ATCAS Challenge #14 – Hosted by ME !!!!!!!

Hello lovely ladies, long time no see !!!!

Well I’m finally ensconced in my new craft room its taken weeks but I’ve finally unpacked all of my boxes, of course nothing is in its rightful place and I still have lots to do but at least the to-ing and fro-ing is over. Tomorrow  Ari my youngest will have taken all his clothes to his new home so I will have a nice large wardrobe to fill up with the overspill , more of that later and onto the topic at hand. Over atATCAS we have a new code word for you chosen by moi !!! I will be your hostess for the next two weeks so what did I choose in a moment of madness….

ATCAS - code word circle

What was I thinking !!!!!!!!!! it seemed like a good idea when I chose it a few months ago, needless to say I struggled and here is the proof……


I was recently introduced to Iganacio Molina of Nicecrane Designs by my fellow team-mate Flo of Florence and Freddie. Iganacio has this amazing on-line shop and when I saw some of the cards that Flo made using his digital images I was totally jealous and decided to buy some for myself. I mean if she can do it then so can I ! ( although mine aren’t a patch on hers ) so the lovely birds images have been copied onto acetate and then placed in the space left by the cut out circles. I added a piece of bevelled glass to the little birdie couple unfortunately what with the acetate and the glass I just couldn’t get a good photo and they look quite blurred here.


My lovely Cameo cut the central shape and the negative space was coloured using my magic sponge and lots of different Archival inks . Once dry I covered it liberally with Glossy Accents ( nightmare ) and added another piece of bevelled glass to the centre. This really looks so much better in real life, honest !

Last but not least I  was hoping that this last card would be ready for the previous challenge at ATCAS and in truth it was but can you believe I lost it under a pile of papers and it turned up today !!!!


Cameo take a bow !

We have another fantastic sponsor for the next two weeks Paper Makeup Stamps


I do hope you will find the time to join us over at ATCAS,  it’s always a pleasure to see your beautiful cards and I know the rest of the DT have some amazing circle creations to share with you.

Right before I go I just wanted to thank those of you that have stuck with me even though I have been MIA for some time and I do promise to catch up as best I can from here on in.

I’m hoping to get away to my summer-house at the weekend to take a well-earned break I really need to sit and soak up a little sun, I’m totally exhausted from all of the goings on here at the Pap residence of course the forecast is for showers do you believe it !!!

Take care


26 thoughts on “ATCAS Challenge #14 – Hosted by ME !!!!!!!

  1. Delighted you’ve completed the move – nightmare isn’t it? It was bad enough when I moved rooms so can’t imagine what it’s like moving from your studio to home! I still can’t find things…….lol Anyway onto your lovely cards – the images on the first one are gorgeous and love how you’ve cut the circles with one off the page; the intricate shape on the second is lovely – like looking through a kaleidescope (but what’s the bit at the bottom? Looks like a belly button but I’m sure it’s not! lol); and the third one just plain made me smile……. Hopefully when you’re a bit more sorted you will show us your new crafting space.


    Karen x

  2. Hello Hello Hello, lovely to have you back 🙂

    What can I say about your cards, you go outside the box each time and I love the ingenuity of you cards, (big word so early in the day).

    Glad you are settled at last, hope to see more brill work from you soon. Enjoy the sun.

  3. Sorry have not been around to comment……… just took over.
    Loving all your examples Marie. Have a terrific weekend at the coast. Hugs Annette x

  4. OMG Marie, I love the way you used my bird picts,,,,,,,,woww,wowwww, waht creatvie you are,,,love the idea to use acetato and the depth you get on your card,,,,,,,woww,wowww thanks for sharing,,,,and your smile card is so stunning,,,,,,I am surprised with your creativity my friend,,,,,,horayyyyyyy for Marieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (Applauses)

  5. I for one LOVED this challenge! You would never know you struggled – love that bird card with the added beveled glass it looks terrific! Great challenge~

    Hope you will be sharing Craft Room photos when you get it all organized. I love seeing fellow stampers spaces~

