Addicted to Stamps ” Gold “

Helloooooo you lovely crafters hope you are all tickety boo, fit as fiddles and such like. I myself have just had a bit of a tiff with a very sharp Sushi knife and instead of finely slicing my salmon have managed to slice the top off  my finger. Needless to say the Sushi is in the bin , I didn’t think my dinner guests would appreciate the outrageous red colour ! I’m going to keep this short as am in a fair bit of pain and am sporting quite a large bandage luckily on my left hand……looks like my Sushi party has turned into a pizza party !


Its time once again for another challenge over at Addicted to Stamps and our theme this week is GOLD being a jeweller I just love working with the stuff so I made a couple of cards and here they are for your perusal.



Looking back on some of my recent posts I’ve noticed that I am somewhat addicted to hearts of late and most of my cards feature them, please bear with me as I’m sure it’s a passing fancy . For this card I used the dreaded gilding flakes, I really love the effect but boy how I hate the mess, the mutts and I tend to become blinged up on the rare occasion that I use them and this time was no exception , even hubby got a little unexpected bling as he was quite curious about the process and stuck his finger in the flakes and sent them flying  all around the house. He was really amused by it all and quite impressed I have to say until he went to work sporting a bit of the shiny stuff on his forehead. He phoned me a little later when he reached our shop to inform me of how gorgeous he looked !!! I used the Indigoblu heart stamp which I lathered up with flitter glue and then added the gilding flakes ….and well made a mess rubbing them into the glue and generally getting all sticky and blingy. I wont bore you with the rest because A. it’s obvious what I did next and B’ my likkle finger wreally wreally hurts . Stamped sentiment by SU with their lovely gold embossing powder .

Yes I know another heart , your lucky I’m only sharing two as I made six variations on this card ! I used some gorgeous DP from a 12 x 12 paper pad that i have that was really expensive and fabulous and up until now I couldn’t bare to cut it up, of course the cover is hiding from me so cant tell you the name of its creators. The butterfly  is a Hero Arts Sizzix combo stamp and die cut stamped onto Rich Razzlebury card by SU and embossed with SU gold embossing powder and the same again for the sentiment.

Thank you all so much for supporting us at Addicted to Stamps we are a new challenge and its great to see so many of you wonderfully talented crafters joining in. Not only that but my fellow DT members are amazingly talented and lovely ladies  but dont  just take my word for it pop over to Addicted to Stamps and see for yourself !

Right I really must go as I”m in dire need of medication for pain relief ( gin ) and my dinner guests are due any minute, he he they think they are getting Sushi , wont they be surprised when the pizza guy arrives .


Take care




32 thoughts on “Addicted to Stamps ” Gold “

  1. You can do as many hearts as you like Marie they are gorgeous! Love the gilded one, it looks as if it should be under glass and the paper under the second heart is wonderful:) Sorry about your poorly pinkie I’m sure your guests will be suitably sympathetic till they see the pizza! Love reading your posts Marie you should write a book:)
    Val x

  2. Your ‘gold’ cards are so luxurious! Especially love the second version with only part of the design peeking through the heart… sushi…. pizza…. much the same, they are there for your company, they won’t mind!

  3. Love these Marie, such elegance to these cards.
    I hope your finger is better real soon. You sound like me when you use a knife, in fact my husband won’t let me near a sharp one if he is around. I ended up at chelsea hospital once when I skewered my hand trying to get the stone from an avocado pear lol.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  4. Hope your finger is feeling better Marie. Loved your post -only you could make people laugh about cutting off the end of a finger 🙂

    The cards are so beautiful I am in awe of your embossing with the flakes. Nothing wrong with hearts it shows your love of everything I reckon.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Oh Marie, firstly what a donkey you are…it must run in the family though, I am hopeless with anything dangerous. You could always have sliced the end of your finger into thinner slices and served it on the pizza as Pepperoni….seems a shame to waste it.
    As for your craft room being a mess because of the gilding, I’m shocked at you, I know how you have OCD about it being so tidy and organised, I’m amazed you could live with yourself.
    Now onto more important issues, you know I love those cards, particularly the first one, it definitely appeals to my romantic side and as ever is a work of art.
    Hope your finger gets well soon 🙂

  6. Mmmmm Sushi……. Oh, whoops back to business. Your cards are just stunning, Marie. You are such a clever, clever lady. I’ve never heard of gilded flakes and even though the end result is amazing, maybe I should stay away from them lol. I’ve just completed my first aid course so if you need anything, just holler 😉

  7. Ouch ouch ouch! I am really wincing at the thought of your accident! I hope it’s not hurting as much today, and that your pizza party was a great success! Love the beautiful gilding flakes and the sumptuous paper in the second (it’s by DCWV btw, Mariposa stack — one of my absolute favourites!) Have a lovely -and accident free- day!

  8. I entered this comment and my pager went off for a fire call. Just got back. That added a bit of excitement to the night lol. Just a small scrub fire so all is good.

