CAS.ology Week 68 Black

Hello me again !
Twice in one week , this is my second entry,  whats a girl to do ,  (ok mature woman) its not my fault its those temptresses at CAS.ology ! Well if they will go and choose my favourite color black ….how could I resist.

Week 68 - Black

I didn’t make a card this time I made a shadow box so I hope this is ok,  if not I won’t be offended if I’m deleted.



I love making these and they look fabulous at night even if i do say so myself.

You really must pop over to CAS.ology the DT have lots of CAS faboulousness to inspire us all and the entries, wow ! lots to admire.

That’s all from me,  off for a little torture at Pilates and don’t worry I won’t be dinging your in boxes until later on next week……..unless …….. CAS.ology has another of my favorite colors or themes.

ta ta for now


24 thoughts on “CAS.ology Week 68 Black

  1. Hi Marie, I love your shadow boxes too … love the effect of the light through it. I’ve been a tad busy packing to move house or I would have been commenting more regularly. Almost over, we move on 15th – that will be fun, not! Hopefully things will settle down just as soon as my new craft room is decorated and everything is unpacked. I was sorry to read that you have been so ill, and at your tragic loss. I hope things are improving for you and your family now. Take care. Elizabeth xx

  2. Absolutely LOVE the shadowbox…This one entrances me.. I can stare at it all night!
    What a stunning beauty! SUCH a creation!!! I agree, Black is divine, it is sumptuos, it is rich and enveloping. It is POE, and pure poetry ….it is Velvet.. Anyways, I LOVE Black, can you tell??!!!

    Thanks for playing with us at CASology AGAIN Marie!

  3. Remember the song “black is black, I want my baby back …” Fabulous shadow box dahling and LovE your sisters card, glad to hear you have problems with that stupid cutting machine too! Xx

  4. WOW – brimming with atmosphere and such a gorgeous idea.
    Absolutely love this especially that gorgeous glow.
    P.S. Take good care of yourself, especially at Pilates!

  5. wooohoooo I look at the CASology Blog and look at your card…oh my God..this is really amzing I love this…really love..look amazing…you did a funtastic job….I wish I have a 10% of your idea in my brain…LOL…really great creation…I just put my card on CASology blog if you would like to see it on my Blog and leave me some love… I would be so happy…big hugs…Monika

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