  6. Hi Marie, glad the move is all done and sorted.
    Three brilliant cards, Once again all so very clever and fabulous colours, just love the third one, who could not resist a smiley face, but the colours and the images of the other two are fab also.
    In answer to your question on one of your comments on my blog I went on a cruise to Spain, Portugal and the Canaries,it was great as we got a great deal, just about 2 for the price of 1, I think P & O have made a big mistake in building the larger cruise ships, as with the economic situation as it is, they can’t fill them so have to reduce prices to get the punters.
    Just been off again this past week, well got back this aft, from Filey, North Yorks, you will not have heard of that but my Daughter has a holiday cottage there and it is great to go and be with the Grandson’s, weather could have been better but hey ho, that’s life.
    Right off to comment on Sylvia’s post now, another follower of mine and me of her and I have warned her about you, not commenting on anymore tonight as officially I am still away.
    Take care Marie and I am so pleased that you have not had any major accidents lately, keep up the good work and thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Kath x

  7. Fabulous cards Marie – the first one is my favourite (love those birds). Sounds like you have had a very busy time recently – hope you you enjoy your weekend break!

    Kath’s comment really made me smile – she has a brilliant sense of humour!
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  8. Sorry I’m late, but as they say, better late than never. LOVE your cards – once again a 10. Where do you get little pieces of beveled glass???? Glad the to-ing and fro-ing is in the past – it’s always the worst. Now you can settle in, and perhaps even share a photo of your studio once you are set up. Hope you had a wonderful relaxing weekend at your summer house. xodonna

  9. Indeed, what where you thinking with this word! lol!!!

    BUT a well-chosen word given the results – love your cards! (Nothing new here!)

    It was soooo great meeting you again Marie, I hope to see you soon again!

  10. A new craft room – how fabulous!
    As are your cards. The first card is the one I’ve fallen in love with, lovely idea to attach the birds to the cutouts.
    The smiley card does as it should – makes us smile!
    Wonderful collection.

  11. Yeah 🙂 bet your glad that’s all done with now just the overspill to go 🙂 then there will be the over over spill rofl
    Great cards as always Marie and love the smile 🙂
    Von ♥

  12. It’s always good to be rid of too-ing and fro-ing, too much like hard work!!! Glad you have moved into your new craft space and an extra wardrobe sounds a bonus too :0)
    Circles sounds a great idea and I love all your cards from the fine art which looks like printed material to the fun smiley icon!!!
    Hope you get some R&R time soon.
    Jenny x

  13. Hi Marie,

    Love all three of your cards. The first has gorgeous images and I love the layout you’ve created with the three different sized circle negative die-cut … especially the one that runs off the page! The clear enamel dot really brings the eye to the love birds – fabulous designing!

    The second is the most interesting die-cut … love the shape and the bold color in-behind … again, the clear dot in the center gives a lot of punch.

    And the third … well, it is just so “happy” 🙂 Great job on all three cards. Love your code word … had a lot of fun creating for this challenge. Loll xx

  14. Hi UB. I have to say when I first saw your code word I did think “what is she thinking!”. 🙂 After seeing the DT samples and the entries to the challenge. I think it was quite genious on your part. Well done you. Absolutely stunning creations. Love how you have used the Nicecrane Designs images….they are all brilliant. Pleased to hear all the moving and disruption is now coming to an end. Best of luck to Ari in his new home. Hope you are not too sad as the little ones fly the nest. No doubt you will have fun filling the wardrobe!! he he. Thank you for your kind words. I know they wont last!
    Crafty hugs,
    PF xx

  15. Hey Mrs P, sorry I’m a bit latchy in coming to visit. Well your circles have got me singing – but I couldn’t think what the song was so just googled it, it’s “windmills of your mind”. Anyway, that’s by-the-by, love that birdie paper and the glass domes are fab. Enjoy your get away to your summer retreat – all right for some!! xx

  16. Absolutely stunning as always! I love the vintage-style birds in the cut-out circles. I do hope all the moving has all gone well, that the boys are settled in and that life has calmed down a bit for you. Vicky x

  17. I was SURE I already commented on your cards… Hmm. SO, once again:
    I can’t believe you were stuggeling with your code word – you did an awesome job! I especially love the red circle with that bauble in the center – What a fabolous idea to use them.
    And since I love fun card I love your smiley as well! Fun fun fun!

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