Creative Craft Challenges " Minimalistic " and Four Crafty Chicks " Babies "

So as you have most probably gathered by the title of this post I am taking part in two challenges and the upshot of them both will be  ” Minimalistic Babies ” sounds like a pop group !!!

Creative Craft Challenges who I recently came across via the blog of the  ever so lovely Cheryl of Cheryls Creative Art their challenge this week is to produce  a clean and simple card .

The second challenge is by the intriguingly named Four Crafty Chicks whose theme  is  ” Babies ” Now I can do a Cas card with the best of them ( well maybe that’s a little exaggeration ) but I have never made a childrens card let alone a babies ! so this is a first , so please be gentle with me now wont you !

For those of you who do not like the cute and sweet please look away now ! You have been warned !
For the braver bloggers here are a couple of cards that I made which I think fit both challenges perfectly,  although I do stand to be corrected by both of the DT members should they had differing opinions.

I should be sharing two more cards with you,  I did make the  ” Girl ” Version of the  first card and the male version of the second ( the male mouse was a little more macho I think he had a bigger tale  ! ) but for some reason blogger once again has interfeared  and wont let me upload them ! Most probably trying to protect you all from a sugar overdose ! Ah blogger works in mysterious ways !

Ah but your not getting off that lightly I have a back up ! but specifically for the Creative Craft Challenge as I don’t quite think it fits into the  ” baby theme ” for the  Four Crafty Chicks !

I think my little owl is quite minimalistic I hope the ladies at Creative Craft Challenges agree !

Why not pop over and see what both design teams have come up with to inspire you and maybe take part .  I have to say I quite liked creating these simple cards and if you don’t behave yourselves I might even show you the ones that got away at a later date.

Sorry for this higilty pigilty post ( no idea how to spell that ! ) but I am on a diet and my nerves are all over the place !

Take care


58 thoughts on “Creative Craft Challenges " Minimalistic " and Four Crafty Chicks " Babies "

  1. οι καρτες σου ειναι μεσα στο νοημα της προκλησης με εξαιρετικο αποτελεσμα!!!φανταστικη δουλεια αλλα μια φορα!!φιλια!!

  2. υπεροχες..μοναδικα τα σχεδια και τα χρωματα..την τελευταια την εχω λατρεψει..καλη επιτυχια στις προκλησεις..καλο βραδυ..πολλα φιλια..

  3. Marie your cards are so much perfect and I am so happy that I saw them and hold them for a while!!!I am also very happy I met you and hope to organize a coffee soon!Take care!!

  4. Hi Marie loving your cards especially the owl I just love them. I am well thank you but had a bit of time away from crafting as my mojo completely went for walkies (oops hopw your doggies did not hear that lol). Back with a vengeance now. Hope you are well.Luv Chris xx

  5. Three fabulous cards Marie but I do love the little mouse one shame you could not upload the male version. The owl card would make a great card for my SIL, he loves owls.Kath x

  6. Honestly Marie these are not 'too' cute. The second one reminds me of Angelina Ballerina, (tho' having two sons, you've probably never heard of her), and I LOVE the owl card, it's a stunner. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. Higgledy piggledy. I had to look it up – and it's way past my bedtime! Absolutely love your CAS cards Marie and I don't really do cute either but I adore both your cuties! The owl, it goes without saying, is gorgeous! Vx

  8. I personally loved your 'highly pigility' post! For whatever reason your girl card made me laugh out loud. That mouse! Such personality. Many mischievous stories to tell. Your owl card does not look that simply to me! I am however in love with it. Your highly pigility posts always brighten my day, make me smile and go away feeling a little lighter. You have a knack for that — did you know? Take care and thanks for popping by. xx Donna

  9. oh hun these are just brilliant oh,you always come up with the most amazing ideas,hun and your detail is always just first class,brillaint work my friend,and bless you too for playing at creative craft challenge too,love big hugs cherylxxxx

  10. your baby cards are classy and wonderfully sweet! and that owl card: WOW! that really is amazing and gorgeous- it just popped off the page at me! 🙂 have a great weekend 🙂

  11. Oh, my goodness, Marie, your cards are fabulous! I love thos CAS baby/children cards – love the vintage style! And I love love love your owl-card!!!!! This one is fantastic. Not only, that I love owls, but your card design is fantastic!!! Have a nice weekend, Marie!

  12. They are all lovely!! You could have joined the Pink Saturday party because of your second baby one!! I love the image in the first one. It reminds me of a Melissa Francis image I have. Is it a stamp?And the owl one is wonderful!! Is that a stamp around the circle?Look at me! So intrigued by your beautiful cards!! Sorry so many questions, but I think they are that awesome!!xxDaniella

  13. Its higgedly piggedly isnt it? Sure its two g's LOL.Anyway..I dont mind cute & sweet and your card nad I do like the little retro boy and the mouse! Hope you are well… Keep in touch!

  14. These are beautiful Marie! Hard to pick a favourite! Love the baby ones – soooo cute, and your owl is one very gorgeous owl! Where did you get him from? Maria x

  15. Καλημέρα και καλή εβδομάδα Marie! Είναι πανέμορφες οι καρτούλες σου. Έτσι όπως ακριβώς το λες "clean and simple " και μου αρέσουν παααρα πολύ!!! Μπράβο σου γι άλλη μια φορά για την εξαιρετική δουλειά σου!!! Χαχαχα τελικά ξεκίνησες δίαιτα έτσι?! Άντε μπράβο σου και καλή δύναμη! Φιλάκια

  16. Great cards, Marie – now you'll have to find a few babies to give the boy/girl & girl mouse/boy mouse cards to. Haven't got a favourite this time – they're all lovely in a minimal way. Elizabeth x

  17. Oh Marie, I love visiting your blog…you do make me chuckle, in fact why aren't I a follower??? Oh yes the laptop doesn't like me it only recognises my daughters blog! I'll have to join your followers on the home PC :)You can easily do CAS with the rest of them and these are too cuties but definitely not sugary!Love the scalloped frames.Jenny x

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