Just for Fun Black White Silver Plus 1 other and I have a screw loose !

You may have read last week on my blog that I had a  ” loose connection ” not me personally my modem did !  which meant that I had no phone or internet for ten whole days !!!!!!! After much crying wailing and gnashing of teeth  I was reconnected , it seems that the problem was just a loose connection  ! I was finally re-united with the outside world ……….which lasted two whole days and then……….my Mac decided that I hadn’t suffered enough and went  on strike ! I do believe there is a conspiracy afoot
Apple Macs do not break down ! Maybe I have an Apple lemon or maybe it was just jealous of the attention my modem was getting , I don’t know.  off it went to the PC hospital for a little examination of its innards only to be returned to me yesterday all glowing and gorgeous with new programs installed .none of which I have a clue how to use.

I sat before it unsure of what to do next , should I catch up on my commenting, do I try to upload my desperately late DT pieces should I post something, anything. I have to say my creative juices have dried up lately I am in a quandary ( whatever that is but I’m in it all the same ) but no I am thwarted ( yes Donna thwarted ) once again I have no internet  and I know my connection is not loose, so what is it this time ? ………. It seems that this time according to the “experts” I have a  ” screw loose ” no don’t laugh I really do , well did. The screw has now been tightened and I can now post, blog, comment and do all manner of computer related things that is until my next drama !
This is all just a big build up for my excuse of an entry for the Just for Fun challenge which is black, white, silver plus 1 other colour. Please forgive me this is all I could manage and I did so much want to take part , I will perfectly understand if I see the little disqualified caption under my entry.

Black white, silver and pink ! Black base, white Gesso, white crackle paint, silver ink over the crackle paint and around the edges black pearls on the bids eye and black embossed bird image and rubbish photo . I usually like to post three pieces for each challenge and I do in fact have several other pieces that I did but I just don’t like them !

Please do pop over to Just for Fun  to see some  ” real talent ” from the DT and the rest of it’s faithful and very talented followers, I do apologise for this poor post but hope that normal service will be resumed shortly.  will be around to visit all of you lovelies shortly

Until then……….

goodnight !

43 thoughts on “Just for Fun Black White Silver Plus 1 other and I have a screw loose !

  1. Hi Marie. This is gorgeous. Pleased to hear you have sorted out your loose screw! lol! What are you like!Regards Florence x

  2. Ah ha ! You're back, great!! Sounds like you've been having a bit of a nightmare:{ I've been there and it's not fun, poor you! BUT you've made a great card Marie, love the texture and colours and that little bird is a darling, don't you just love crackle paint?? LOL Gay xxx

  3. This was so funny to read – you've made me laugh so much!! What a nightmare for you but let's hope it's all sorted now! Your card is lovely – what are you apologising for??!! xx

  4. Oh, I´m so sorry for all the trouble you have!When my computer broke down 2 yrs. ago, a friend of mine ordered a new one for me through his company – I waited 3 loooong weeks – then, when I asked for my new computer, he confessed, that it was forgotten to order – and I had to wait another 3 looooooong weeks! *sigh* So I know, how you feel ;-)Btw. your card is gorgeous! I love your artsy style!Hugs,Ulina

  5. Normal service will be resumed shortly? This was not normal LOLWhy would you see a little disqualified caption? this is White, Black, Silver and one other PINK! A very logical choice it fits perfectly with the theme this week. You have used one of my favourite stamps as well so overall I LOVE IT.Does it help to know that my TV has now lost its picture and so will have to be replaced? XOXO Zoe

  6. Oh my, what a palaver! but what a beautiful card, love the image and the crackling and the date stamp (that's my birthday – obviously not the year though!). Fingers crossed Mr Mac behaves himself now! xx

  7. I really feel for you, and it is good to have you back! Your creation is stunning! I love it very much. I don't do pink much, but distressed like this I love it!

  8. I love Crackle. You put crackle on something and I will love it and this is certainly no exception. Once again a beautiful piece of artwork (would have been even without the crackle)and the perfect colour combination with the addition of a hint of pink.Next time you come over I will introduce you to the delights of PaperArtsy's Crackle. FAB-U-LUS.Thanks for getting here in time and joining in with the challenge. Hugs,Neet x

  9. Hey there! I am glad you are back. I am feeling very "thwarted" myself lately.My muse is definitely on vacation. Your piece is gorgeous. I know it is even better in person. I was showing off your site to a friend the other day and telling her how all your pieces come out so classy no matter what the media…hugs..Donna

  10. Good to see you back Marie, though why you think this piece could be disqualified I really don't know. Not only have you fulfilled the remit but you've done it with style … this is lovely. I like the effect of white gesson on black and crackle and the stamping is great, as usual. Hope your screws stays tightly screwed so you can keep posting your fab creations. Elizabeth x

  11. Great to see you back, so much trouble and so frustrating. Fingers crossed that all is OK now. My muse is on holiday somewhere, such a pain…. Loving your beautiful card, take care, Annette x

  12. Poor Sweet Marie! Loose screws, thwartedness, AND a broken Mac! To say the least a major disaster. I hate to tell you this (you had better sit down) .. Apple has finally caught up to the PC world in marketing .. their hard drives are built to break down in five years now. I know, a MAJOR shock to ones system. I can't imagine being without a phone and internet as long as you have. Believe me, I'd be more than thwarted! Your card is lovely .. reminds me of the 50's … silver grey and pink were so HOT. Naturally, I was only a babe in arms and have no recollection of this fashion trend. Nice to have you back .. always look forward to my visit with you. hugs, Donna from Mexico (as opposed to Donna by the Bay)

  13. όπως πάντα μια υπέροχη κάρτα!!!οι τεχνικές σου απίστευτες!!!εγω είμαι ακόμα σε νηπιακό στάδιο και δεν τα πολυκαταλαβαίνω όλα αυτά!!!είναι όμως υπέροχα!!!μπράβο σου!!!

  14. MarieI read your lovely comments on my Blog – THANK YOU and so happy that finally the Giveaway prize arrived – about time too!!!!No excuses needed for your DT piece as it is arty fabulous. Wonderful background you created, don't you just love Gesso?!!!WishesLynne

  15. oh wow hun how glad I am too see you back in blog land sorry to hear all the rotten luck you have had hun,as for your card hun wow you have not lost your touch hun this is simply amazing beautiful detail as always hun,love that crackle effect hugs cherylxx

  16. Absolutely gorgeous creation….awww just like you and your loose screws LOL LOL!!!!!I love love love the creations you made while unplugged…..when I come to Thessaloniki in October I think I will unplug you just so I can see more amazing creations!!!!!

  17. I would never suspect that you have had computer troubles. This is really gorgeous, Marie. As one who has gone through a one-two blow of earthquake-hurricane and no internet for a while, I can totally relate to your frustration. I am so glad you are back and running. I know you will figure out those new programs soon. Great to have you back and it's great to be back, too.

  18. Είσαι υπέροχη scrapbooker και θαυμάζω απεριόριστα τη δουλειά σου!!! Έχεις ένα πολύ ιδιαίτερο τρόπο να δημιουργείς και εμένα προσωπικά μου αρέσει πάρα πάρα πολύ!!! Σε φιλώ και σου εύχομαι καλό μηνα!!!

  19. dear Marie,Oh course you had a screw loose, we all know that.LOL. Glad to see you are up and running. Im still getting back into the swing of things. I usually post every day except Thursday, so my goal is to start tomorrow to get on the path too. Took my daughter to college this week so so my comments and visits have been off too. I guess we do what we can! take care dearie, glad to see you back. gerri

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