Addicted to CAS #36 Far Away

Hello lovely ladies time for a new challenge over at ATCAS and the theme for the next fortnight has been chosen by the lovely and talented Michele.Now what has she chosen for us all…well come and see

ATCAS - code word far away

I had to get out the old thinking bonnet for this one and after much deliberation I decided to go with a bit of humor. I tried it out  on my ” Laugh O Meter ” aka Mr P who didn’t see the funny side and after five minutes of trying to explain it……still nothing , as he walked away I heard him muttering ” British humor ” so here it is


What no one else got it either !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on !!!!!! sorry I missed you….ducks …targets….arrows……ok forget it then !

Ok so if you want to see some real inspirational cards beautifully made and easily recognizable as a take on the code word then pop on over to ATCAS. Not only have the DT outdone themselves but we have a fantastic new guest designer for the next two weeks……come on down and take a bow Anita. Yes we are lucky to have the fabulously talented and all round good egg  Anita from France joining us for the next two challenges. Not only that but we are sponsored by

Stamp Art Design

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

5 free digs for the lucky winner

Before I leave you all I wanted to give a bit of a shout out to a fabulous blogging friend of mine Florence from Florence and Freddie who has a birthday today as does my lovely mum. Florence’s blog was one of the first blogs I ever visited,  not only was I blown away by her amazing talent but she made me laugh too and I’m still laughing after three years ! We have become firm friends and I love her dearly and  best of all I will be meeting her in two weeks time. She most kindly invited myself and our boss the gorgeous Kylie from ATCAS to come stay with her in Spain. Kylie as some of you know lives in Australia and I live in Greece so we will all be meeting up how crazy is that !

Put your voices together for the birthday song

Happy birthday to you

You were born in the zoo

with the elephants and the monkeys

and you look like one too ( not you mum )

Hip hip hooray !!!!!!

wishing you all a wonderful day

Take care


20 thoughts on “Addicted to CAS #36 Far Away

  1. Morning Marie……..well I totally “got it”!!!! Really made me laugh. Certainly thinking outside the box on this one but it’s perfect. A huge happy birthday to both Florence and your Mum. Bet you’re getting excited about getting together with Kylie & Flo in a couple of weeks……oh how I’d love to be a fly on the wall!!!!!!lol

    Karen x

  2. Well Mrs P, you know what the problem here is, your joke is too clever – those who don’t get it are just not intelligent enough! I, on the other hand, got it right away. ROFL! It’s a fab card. OMG, does poor Florence really know what she’s letting herself in for, I bet the three of you won’t stop laughing the whole time. Enjoy! Xx

  3. Terrific card Marie–I did get the joke at first so pleased that you explained it 🙂

    How wonderful to be going to stay with Florence and to meet Kylie as well. I am sure you will laugh until your sides burst–hopefully not now I come to think about it 😦

    Love Chrissie x

  4. I got your joke right away and I thought it was hilarious! Great interpretation of the code word. Guess you were TOO far away. lol I am so jealous that all you girls are meeting up. Especially since I am stuck in boring old Indiana. At least we are finally seeing some signs of spring here. I actually got a little burnt on my walk today! Have fun with the girls. I hope you post some pictures of all of you having fun together!

  5. Great fun, clever card, I got the joke straight off. Sounds like you are going to have a fun time with the girls.
    Yvonne x

  6. After reading through the comments, it seems us “crafty” girls get the joke, I did laugh out loud and with a groan too! Just love how clever you are too. Luck you 3 to be meeting up, I would guess it’s going to be a laugh a minute 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Everyone who has a birthday this month. including DH.

  7. Hi ya Ugly bum. I got your joke straight away but we do (which is so scary) have the same sense of humour. Fantastic card. Wishing your Mum a very Happy Birthday. Crossing the days off now. OMG have not finished cleaning up!!!
    Hugs, Flo xx

  8. Hahaha, got it straight away, Marie … such fun! How wonderful to be meeting up IRL with blogging buddies … especially from across the globe … awesome! Thanks so much for the warm welcome and your lovely sweet words! Anita 🙂

  9. Love your take on this Marie and I got it straight away too 🙂 hope you have a great time with Kylie and Florence, shame you are not coming to London for the get together!
    Val x

  10. LOVE your card Marie … and got it right away! 🙂 So funny!

    Have a wonderful time with Florence and Kylie – I’m a little concerned for the rest of the folks in Spain, but I know you’ll have crazy fun! 🙂

    Happy Birthday to Florence too! 🙂

    Loll xx

  11. Hahaha I got the humor right away Marie but what was more hilarious was reading the saga of explaining it to ur Mr 😉 love the target u made on each duck !! Great idea.

    I feel so jealous that you all will be meeting !! Will waits for ur lovely pics 🙂

  12. Well, I didn’t read the other comments, but I “got” your humor and knew immediately that you were talking about targets! Love it, too funny!!

    If I don’t talk to you again beforehand, havea very safe and fun trip to Spain to meet Florence and Kylie!! You guys are going to have a blast! Hugs from me all around; wish I could be there, too!! Happy Easter, sweetie! Hugs, Darnell

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