Snow !

A great big hello to you all !

Just popping in quickly as I am in a bit of a mess here ! Having decided to try a few new techniques ( and of course I have chosen the messier ones)  I am surrounding by an array of projects  which are spread out all over the place at varying drying  stages. Rosy and Bailey my two dogletts have been banished from my crafting oasis and are sitting outside my door moaning and scratching to get in. Now they would normally be in here sleeping soundly at my feet but the little so and so’s have been known to eat a couple of my projects in the past, feigning sleep they wait until I leave the room and then pounce ! I am taking no chances this time ” three times bitten four times shy ” I know it should be once bitten but I fell for their cunning plan on three occasions ! Anyway I digress ……..

I discovered a few days ago a fabulous new challenge group called Tag Tuesday who every week will be inspiring us to make a tag,  their theme this week is snow. I urge you to pop over and check it out as it is packed full of very talented ladies ( didn’t see any guys ) and amazing inspirational creations . I have to say I was a little intimidated at first but what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained so I decided to do a little venturing.

I also discovered ( I’m doing a lot of this lately )  another very interesting group of gals DYSU challenge blog who have Let it Snow as their theme,  they have also very kindly provided us with a gorgeous photo to inspire us .

Sorry for the poor photos just getting dark here in Greece so had to stick the tag in the plant pot near the window to try and throw a little light on it !

The base is grey card which I smeared with Gesso then added a layer of UTEE mixed with a little glitter. I used the same process on the die cut snow flake curtsey of my Silhouette . I was going for an icy look so added only one layer of UTEE this gives a sort of crystal effect not that you can tell from my photo. I embossed the white card  and added glossy accents to the branches and then covered them with glitter . The stuff is everywhere ! No doubt I will have two very blingly dogletts as soon as they gain entry into my crafty den which by the sounds of them will be any minute now as Rosy the porker of the two is throwing all her weight against the door !!

Right am off now to get the Vacuum and remove some of this fairy dust from my surfaces. Will be by later for a nosey at all your fabulousness !

Don’t forget to visit Tag Tuesday and DYSU lots to see and be inspired by

Take care


48 thoughts on “Snow !

  1. Hi Marie, after I stopped laughing at your dogs' capers I oohed and aahed over your tag – gorgeous. I've not thought of mixing glitter with the embossing powders to make my own glittery embossing. I do, however, have a few ready-mixed glitter powders and I'm not always pleased with the effect so might just try out your mixing method. Love the blinged up trees. Elizabeth x

  2. Hi Marie,When I saw your post title 'Snow' I thought that with all this weird weather around you had snow in Greece!! LOL!Your tag is really beautiful, and it looks so sparkly and icy:)

  3. GORGEOUS tag Marie!!! Love-Love-Love the colours and all the glitter – even though I'm not a glitter fan myself, you have made an absolutely perfect use of it!I laughed out loud with your dogs. Although I'm a cat-mother, I know about french bulldogs and how they can trick you with their cute and kind eyes (my cousin has two, one looks exactly like your Rosie!)

  4. καλη χρονια γλυκια μου..νασε καλα..υπομονη και επιμονη να σου δινει ο Θεος..για μενα εισαι ενας βραχος..να σου πανε ολα ..πριμα..καλο βραδυ..πολλες ζεστες αγκαλιες..

  5. Hi MarieYou will love Tag Tuesday – at one time I was a weekly devotee.Gorgeous, snowy creation. Don't like the thought of the little ones being locked out of your studio BUT their sacrifice is worth it so we get to see your art. Now please, go and little them in again.WishesLynne

  6. Hello Marie! Have a fabulous new year! Sorry for missing some of your post but as you know i had "technical" problems! The tag is fantastic! I love your tags they all have such a wonderful and a unique style!

  7. Oh Marie … your blog, your writing and your wonderful work always inspire me so. I want to race to my studio and be just like you when I grow up, but alas my painting would suffer and it seems to need to be tended to just now. This tag is incredible – caught the 'feel' and the essence with such elegance. Vacuums are non existent in Mexico, so I'm not sure what I would do, however upon thinking about it, our Nicho parties have been pretty full of the stuff and I survived. I really love the TH trees – so effective in so many instances. Thanks for dropping round to my blog, Marie. Always a joy to connect. xoDonna

  8. Stunning tag Marie, just love to get messy myself, now will you get to the glitter with the vacuum cleaner before those craft munchers of yours or will they be sparkly for the next few days???

  9. This is gorgeous Marie, and has a real wintery feel to it. Sparkly dogs sound pretty cool to me! My Jack just tried to nick my chocolate (which I usually have a stash of) while I'm not looking! Take care. Maria x

  10. Okay so Mr Blogger is playing silly games and did not post this on my dashboard!!! Good job I called by….love the magical sparkly feel to your tag Marie and I think blingy dogletts could catch on …hehe ;)Jenny x

  11. Hi Marie. Fab tag. I have missed Rosy and Bailey's antics! lol! Pleased to hear they have not been able to munch on your creations this time. Still giggling!Regards Florence x

  12. Your tag is like something out of a fairy tale Marie! In fact my suggestion is to not bother with the hoovering and then you and the dogs can go round shimmering like magical creatures for the next week! Vicky x

  13. Hi Marie,Beautiful art, my friend! I just post a brand-new seminar for beginning bloggers~BUT, the reason I am telling you about it is because I featured your blog in it! (It's listed at the top of my blog if you want to come take a quick look!) xo Cindy

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