Get Creative 5th December Card Challenge

Good day to you all ! Well December is well and truly underway and the feeling of panic is almost palpable…..well it is in my house anyway. I am sooooooooooo far behind in my creative endeavors , my muse is missing AGAIN ! I have told her time and time again to give me notice before she leaves  but oh not that little madam she just up and went  ! She says I have been neglecting HER of  late the cheek ! As a true fighter I will battle on int the face of her desertion its about time I took charge around here so………

Over at Get Creative we have lots going on this month firstly I would like to welcome Efi Stameteli  as guest designer this month after winning Nadia Cannizzos layout challenge in October. Efi is an amazingly talented and lovely lady, do pop over and visit her blog there is so much to see and be inspired by

There are currently two challenges running and both with the same theme the 1st  December being for layouts and the 5th  December for cards and the theme is to make a card or layout using ribbon or wrapping paper that you will be using on your gifts .

This year I will be wrapping my presents with Websters pages and each person will be receiving a homemade tag using the same paper,  this little tag ( actually its not so little ) can be used as a tree decoration so come and see what I made .


I have used Websters pages to make this double sided tag I have used the SU Swirly stamp for the corners , added some pearls a dried flower and used a Martha Stewart punch for the border to which I have added tiny weeny pearls which are invisible to the naked eye ! ( all that without punctuation ! ) The image is courtesy of the Graphics fairy which I printed onto acetate and which is why the photo is rubbish ! I love working with the stuff but you just cant get a decent photo except if you want to see my ugly mug reflected in it and believe you me you don’t !

I would love to share the reverse side of this BUT ………….I Photo has decided that I do not have access to my own photos and has locked me out !!! obviously it is working in cohorts with my muse and they are trying to undermine my determination to go it alone ! My lack of muse I can fight but the loss of all my photos is a low blow looks like the Mac man is in for a visit !

This month at Get Creative we are being sponsored by  Unity Stamps

Luckily this image was on my desktop so at least I could post that !

Please upload your entries by 28th of December to be in the running for a prize. Do pop on over to Get Creative to see what my fabulous team mates have come up with to inspire you . I am off to have a nervous breakdown preferably in the Mac mans office !

See you all later ………. if something else doesn’t thwart me !  ( that’s for you Donna )

Muse less Marie X

44 thoughts on “Get Creative 5th December Card Challenge

  1. Hi Marie!You must be really busy as I do not see you posting too much recently. Thanks for the link to get creative, I have checked it… You work is really standing out and eye catching. Well done! Lots of hugs, Xenia

  2. Dhu these muse's have no concideration do they Marie 😦 but hey you did ok 🙂 shame about the Mac at first I thought it was another name for the men in white coats lol but hope you won't be needing them :)Take care Von xxx

  3. καλημερα..τι ομορφιες ειναι αυτες..μας ελειψες..πανεμορφα τα χρωματα και διαφορετια δουλεμενα τα χαρτια σε αυτες τις δουλειες σου..νασε καλα..περνα να παρεις μερος στην ανταλαγη δωρων..πολλα φιλια

  4. Since it's nearly panto season I have this to say about your muse: She's BEHIND you!!! She hasn't gone at all and your beautiful tags are testament to that – I love them to bits, all vintage and romantic! Things are a bit hectic around here as well Marie and I keep bursting into hysterical giggles… Take care, Vicky x

  5. Wow Marie! Just stunning creations and can see why you love those papers as they're gorgeous. Love the central aperture and pretty images.Think I agree with Vicky about your muse as these are fabulous.Hugs, Fliss xx

  6. Beautiful set of tags. No surprise you are panicking with all the tooing and frooing but you know missing mojo too much to do Christmas will happen regardless and if its not done its not done LOL XOXO Zoe

  7. Hee, hee, had to laugh at Vicky's comment – oh no it isn't – oh yes it is! These tags are just gorgeous Marie, beautiful papers and love the little acetate centres. Think we're all going to be hitting the sherry shortly! Take care. xx

  8. I'm so very honoured you added the 'thwarted' word just for me!! ha ha I do want to come and live with you, Sweet Marie. YOu can teach me all you know while we eat chocolate and sip copious amounts champagne. I'm afraid our muses have the 'artistic temperament' and can, as you already know be more than a handful to deal with. Our's are no doubt off together at some gorgeous spa on Crete not giving a hoot we are in deep trouble creatively! Little vixens! Your work is beautiful, Marie. The tags are brilliant with their dual purpose. Carry on … you show your Miss Muse who's boss. I, on the other hand, have not been able to make anything which would indicate I am more than the age of six. Hoping today will be better. xxDonna

  9. Hi Marie,Your tags are really beautiful! I love those papers and the little window makes them even more special. NO! Your Muse has definitely not left you! x

  10. Wow! Stunning tags, Marie! your gifts will be stunning! It sounds like the mess-up fairy has been at your computer. She has been on my craft table too, and keeps hiding things…nothing at all to do with the mess I left there!

  11. These are absolutely stunning Marie! I love the acetate centre panels. How lucky are your recipients to get their pressies wrapped in Websters Pages! Mine are supposed to be getting brown paper (slightly dressed up!) so this will be a challenge and a half! Maria x

  12. Hello again Marie,Yes I did cut the 350gsm card on the Cameo.Settings: Media: Cardstock Speed: 3 Thickness: 33I adjusted the blade so that the red mark was at 4. When I first got the Cameo I didn't need to adjust the blade, but the more I use it, the higher I'm having to set the blade number. Hope this helps:) x

  13. Hi Marie,When you say that your rollers are tight, do you mean trying to move them from 12" to A4? If so, did you turn the blue handle down first? They are a very tight fit though. I had problems getting them out of the notches to move them:)

  14. I forgot to say…when I first got mine, there was quite a lot of foam packing around the blade mount, and one piece was right underneath. I had to remove it with tweezers as I couldn't get it out. Make sure there isn't a piece stuck under yours:)

  15. Your little tags are so creative. I would love to get one of those on my Christmas present. I bet you know which is my favorite – the one with the red rose…it's so sweet.~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  16. Hello there Marie, It's great to have you back crafting again even if you're struggling to get your muse and photo in line! I see no evidence here, all seems hunky dory and tickety boo (don't you love the old isms!)Your tags are very pretty and I love the websters papers:0) The dried flowers are just brilliant on them! Lucky peeps getting pressies from you this year, going slightly green over here LOLThank you for your lovely comments, you're very kind, Gay xxx

  17. Marie, your tags make exquisite ornaments. I'm sorry we can't see the reverse side but I'm sure they are gorgeous, too. Each tag is a beautiful work or art.

  18. Hi Marie Your tags are fabulous love the panels. Thanks for your comment and all is well with me just about finished my cards thank goodness lol, hoping you are ok too.. Chris xx

  19. Gorgeous papers Marie – love your vintage tags, they are absolutely divine. How wonderful to receive a gift wrapped in those papers too.Hope your weather is better than ours in the UK! Hugs, Sylvia xx

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