Get Creative 5th February Card Challenge ” Love is in the Air “

Love is in the air every sight and every sound, love is in the air…… ya remember that one !!!! It’s especially for the old fogies, Suze Bain and Florence being two of them.  Don’t know about you but will most probably be singing that all day.

It seems like you can’t go anywhere in blog land without their being a heart or love challenge of some sort at the moment and why should we at Get Creative be any different…. our crazy leader Irini has decided to put a twist on our challenge and she wants us to create a card for our loved ones but without the use of RED OR VARIATIONS OF THE COLOUR OF PASSION !!!

Come and have a peep at what I came up with

well no colours of passion here unless you have a gold or glitter fixation ! I used my spellbinders hearts die to make the black and white scalloped hearts, the lovely Cameo was called upon to cut the fancy heart which was then blinged up with two different gold glitters. I made a right old mess in my studio I can tell you glitter here there and everywhere. The doglets once again looked lovely in the glittery coating as did Ronin the dog and Ziggy the cat. Yes , we now have four pets in the craft studio , I really must try to get a group shot of the little creatures but it’s usually bedlam in here and that’s without the little mites being in attendance.

We do hope you will join us at Get Creative , pop over and see the fantastic inspirational cards by my team members , we have been sponsored this month by:-

they are offering this fantastic set of little embellishments
they are a little larger than a 1 euro coin!!!!
how amazing is that!!

Short post from me today as I know you have tons of blogs to visit, comments to leave and crafty projects to create!

Enjoy your week and I will be looking out for your lovely cards

take care


21 thoughts on “Get Creative 5th February Card Challenge ” Love is in the Air “

  1. Oh dear, I must be an old fogie and now I have the song in my head!! Well, this is a beauty!! I love the glittered up heart and am now laughing that you have it everywhere!! Hope you are well, my friend xx

  2. I *want* to believe that I’m not such an old fogie myself… but the song has stuck with me now, lol!!!!!

    Amazing card Marie, once more so classy and elegant. I do admire you when you use the glitter – I just can’t deal with all the mess and my three cats… and you still do it with four pets around! You definitely have to share a photo of them glittering, hihihi

  3. Hmm well thanks for putting that song in my old fogie head Marie! Have had to do a bit of old fogie dancing to it as well so it’s lucky the children have gone to school! Love your gorgeous layered card which you’ve managed to make look passionate without the help of any red. That glittery heart is a triumph! Vicky x

  4. Stunning card Marie. You definately know how to put glamour into card making. What’s this about being an old fogie. My brain still thinks I am 25….shame the body doesn’t!! lol! Thanks a lot for the song!! Just got to find the pause button.
    Crafty hugs, Florence xx

  5. Sensational card. The cameo created fancy in the middle is a complete knock out – of course I realized you had to knock yourself out to make it look that dazzling. Every time I see your cards, I’m temped to look at the cameo machines – however alas, I know I would not use it enough to make it viable. Dream on – so I live vicariously through you and your beautiful cards. Sorry there were not nibbles left for you, Marie. Yes, we are selfish little piglets – the sangria was good though didn’t you think? hugs from Mexico, Donna

    • Another amazing card, absolutely stunning, I remember you saying just a couple of years ago, you had started making cards, well I think you have now superceeded most of us, wonderful work.

      Alas, I’m an old fogie and loved that song too.

  6. Another old fogie here!! Love that song!!

    Your card looks FAB-U-LOUS!!! Marie. I love your decidant sparkly heart. It looks gorgeous against the black and white! xx

  7. καθε σου καρτα και ενα πραγματικο εργο τεχνης Μarie!!!!στην κυριολεξια!!!!
    και το γεγονος οτι σου αρεσαν οι καρτες μου ειναι μεγαλη τιμη για μενα!!! η δουλεια σου ειναι εξαιρετικη!!!!

  8. I must be ancient, I can sing the whole song! I can’t remember who sang it though, so I’ll knock a few years off for that :-). Your Valentine card is beautiful (is that for Mr P?), I love the elegant heart in the middle, and the two shades of glitter look fabulous.

    Take care Marie
    Maria xxxxx

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