Less is More Week 11 Acetate.

Firstly be warned LONG POST !

For many a week now I have been following The Less is More challenge blog but from a safe distance afraid to dip my toes into the water.   There are a few of these around that I gaze longingly at , admiring all the fabulous entries but not daring to take the plunge . Well this week I’m plunging ! taking my water wings off and going to splash about in the deep end with the bigger kids ! Let’s hope I swim instead of sink ( looks like I have a bit of a nautical theme going on )

One of the reasons for the plunging is that I saw the theme  ” Acetate ” now I know many of you went running for the hills but not me I love acetate ( well I did ) Anyone who has read my blog will know that I do like to make a card or tag or two with it. I think I can safely say now that I wont be using it in the foreseen future ! It wasn’t as easy as I thought , mainly because I have  used it so many times and blogged them so was a bit stuck in the old creative department and of course this is Less is More so they have to be beautiful ! After using up half a box of these slippery plastics I literally got down to the last sheet.  My silhouette refused to cooperate was feeling a bit peckish and kept munching them ( the machine not me ) .

For the first one I used a Crafty Individuals text stamp and stamped onto glossy paper. I then printed onto acetate the bird  image from one of the  CI mini books and adhered it to glossy card. I printed my sentiment onto another piece of acetate and tried ( oh boy did I try } to cut a nice oval card shape with my Silhouette who just didn’t want to know (maybe it was trying to tell me something ) and as I say  got to the last piece. It is literally a bit rough around the edges but by this time I was all done in so please don’t  look to closely.

Thought I would show you some of my other attempts as it seems such a pity to leave them out the poor things, in fact I have enough bits and pieces left over to make a hundred acetate cards . The first one I stamped onto acetate and adhered to the card ( easy peasy but quite effective ) the second one once again script stamp Crafty Individuals and then printed CI flower from mini book onto acetate and added to card, bee courtesy of Silhouette

Ladies I hope these fit the bill and looking forward to reading your comments or am I doomed for the shallow end ?


As I said this was going to be a long one ! For the past few months I have been following the wonderfully talented and all-round lovely lady Cindy Adkins she has the most amazing on line magazine Whimsical musings Magazine where she features talented artists from all over the world. Guess what ?  she recently asked me would I like to be featured , after I picked myself off the floor and dusted myself down and verifying that it wasn’t a joke I said a resounding YES !!! Pop over and check it out  its amazing ! I was doubly pleased because one of the other artists featured just so happens to be the super talented Zoe who is team member of the Just for Fun challenge blog and it was the first challenge I took part in. Since then she has been encouraging me every step of the way ( I’m a new crafter in my fourth month now ) Not to mention she has a wicked sense of humour and I love her to bits. So for me to be featured with her was amazing. Pop over and see her personal blog.
This little Place which is packed full of hint’s and tips and some great art.
Previously and to my remiss I didn’t mention the very talented Lynne who was also featured.  I have been following her blog for a while but have know her as Stampdiva so did not recognise her name. If you do one thing today go and check out her blog  Bows and Bells it’s amazing . She has the most awesome creations you will ever see.

Well if any one is still with me after my marathon posting thank you for staying . Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting.


78 thoughts on “Less is More Week 11 Acetate.

  1. Well permanently in the deep end for you Marie.. no buoyancy aids required! These are fabulous… and by the way, Welcome to "Less is More"!I'm sure you'll be a regular LIMette from now onwards!Fabulous creations.. sorry about your Silhouette's digestion problems!Chrissie"Less is More"

  2. Marie, these are all stunning – I can't pick a favourite!I love what I can see on your blog so have become a follower – don't want to miss any more!! I'm just thinking how wonderful it must be to live in Thessaloniki!Where are you from originally? My father was Greek and my step-father a Greek Cypriot and my full first names are Ekaterina Demetriou. I used to speak Greek fluently but now it seems to have left me although I still understand. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. xxx

  3. Hi Marie. As always they are all fabulous. Love the nature one the most. Fab news about the on-line magazine. I am really pleased for you.Regards Florence.

  4. HiI cannot believe this is my first visit to your Blog. It will certainly not be my last.The honour is all mine to be included with such talent as yourself and Zoe, I am really lucky.I am off to add you to my favourites so I don't miss anything you make.BTW – these are beautifulWishesLynne

  5. Oh my gosh, Marie! 4 months? I couldn't believe it when I read you have only been crafting that long–I think you were BORN to do this!! All of these pieces are gorgeous. I am so happy to have you featured in the magazine and I had no idea the connection between you and Zoe–so that makes it doubly special that you were featured at the same time…how amazing!!XOCindy

  6. Wow…this card is fabolous…they all are…beautiful I tell you…just beautiful!! Thanks for the links and congrats on being featured…I enjoyed your post!!

