Get Creative 5th September " Lace "

My postings have been somewhat erratic of late which seems to be a perfect reflection of how  my life is  at the moment. I am all over the place, what with loose screws, no connection ( without internet for 10 days ) My Mac crashing and just when I thought it was safe to start blogging again ………. my brand new modem surrendered !!!!!!!!!!!!. Thwarted does not begin to cover it ! I am exhausted, frustrated and completely mojo less and to put a ” top hat ” on it dear hubby is far far away ! so I am working all day every day and to be honest I’m knackered !

I am now on my fourth modem !  and I am tip toeing around it in fear of it leaving me like all of the others ! I have had two whole days of internet so am trying like mad to catch up with you all not an easy task you are all so prolific ! do none of you sleep or leave the house how do you do it ?

As it’s the 5th of the month it’s  time for the Get Creative card challenge whose theme is  ” Lace ” I was super excited when  I saw this , I had just received a fabulous box of lace from the lovely and super talented Lynne from Adorn for winning blog candy a little while ago it seemed like fate

There was so much gorgeousness in this box I couldn’t get it all in the photos ! Thank you so much Lynne.

It seemed like fate but I have to say I really struggled, too much lace, too many ideas and NO MOJO ! The possibilities are endless here so let me show you what I did for my Design Team piece for Get Creative.

Can you guess what I have used here for my lace ? two pairs of stockings ! ( Clean) the black one I actually bought specifically for the card now there’s dedication for you ! I stamped on some cream coloured card friend definition by Hero Arts  and then on top of that in Pink Stazon that lovely lacy image  . Martha Steward punches for the paper lace and then mounted on stiff board and there is my lacy offering.

Here are a few other pieces I made

Here I took a wooden picture frame and added Gesso , I had tried to stay away from this for so long I was a bit scared to use it to be honest but it is such great fun ! I added crackle paint which did not crackle ! and various Stazon inks. Some beautiful brown lace backed onto  pink card. Handmade flower ( bottom left hand corner for a change ) and some of the gorgeous lace from Lynne. Oh nearly forgot on the bottom right hand corner did a bit of stamping you can just about see it .

I cut out a heart from my card and placed the lace underneath a little embossing a few heart shapes , a little crown and some inking .

Please pop over to Get Creative and have a look at the beautiful creations the other DT members came up with and why not join in,  there is some lovely blog candy to be won and the challenge is running all month !

One more thing due to over zealous on line craft buying I have ended up with two of the same On The Edge Die brackets   by Tim Holtz  and its fabulous ! If any one of you would like to win this please leave a comment on this post and I will pick a name out of the handbag and post it off !

Right of to work, am late as usual ! and my boss is a real so and so for time keeping ( I am the boss and I hate being late lol )

So if my internet and modem are still united when I return home this evening will do my level best to come and say Hi to you all……until then fingers crossed !


45 thoughts on “Get Creative 5th September " Lace "

  1. Hmmm, for someone who hasn't done anything and has no mojo this is really a great collection! Love your use of the lacy stockings, glad you reminded us that they were clean! Congrats on all the nice stuff you got from Lynne, enjoy! Take it easy when you can, and hope you have a break from calamities! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Marie, WOW beautiful lace creations, love the gesso work too, could be that your paint wasn't thick enough to crackle, but it's annoying when that happens, I know:0)I'm hoping your internet stays with you I love visiting and reading your dialogue!! Hilarious!!Thank you for your lovely comments on my cards, Gay xxx

  3. I can hear just a teensy bit of frustration in your post Marie! Poor you – I totally sympathise and it's very difficult to feel creative when none of your equipment seems to work. You seem to be doing pretty well on the creative front though, despite your technical difficulties! I love these lacy offerings especially the heart card. Also love the idea of using items of clothing on your creations – perfect for when your stash runs low (although let's face it, when did that last happen…!!!) Take care, Vicky x

  4. Everyday I check the blogger for your posts…they really make my day, not only with your creations-they are so inspirational!-but also for your writting!Had a great laugh today!been there, done that-the tiptoeing..!!!Love everything you created with those beautiful pieces of lace but I especially loved your card made of stockings!Have a great week, and hope your hubby gets back soon!filakia!

  5. hoping your computer issues are over. wow- no mojo? really? these are reallly beautiful pieces of art i see and lots of it! love that you wrote "clean" on the lace post project. hee hee hee 🙂 although they are all absolutely gorgeous, i esp. love the heart wood frame with the red flower: WOW! 🙂

  6. Oh Sweet Marie! (Did you have Sweet Marie chocolate bars in Britain? I don't think so — they were a North American thing.) Thwarted AND knackered! A deadly combination indeed, and two of my favorite words. :o) Your work is once again exemplary. Each piece pleases me no end and I lust after each one equally, if not the sexy stocking one just a little bit more! (How clever). Fabulous package of lace you won. Must be off (just a little) … back to my day at hand. Hope you find your mojo (although I think she must have sent a stand in when I look at your beautiful work) and your boss isn't tooooo cranky with you (lol). hugs from Mexico, Donna

  7. Your fantastic pieces don't look like you've lost your mojo 😉 Congrats on your blog candy win, such a wonderful one.I'll keep my fingers crossed, that their won't be any PC problems in future.