  9. oh gosh hun hope you are okay sounds painful as for your cards oh wow just love them so classy,love the first one especially,its stunning,take care Hun and stay safe hugs Cherylxxxxx

  10. Two gorgeous cards Marie – I wanted to use my flitterglu but couldn’t find it anywhere but still went with an IndigoBlu stamp (which I lurve……). Love the way you’ve die cut your heart and then mounted it all on the base card. Well, I think this damaging of fingers must be catching………..I was using my embellishing machine yesterday (the one with barbed needles) and my poor finger got in the way and the needle went straight through my nail and finger!!!! OUCH (well, it was something along those lines that I said!!! lol). Hope your poorly finger gets better (sure the gin helped) soon – such a shame about the sushi (gorgeous stuff) but am sure your lovely ladies enjoyed the pizza instead.


    Karen x

  11. I have to ask, why did you not post a photograph of your blinged up husband?! Now that would be pure gold lol.
    Stunning effect and I am thinking that this style would look amazing for Christmas, with snowflakes or Christmas ornaments. Totally striking Marie and elegant.
    Have a great day.

  12. YAY, I love hearts and yours are gorgeous, fab cards, especially the gilded one. It was worth all the effort! My hubby constantly sports a nice line in glitter and flakes it’s okay his friends are very understanding LOL
    Poor little finger, quick get medication LOL Have fun Marie, hugs Gay xxx

  13. In answer to your question Marie – it’s not a torture thingy (unless you get your fingers in the way!!!). It looks just like a sewing machine but has no thread or bobbin and has between 5 and 12 barbed needles………basically you have a base fabric (such as felt) and then lay down fibres, threads other fabric etc down on top of the base layer and bash 9 bells out of it – you then get a brand new melded fabric which you can turn into anything you want. If you look at this link on my blog it will give you an idea:


    Karen x

  14. Oh Marie! I hope your finger heals quickly and your pizza party still goes well. Yes, the Flitter Glu technique is sticky but boy is it worth it! LOVE your hearts and the thought of your gilded hubby. Hugs, Buttons x

  15. Well, Mrs P, do I put on my sympathetic hat and say “oh you poor dear, that must have been so sore” or do I put on my ruthless hat and say “well, you shouldn’t be such a clumsy oaf”. Think I get my ruthlessness from having 3 brothers – I had to stick up for myself! Now, onto this week’s challenge, such a classy colour choice – you obviously didn’t choose it – guffaw!! No, but honestly, your cards are gorgeous – the gold leaf one is a real stunner, that really is a fab stamp. Au revoir! xx

  16. Ouch! (Hi Marie), I felt that, lol. Hope you are feeling much better now and have progressed from pizza, however I think it may be an idea to keep the pain relief going for at least a few days just in case.

    Such stunning cards Marie, I absolutely love gilding flakes and that FlitterGlu is amazing – so amazing that I have somehow glued the lid to the pot and can’t get the damn thing off now :-(.

    Hope you got my email :-), but just in case you didn’t – THANK YOU!!!!! Ethan’s little crown is fantastic (you sisters are a very talented pair), what a brilliant creation! Can I blog it please?

    Speak to you soon

    Maria xxxxx

  17. Hi Marie,

    I don’t know why but it’s taken me ages to get onto your blog. Each time I tried I just got a message saying failed!!! In the end I managed to link via one of your last comments on my blog.

    Both your heart cards are fabulous! I love the gilding flakes on your first one, which you have applied so beautifully. Your second card looks very elegant, too. I love your gold embossing and your butterfly is so pretty.

    Hope your finger is feeling much better xx

  18. Yow! Are you better or are you still in need of liquid pain meds? Hope you heal soon, but you might want to stay on a daily dose of pain meds just for, say, ever. In serious cardmaking news, your cards are BARETH-TAKING! They have been pinned and I’m dying to see the other four! Listen, don’t let the length of the post stop you from sharing. People will scroll through if they’re in a hurry and other people, like me, who want to see ALL of your beautiful creations will stick through it happily. IMHO.

  19. hi Marie – beautiful lush card and the gilding effect is so lovely. I once found a box full of that in the shed and for some reason I thought it was a load of Quality street wrappers and threw it in the bin. (duh?). Sorry you have cut the top off your finger – so when you point it wont have the same impact!! (((laughing))) Take care and speak soon Cx

  20. oh wow Hun how stunning are these gosh the effects,are just first class,just brilliant sweetie,you are so so clever love these,and ouch hope your finger heals soon sweetie hugs Cherylxxxxx

  21. youch. so sorry to hear about your finger. i hope it’s healed… your cards are beeeautiful! I have some flakes that i haven’t used in forever. i should pull them out. i’m so lazy…. 😉

  22. Ouch… can’t imagine how painful that must have been and don’t want to either!!
    Hope your healing nicely now :0)

    Your golden cards are so sumptious…gilding flakes are so effective but yes so fly-away, I can’t stand using them :0(

    Hope the pizza went down well :0)
    Jenny x

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