Fashionable Stamping Challenge " Im dreaming of a white Christmas " and Crafty Cardmakers " Embossing "

They say that creativity is therapy but after my return from my very sad visit to London I am having great difficulty sitting behind my desk and creating. To be honest I am not at all in the mood but I fear that if I don’t do something then I may not for quite some time to come. So today I would like to share a few cards that I made a few weeks ago and are in a similar vain to my previous post where I promised to show you them upon my return.

 ( it seems the first two lines of my post are not visible ( so nice to be back ! ) So what it actually says for those who dont have  X ray eyes is  : They say creativity is therapy but after my return from my very sad visit to London I am finding it extremely difficult sitting behind my desk and creating .

The Fashionable Stamping challenge is one that I have been following for quite some time and consists of some of my favourite and very talented blogging friends,  which is most probably one of the reasons I have not taken part before. As individuals they are amazingly talented artists but when you group them all together well it can be quite daunting for us newcomers ! Their theme is ” I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”  but we are advised that we can use any colour we like phew ! I do prefer the bold ones as you will see by my cards.

The second challenge I am entering with the same cards of course is for Crafty Card Makers and their theme is  ” Embossing ” I do love embossing and it usually features somewhere on most of my creations.

Please excuse the rubbish photo’s I was in a hurry to catch my plane and upon my return I find that they have been sold ! so you will just have to use your wonderfully vivid imaginations!

This one I have used the emboss resit technique on the bauble and then given it a good lick of Studio multi medium gloss . The embossing around the sentiment I actually gave it about four layers and up close it was gorgeous and thick and looked a little bit like old metal ( this is the bit where you use your imaginations ! )

The obligitory Marie close up !

This one has the embossing just on the bauble and a little distress embossing in the left hand corner although you would never know by the photo !
This last one is quite a tarty little number with distress embossing in the corner and around the sentiment ! I am not at all sure if I like this one but it did beg to take a little walk along the catwalk , maybe some one out there will like it, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder !
Please do pop over to Fashionable stampers and Crafty Card Makers to see their fabulous piecies by both design teams and I am sure you will be inspired !

will try my best and pop by and say hello I have missed you all and look forward to seeing what you have all been up to !

Take care


49 thoughts on “Fashionable Stamping Challenge " Im dreaming of a white Christmas " and Crafty Cardmakers " Embossing "

  1. ooooouuuuu i loooove the tarty little number….no comment thank you……..your cards are gorgeous!so glad to have you back I know you are not in a good place right now…hang in there dear friend!hugzirini

  2. Είναι πολύ όμορφες οι καρτούλες σου!! Μου αρέσει ιδιαίτερα η τελευταία, είναι απλή και ταυτόχρονα όμορφη και μ'αρέσει η αντίθεση που κάνει το μαύρο με το πράσινο και το κόκκινο!

  3. Hi Marie, so lovely to see you back! Such beautifully elegant cards (and a tarty little number is absolutely fine!). Thank you so much for the wonderful items – I really appreciate you taking time out to post. I'm really sorry your trip to your friends was a sad one. Take care Marie. Maria x

  4. These are all really beautiful Marie. Love the elegance on all 3 although I think the second is my absolute favourite.So glad you took the plunge and joined in at FSC as it's so lovely to see you there and hope you can join in again too.Sorry your London visit was sad too and hope you feel brighter very soon.Hugs, Fliss xxx

  5. I totally understand it is not easy to create through difficult times! You have done beautifully breaking through the barrier. The cards are stunning … love the way you have framed the sentiments. Take care of yourself, and go well my dear lady. xxDonna

  6. oh hun sorry about your london trip ,must be really hard but great too see you back with these stunning creations they really are so classy and so eye catching take care hun hugs cherylxxxxxx

  7. Marie καλώς ήρθες πίσω! Λυπάμαι για ό,τι σου συμβαίνει, πρέπει να είσαι δυνατή, όσο δύσκολο κι αν είναι κάποιες φορές. Οι καρτούλες σου, όπως πάντα είναι εξαιρετικές!

  8. Κι εμάς μας έλειψες!!!Αν και επαναλαμβάνομαι δεν μπορώ να πω κάτι άλλο από το ότι οι κάρτες σου είναι απίστευτα όμορφες!!!