  8. Hi Marie. For someone who says they have lost their mojo you seem to have created some fantastic pieces. Gorgeous work.Regards Florence x

  9. Hi Marie, first thank you for your lovely words on my blog. I appreciate this very much. I have looked on yours and you make beautiful things.This ones are beautiful and I love the gesso and also the two pairs of stocking. Fabulous. You don't lost your mojo, I think, because you have made beautiful cards.I hope for you that the PC problems are over. Lovely greet Marja

  10. MarieI am just relieved that the Giveaway has finally arrived with you. At one stage I was sure it was destined to be in limbo.Your artwork is always so wonderful, beautiful offerings.WishesLynne

  11. Marie, your posts are just so much fun to read. I love coming to your blog. The Lynne piece is lovely. Your lace art work is just gorgeous. I think the last one is my favorite, although I love all of them. I don't have a die cutting machine of any sort so leave my name off the drawing.

  12. Ooh, la, la, what a fab idea to use the lacy stockings, my husband would think his luck was in if he saw these in my craft room, Lol! Love the altered picture frame too and a beautiful gift from Lynne. Fingers crossed for Mr Modem. xx

  13. Great projects, fabulous lace and a very interesting post! Love the way you've used those stockings – pleased to hear they were clean!!LOL.Have a happy week Marie – hugs, Sylvia xx

  14. Ε εσύ δεν παίζεσαι με τίποτα! Η φαντασία σου δεν έχει όρια! Δαντελένιες κάλτσες,πως το σκέφτηκες!!!!ΟΥΑΟΥ!!!!1

  15. Wow, if it's not one thing, it's 100. I do hope that you and your new modem can reconcile any differences that you may have and live copacetic with one another. 😀 I've had love hate relationships with mine lately as well. ANYWAY…your creations are beautiful and I'm so happy that technology has seen fit for you to share your talent and inspiration with us. Lisa xx

  16. They are all wonderful projects Marie, particularly love the stocking recycling, thank you for being so inspiring. Fingers crossed that everything keeps working. Hugs Annette x

  17. Who's telling No sign of a missing mojo here. Fabulous projects and wow who would have thought of using tights (well you, obviously)Hope you have solved all your problems now, I hate technical problems.Kath x

  18. Hi Marie, I wish I could do that lot when my mojo's gone awol!!! Love the lace, and a great way to use stockings, lol. Beautiful creations, especially the heart frame and card!Not sure if I answered your last question? Went to Crete last year and absolutely fell in love with the place, so going back this year (in less than 2 wks – soooooo excited!) Maria x

  19. Hi Marie. I hope you have your internet long enough to come enter my giveaway. I have been watching for your return. A ll your lace projects are wonderful. My favorite is the design team one. I am sorry you are having such problems. I appreciate how frustrating it can be . Sending" behave yourself" modem thoughts your way…hugs..Donna

  20. dear Marie,Loved the use of panty hose today!LOL.Now there will be more stuff for me to save in my craft studio! Your three projects were incredible today, you always come up with really creative ideas.take care, gerri

  21. Computer troubles suck! Glad to see you are back in business. Your artwork..especially that embossed piece, is great.Thanks for stopping by my blog…I will keep you posted on the "curse." I gave the prototype to my friend and she's testing it out now!Take care!Angela

  22. Hi there Marie…i love all your lacy cards,especially the one with the stockings it is so beautiful….marie it is very frusrtating not having internet,one wonders how we ever lived without it?…anyway all is well that ends again, take it easy lots of love zeffy

  23. For someone who has been having such a terrible time of it you have managed to make some gorgeous samples using lace and other things. Would be hard to choose a favourite – love 'em all.

  24. oh wow,hun you never let us down with your creations,hun these are all stunning,and with you having such a terrible time hun no one would think it looking at your work hun,that lace is just stunning,take care hun,hugs cherylxxxxxx

  25. So sorry to hear that you are still having trouble! I hate it when I have computer problems…they take so long to fix!Your creations are just absolutely gorgeous! All so different, so beautiful!

  26. You are so kind to visit all my posts this week!You know I love all you do, you too come up with very different creations and that's why I love seeing your beautiful work. take care, gerri

  27. EEK!! I am crossing my fingers for you!!!!!Your pieces are amazing!! I love that you used stockings!! I might have to "borrow" that from you *wink* Just kidding!!Awesome work! Be careful with your modem!!!xxDaniella

  28. Hi Marie, I'm doing a bit of catching up myself – not because my pc died or modem packed up on me … no excuse as good as that … no, hubby being sick and then when he recovered he decided to decorate our bedroom – must have been all that bedrest giving him time to really look at the tired decor – whatever the reason, it kept me out of the craft space more than usual. Anyway, back to normal, I think, and I had to come and say how beautiful your lace projects are and how really committed you must be to buy, actually buy, stockings for a project – though well, worth it for to make such a distinctive card. Love your gessoed frame – I wonder why the crackle paint didn't? Great use of all that scrummy lace. Elizabeth x

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