Keys and Tags ! and another dogs dinner !

What an afternoon I’ve had ! R & B ( Rosy and Bailey ) the paper eating mutts decided it was time to have another  paper eating frenzy. As usual they waited until I had completed my little masterpiece and  while I was in search of the camera they mauled it !!! It’s my fault of course I left it in harms way, it even crossed my mind that they might try a little sabotage so only have myself to blame. The two of them are now in hiding I can hear them somewhere muttering and trying to form an escape plan !

I have had to redo my masterpiece in fact now it is a little gem ( how many masterpieces can a woman create in one afternoon ?) Of course after I had finished the light started fading and had the age old problem of where to take the picture ! They both ended up being taken on my balcony in a plant pot hanging from a leaf !!!!.  ( not me the photo’s) To top the lot I Photo wont let me crop the second picture so please excuse background. What’s worse is that the second of the two tags the Crafty Individuals stamp I have used looks non existent but I assure you it’s there !
 For those of you who haven’t met the dastardly duo here is a picture of them avoiding eye contact with me !

I want to enter these tags for two challenges (maybe I should enter the dogs might get more comments that way ) The Three Muses this week has keys as their theme , I love their site the always have interesting challenges and this weeks is no exception.

Also Frankie over at Dragons Dream Tag it On  has a theme of A Tag by any other shape. Not sure if this fits the bill it is in theory tag shape but the tag and the keys have been cut out in one piece so Frankie let me know………

So just to sum up …..Two dodgy tags  (second attempt ) poor visibility, unable to crop and two dogs on the run ! Hope you had a better afternoon than I did.

Until next time…………


43 thoughts on “Keys and Tags ! and another dogs dinner !

  1. So lets see you are comment hungry and blame you innocent little pups for anything we might find fault with on your creativity? Well i can tell you the IMPs will not have it these felines have decided upon canine support LOL'Cause they are gorgeous especially the second one and its lovely to see a little of your world as well! XOXO Zoe

  2. They are fab… The tags AND the dogs… You made me laugh about hanging in the plant pot!!! had a great picture in my mind!!! Thanks for a great dream… And it definitely fits the bill honey… Frankiexx

  3. Little toe-rags – butter wouldn't melt… Whilst reading your post I got to thinking about what your neighbours must think of you – hanging tags on plants and taking photos – is tha the act of a sane woman!!! Lovely tags – my favourite by a very short hair is the green one ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to see a photo of the terrible duo. Have a great week. Elizabeth x

  4. These are great tags! I could see how the doggies would want to eat something so colorful and pretty. They do look guilty, don't they? They are avoiding looking you in the eye, just like a couple of naughty kids.

  5. Ah, an artist's life is a hard one! In spite of drawbacks and dastardly duos, you managed to create some pretty darned nice "stuff". Thanks for sharing with us at Three Muses!

  6. Oh this made me laugh, I know I shouldn't but I can just see them happily shaking the tags wildly in their mouths. I bet they had as much fun eating them as you did making them!!!!!!! The tags WERE absolutely gorgeous by the way…Sue x

  7. Both of your tags are gorgeous, Marie. Thank you for sharing them, and your trials and tribs at the Muses this week and send those doggies to bed for being naughty!

  8. Beautiful tags! the little dogs obviously feel any attention is better than none. I am been used as a human scratching post lately to make a kitty point. Now you know you can't leave anything in harms way. LOL

  9. What a hoot! Marie, both your tags are so beautiful. You certainly know how to overcome adversity. The photo of Rosy and Bailey shows a bit of nervousness and perhaps guilt. Maybe they like the taste of the paints and inks you use.

  10. Thanks for your support on my watercolor + collage. I will try it again. Tomorrows post will be an actual watercolor painting for Friday Painting Party. My first entry. Till then, take care, gerri

  11. Hi Marie,I love your tags–they're fabulous! And I know what you mean about taking pics…It rained all day and I couldn't get any…Well, I had been up til 4 am trying to finish a big project, so I sure wanted a pic. More rain tomorrow, so guess what I'm doing Saturday morning! lolI love how your pictures turned out–Your pictures are always awesome.XO

  12. Your tags are lovely! And I can relate to how you feel with that dastardly duo eating your masterpieces. My cat loves to chew and shred paper. I keep telling him he's lucky he's good looking, or he'd be in serious trouble. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Thanks for the info Marie I thought I hadn't seen a die like that , but it looks a bit like something Tim Holtz would make a die of , great design.Sorry you've got bad weather I'll send you over some sunshine tomorrow !! he he Nice to meet you Hugs Susie Sugar xx

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