  7. These cards are all gorgeous! I love the beautiful transparent layering of images, colors, and script on the first one. The next two are also wonderful – no need to "scrap" them, LOL! Sometimes we just need a few hours to step back, out of the frustration, and see them on their own. Beautiful work! And congrats on the feature, too! 🙂

  8. All of your cards are SOOO amazing. I love the simplicity of them. Has anyone told you acetate is not easy to work with? Congratulations on being chosen at WMM. I will check it out…Hugs..Donna

  9. Oh do stop going for the sympathy vote its not working! Its your work and the very high quality of it that folks are coming to see and love. Great work with Acetate, acetate for LIM this week did you say ummm; I digress. Super cards and it was wonderful to be on Whimsy with you. XOXO Zoe

  10. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and in answer to your question – I think it's safe for you to do the dishes! I'm supposed to be on vacation so I really SHOULD be outside getting some sun or seeing some sights!!!Happy Sunday!Kathyk

  11. Firstly…..Fantastic news on the feature…you definitely deserve it you are so talented!….congrats sending a big hug!!you cards are gorgeous as usual……glad you got your wings wet!!

  12. Beautiful cards. You'll enjoy being a LIMette – certainly takes you out of your comfort zone some weeks but that's what crafting is about!!Thank you for your commentsSandra

  13. Welcome fellow Limette Marie :)Love all three cards and loving the rounded corners too< i forget about that tool most of the time. Hats off to you for joining this week:)Thanks for visiting my blog.Jenny x

  14. Marie these are three beautiful cards. Don't have a favourite, they are all perfect. I love acetate too but it isn't the easiest thing to work with is it lol x

  15. Thanks so much for your comments, I am just starting to make my comments, I was too shattered after finishing the card to even attempt commenting.Well in at the deep end and true, I would have run a mile if it was my first go. Well you may have wasted a lot during the proess but with what you have used you have put to some fabulous creations. I love them all.Very well done indeed.Kath x

  16. Welcome Marie to the BEST challenge site on the web (imho)and it sounds like you will become as addicted to SAturdays as we all are lol. All three cards are outstanding but i particularly love your second card, it speaks for itself and is the epitome of elegance.Thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated:-)

  17. Your cards are stunning as I hope you know! The first one is my personal favourite but I think anyone would be over the moon to receive any of them! Congratulations on being featured in Whimsical Musings!

  18. dearest Marie,they are all fabulous!Even the ones you dont like. I think the flower image with the script over it is my favorite. I love acetate, but I cut it out by hand. Congrats on being featured by Cindy, you deserve it. Finally, thank you for your generous comments and support on my last few pieces like the box…Dont know how I will be able to keep up.LOL.take care,gerri

  19. Hi Marie…. What fabulous cards! The Simplify one is stunning… but I like all three – and can't believe you've only been card making for 4 months…. you are very talented!Thank you for commenting on my card…. and yes I've been to Greece before (mainland – close to Athens), but have not been to an Island before. I just have a bit of a 'going away' phobia… but am sure I'll love it!HugsChristine x

  20. Dolly, your cards are incredibly beautiful! You are a true artist…I was astounded when you said you had only been doing this for a few months.Congrats on the magazine spot. WELL-deserved! I am your newest fan 🙂

  21. well Dolly Daydreams …thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Your cards are totally amazing and I can't believe you love acetate..well did!! Look forward to seeing your next acetate creation.Fix

  22. ok, so I've just bought shares in a company that makes acetate, since Ive been watching how much you like it, I just know shares in my company are going to rocket.And you're getting so popular, I had to wade through so many comments on these cards, surely you've broken some kind of record?Keep up the good work!

  23. Wow! These are all gorgeous! I do love those crafty individuals images. I have a sheet or two of those in my stash and I never thought to use them. Thanks for the inspiration x

  24. Hi Marie, my goodness you make lovely cards. Will be off to have a wander round your blog after this. Wouldn't know that this was your first time in the LIM challenge, it won't be your last I'm sure – it is super addictive! Thanks for your comment on my blog, and yes the girl image is a stamp, altho a verrry old one. Think it might be Papermania, but as it has no markings am not sure. Sarah

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