  9. Good to hear you're back Marie 🙂 These are all classy little numbers along the catwalk!! No wonder the 3D bauble card sold, it's brilliant :)Do you know I get that lack of enthusiasm when I've not crafted for a while…a good blog hop or sort through your stash usually helps :)Jenny xx

  10. Beautiful cards Marie. Love the colours you have used and the baubles are fabulous. Thank you for visiting my blog too and leaving such a beautiful comment. I have become a follower.HugsLinda xxxx

  11. Gorgeous cards, as always Marie. Good to have you back! I know what you mean about not being in the mood of creating during difficult times. I stayed away for two months recently because of some difficult times we had in the family and even when I did want to create something, I had zero inspiration and I would lose my interest within two minutes. At the end what helped me start again was doing things that didn't require me to actually be creative. I mean, I just started by re-organising my craft space, then I prepared a series of tag samples for my Distress Inks, and then I did a copycat work, just to try new techniques. At the end, little by little, and as I started feeling a bit better, the inspiration came back. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Natasa

  12. So sorry to hear that your visit was a sad one.Best throwing yourself into something even though you may not feel like it.As always your cards are fabulous, love your description of the last one. How wonderful that they have all been sold.Kath xx

  13. Πανέμορφες οι κάρτες σου – η τελευταία είναι η αγαπημένη μου! Λυπάμαι που δεν είσαι σε καλή διάθεση, ειλικρινά ελπίζω σύντομα να αισθανθείς καλύτερα… Είσαι γλυκύτατη και εύχομαι όλα όσα σε στενοχωρούν να βελτιωθούν γρήγορα… Καλό βράδυ!

  14. your cards are so chic!but i am so sorry to hear that you are through a difficult situation i hope that you will have all the strenght you need and your friends and family close to you!!!but most of all everything to get better asap!!!xoxo

  15. καλημερα..μην μου στενοχωριεσαι..δουλεψετο θετικα..παρε παραδειγμα απο τα εργα σου..το περνεις αψυχα και τα δινεις πνοη..ετσι και αυτο..δαμασε την σκεψη σου δωσε θετικη αρχη και να δεις που θα πρωχορισει καλα..η σκεψη ειναι ενα δυνατο μας χαρτι..αυτο πρεπει να δαμασεις πρωτα..τελοια δουλεια..πολλα ζεστα φιλια..

  16. Hello Marie! I hope to feel better. I am sure that it is difficult to you but I hope for the best! Back to creativity, your cards are amazing as always! Those ornaments looks fantastic!

  17. Hi Marie. Loving the style and design of these cards. You are clever. They are gorgeous. Sending lots of hugs.Take care.Florence xx

  18. Hi Marie, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog; it's nice to know I'm not the only one that feels a bit 'off'. As ever, your cards are wonderful and the style I'd love to be able to do. Just gorgeous.Hope you're feeling more yourself soon.xx

  19. A wonderful bevy of beauties here again Marie – that gorgeous blue one being my favourite. Sending you a huge bloggy hug again – I know how hard it is to live through sad times. Vicky xx

  20. Hello Marie! I love them all but I have to say that the blue one is my fav. I wish all your trips from now on, to be happy ones. And keep your chin up girl. We old dogs have to be strong! :o)

  21. Hello there Marie, I've missed you! So I'm really glad that you're back, I wish that you weren't sad. Your cards are beautiful despite everything, I'm hoping blogging and creating will lift your spirits, sending big hugs to you, Gay xxx

  22. Hi Marie, It's good to have you back in Blogland again. So sorry to hear that your trip to London left you feeling sad (((HUGS))I love all of your wonderful creations. Beautiful work, as always:)You asked what I thought of the 'Cameo'. I love it! And you will too…I'm sure. I love that it cuts thicker media and up to 12"x12" paper/card, too. It also seems to run much smoother and quieter:)

  23. Marie,I had to come along and comment on your lovely blog, especially with the name! My Mum used to call me Dolly Daydreams when I was in a world of my own and bearing in mind you just commented thrice on one blog post on my blog I guess the name suits you just as well!!!Thank you for your lovely comments, again and again and again!!I love your cards in the post above and your sense of humour is so like mine we could be twins, lol.It has been a pleasure to visit you and enjoy your witty comments and creative talents.Lin xx

  24. The cards are so beautiful, Marie. You've inspired me for next year to make Christmas cards for the church bazaar and not just thinking of you cards. Lovely work that you do.

  25. ack! i was in the middle of oohing and aaahhhing over your 3d ornament card when i saw the blue one and had to ooh and ah all over again. hee hee. beautiful beautiful cards!! 🙂

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