Happy Birthday Smiley Kylie

Today is a very special day as Kylie my boss from Addicted to CAS celebrates her birthday. Not only is she the greatest and most understanding boss ever but she is also a great friend. I had the great fortune to meet up with her in Spain and spend six days with her and the fantastic Florence of Florence and Freddie. We three girls had never met but became firm friends through blogging. I have to say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Both Kylie and Florence were so warm and welcoming it was like I had known them all of my life.

So Kylie here are a few photo’s of our time together


The first day Kylie all prim and proper in Florence’s beautiful garden


2nd day Kylie suggested with go for a drink in the village


Kylie trying to look demur in the butterfly sanctuary even wore here butterfly frock to lure the poor things into a false sense of security


Kylie the butterfly snatcher trying to grab a butterfly !


Kylie taken into custody by the local police under suspicion of butterfly theft ( looks pretty happy about it ! )


Kylie imprisoned for 24 hours at the local jail on suspicion of butterfly theft


The last supper !

Kylie enjoying a spot of dinner after her confinement, all charges were dropped and Florence was able to hold her head high once again in the village ( the same can’t be said for Kylie )


Kylie just enjoying herself ! Cheers mate !

So my dearest Kylie, thank you so much for having me as part of your team but more importantly as a friend , you are such a warm beautifully and funny lady and I don’t care what everyone else says !

A big thank you to our lovely Loll who organised this lovely linky party for Kylie

Happy birthday ( and to the coals )

oops nearly forgot your card mate


This little guy reminded me of Jackie Tan !

Have a wonderful day and you know I love your guts !!!!

Ugly Bum ( that’s me )

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Smiley Kylie

  1. Well I am glad I am your friend, that’s all I have to say…. LOL LOL. I love your post but not the ‘incriminating’ photos lol. Your card is awesome! I am so overwhelmed by this special party for me. Thanks so much!!! xx

  2. OMG … hilarious Marie. You girls are CRAZY! Love the pics … Kylie looks right at home with the drink in her hand 🙂 Great card … thanks for coming to the party! xx

  3. What a super duper tribute to Kylie this was, Marie!! You made all of us wish we could have been there all over again!! She sounds like she’s really real and it’s a blessing to know her and celebrate her birthday! Your card is flippin’ fantastic!! What a good-looking birthday dog!! Hope you’re doing okay! Hugs, Darnell

  4. What a fabulous time you had in Spain Marie – the photos are fantastic! The hot Spanish sun obviously changed Kylie from the quiet, subdued, gentle character that we met in London the week before!! Oh – love your fab. card BTW!
    Sylvia xxx

  5. Fabulous post Marie. It was such an amazing time with you and Kylie. I will never forget it. Fantastic card. I am so pleased to see you blogging. I miss you.
    Hugs, Florence xxx

  6. What a lovely tribute to the fab Kylie Marie. Looks like you had a fab time even if the local butterfly population was depleted! Love the stylish card with that smiley pup! Vicky x

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