1. Yep definitely a guitar!!!fabulous card………bold just like I like them….cards that is!I love the idea of a fan club for B&R maybe you should have a separate blog with pics and shenanigans of the dastardly duo!!They have impeccable taste though! wanting to eat paper and pattern paper at that!

  2. φυσικά και μοιάζει με κιθάρα!!είναι μια πάρα πολύ όμορφη κάρτα!!άκου τι σκέφτηκε να σου πει ο συζηγός σου για να σε πειράξει!!!γέλασα πάντως!!

  3. This is great, Marie- the shaped corners really make it so much more interesting and the bold, grapic image (definitely a guitar!!lol) and colours really work!! :)hugs, Rachel xP.S. Loving reading about your dogs' shenanigans- hope they'll leave your next project alone, though!! 🙂

  4. Oh wow!!This card totally ROCKS!! I love the silhouette rocker and the star!! It's a great CAS design!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hope you come to see me again!! Smiles, Vicki

  5. LOL perfect the frustrated musician (or is that cleaner) in the star is just right, love it.Of course R & B will outshine you they say never perform with Animals LOL.Thank you for joining us again at Just for Fun long may we continue to tease you. XOXO Zoe

  6. Great card Marie, but I have to admit at first sight I thought 'he' had dropped a tin of paint or spilled some very nasty looking blood – the joys of aging sight. Looked closer (nose to screen sort of close) and saw it was a guitar:) Elizabeth xx

  7. Well I think it's fab, that real bright red against the crisp white and the black looks stunning. Thanks for sharing and playing along again this week – JFF – Sam xxx

  8. Aren't husbands great? lol Great card here, Marie!!! I will be doing a feature on you by Sunday on my magazine blog–can't wait! And oh, THANK YOU so much for voting–that was so sweet!!!XO

  9. Just back from a grotty night at work and you have put the smile back on my face :)See stars aren't as hard as you think lolThanks for joining us at Just for Fun Von xxx

  10. Καλώς σε βρήκα Μαρία στο σπιτάκι σου!!Θέλω να σε ευχαριστήσω για τα όμορφα σχόλια που άφησες στο blog μου!!Θα συμφωνήσω με τις κοπέλες ότι μοιάζει με κιθάρα και η δουλειά όλη πολύ καλή!!!Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο να περάσεις!!!

  11. hi, Marie it's very clever the way you chose to use the star , I like it very much!The title "rock star" brings in my mind "guitar" so it will be difficult to confuse it with a …broom . Every person look at things from different ways so …ok Although…look at your home is tidy; Perhaps your husband wants from you…to take the broom 🙂

  12. απιστευτη καρτα!!υπεροχη η κιθαρα!καταπληκιτκο στησιμο και χρωματα!η απολυτη ροκ καρτα!!

  13. It looks like a guitar to me. Great card! Very striking! As for your paper eating pooches I would ban them from your craft room- at least till you have taken the photos.

  14. Couldn't wait to see what you had done this week – and was not disappointed when I got here. Certainly a guitar – love the frustrated musician and how good he looks against that background of red and white. Thanks for joining us at JFF again – Hugs, Neet x

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