Addicted to stamps and More – Theme Challenge 3 Spring

For the eagle-eyed among you,  you may have noticed on my blog post title that we have changed our name a little  from Addicted to Stamps to Addicted to stamps and More . Before any of you go jumping to conclusions let me put the record straight and say that  this has nothing to do with my so-called gin addiction ! Our lovely leader Kylie assures me that it has to do with another matter entirely and I do hope we can leave it at that ! So from now on our challenge blog will be known as Addicted to Stamps and More, it seems that there is another blog in Germany with a very similar name and in order to avoid confusion we have decided to change ours.

On to the matter at hand,  Our theme this week at Addicted to Stamps and More is spring , so we are looking for your interpretation of the season and here is my Euros worth !

I used my Cameo to cut the card added some lovely pink paper behind and then attached all the buttons with glossy accents and some pretty co-ordinating thread to each of them . This looks really easy but it took ages,  each time I cut the shape it kept sticking to the cutting mat and tearing the card when I tried to remove it. Well that’s my excuse any way !

As I still had this little leaf stamp  out on my desk from SU I thought i would use it to make this little card . the flower in the centre is a brooch made by my very cheeky little sister Karen over at Tricky Little stitches. I was in two minds as whether or not I should mention her name again as she has been running riot in blog land,  be-friending my followers and then sullying my name ! The cheek of it ! I shall rise above it all and show what a dignified lady I really am.

I do hope you will pop over top Addicted To Stamps and More to see the fabulous cards by my fellow team mates such inspirational pieces and why not join in its always a pleasure to see you there.

Take care


33 thoughts on “Addicted to stamps and More – Theme Challenge 3 Spring

  1. Ah Marie, I can see you were having a lucid moment when you wrote this blog, what lovely cards, particularly the first one, you know how I like your detailed cards but the simplicity of this is very endearing and I really love the little buttons. As for the second card, well I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I think you’ve used the brooch in a very clever manner and it means you could give the card as a little present as the person could remove the brooch.
    I’m so sorry if you feel I’ve been sullying your name, BUT, let’s be fair I’m the only one of us siblings who doesn’t have an alcohol problem, as it’s come to light that our brother has recently injured his foot and then fallen and broken his elbow in 2 places.
    I’m convinced you got him hooked on the JD and you tried it with Joe, look missy you’re not getting me involved, I can’t afford to be drunk in charge of knitting needles.
    Anyway, I’m loving the cards, hope your poker game last night was successful, although that feels like I’m encouraging you!

  2. Hi Marie, catching up with your goings on, gin engendered or not — notice an awful lot of protests linked with alcohol in recent posts, could it be that ‘thou doth protest too much’ :)) Seriously, all projects are beautiful. Love the card featuring sister’s crochet flower. So, either you have a brand new studio or you’ve had a makeover. Whichever, the cat is an adorable addition – she looks very much like the Boss. Must fly, I’ve got to go to the dreaded supermarket – need new ink cartridges for the printer. Take care, Elizabeth xx

  3. WOW Marie, love your cut out card, that took some thinking and working out you MUST have a clear head LOL. Great addition of buttons too.

    As for the brooch card, a gift and card in one, wonderful idea, love it.

    PS, Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards, it really is appreciated from the “mistress of art”

  4. Your cards are beautiful! Be careful when using machines, Marie. The pitter patter going on thoroughly amuses me (sorry) … you sister sounds ‘lovely’. Thanks for dropping into my blog, Marie. Much appreciated. xoDonna

  5. Fandabbydozie cards Marie – especially love your Cameo card but know the total frustration of sticking and tearing but reckon you’re the Queen of the Cameo! Love Karen’s surname…….does it come to light? – hope not as Hell hath no ….. well you must know how that one goes! As to the controversial aspect of gin I’m so not getting involved but now it comes to light that you’ve been inveguiling (don’t think I’ve spelt that right but heyho you know what I mean….) your little brother in the ways of JD and the outcome was grevious bodily harm…….how could you?

    Karen x

  6. Addicted to Stamps and More… Oh dear, am drying my eyes as we speak! I am saying nothing! Moving swiftly on to the cards – the one with buttons is genius – I love the way you added contrasting thread too – but how did you get the thread through the holes with your shaky… NO! I promised myself I’d say nothing! I really like the leaves with the brooch flower too – must pop over to visit your sister. Running riot over blogland? She sounds like a right laugh! Vicky x

  7. Poker AND Gin????? Oh Marie! Are you SURE this is not the reason why Kylie changed the name :-/? All I can say is that it’s just as well you didn’t have to cut the pattern out in the first card by hand, need I say more?

    Your cards are stunning (despite everything), and what beautiful detail in the first. As for the second, I do love how you’ve used this little brooch! Sisters eh, you just cannot trust them!!!

    Take care Marie

    Maria xxxxx

  8. Hi Marie, I am sitting here laughing at Karen’s comments. Will you be able to fit in the GA meetings with the AA ones. Your life in blog will never be the same again!! LOL Love it! Fantastic makes. Fabulous design on the first one and love Karens flower on the second. TFS. Take care.
    Regards Florence x

  9. Mmm, these cards are rather nice. I am well impressed with your Cameo skills and the crochet card is so sweet. And that my friend is all I’m going to say – I am not willing to get myself into more trouble this week! xx

  10. Who you trying to convince??????? insert sinister laugh!!!!!
    Your cards are gorgeous as always even if they are created under the influence are you sure you are allowed to use heavy machinery (the cameo) under the influence????

    p.s….I hope to play along!!

  11. You’re bit about addicted to stamps…and MORE! Hilarious!!!
    Fabulous cards! As always from you, Marie. Love your Cameo design, and those little buttons with the VERY neat sewing thread in lovely coordinating colours! Your second card with the knitted flower brooch is such a lovely idea. A card with a little gift attached…fabulous!!
    Enjoy a lovely weekend! xx

  12. Hi Marie, Always a giggle when I drop in and lots of beautiful creations too, so much talent!!!!! Great job with your cut out card, I’d have given up if I kept tearing it LOL Gorgeous knitted flower card too a super pressie, she ‘s a keeper that sis!!! Hope your toe continues to heal, hugs Gay x

  13. I love your cameo – it’s a perfect present for my birthday next month *LOL*
    But for this I have the wrong hubby – just in this case 😉
    Beautiful cards as always – so special again.
    I have two little kids and therefore it’s hard to travel. But YOU can come to Austria.
    Ok, my craftroom isn’t so amazing – but ok – and it’s my guestroom too.
    So you can live in my craftroom – that’s special *lol*
    Big hugs
    Doreen xx

  14. Τσα ήρθα κι εγώ!!!!!!!!!!!
    Πάντα μένω έκπληκτη από τις κάρτες σου και την αστείρευτη φαντασία σου!!!!!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I can always rely on you to make me laugh, Marie! I don’t believe what they’re all saying and insinuating – but I’ve always been a creep,lol! Adore these cards, especially the second one.

  16. Hi, dear friend! Sorry to be MIA! LOVE these amazing creations–you are so inspiring! Totally pinning these! May I CASE them?! You rock! 🙂

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