Just for Fun " Fabric and Fibre "

Good evening, afternoon or morning depending where you are and what time you are reading this !

It’s evening here in Greece and I had planned to clear down my desk as I will be leaving for my summer house by the sea for a few days. I had not intended to take part in anymore challenges for a while and to have a bit of quality time with family before I leave…………but then I only went and took a peep at the Just for Fun challenge blog and what did I find but another fabulous theme ….yes another one and just too good to resist This weeks theme is  ” Fabric and Fibre ” Needless to say my desk, the floor, the sofa in my work room are heaving with lots of the above , so much for ” clearing down ” ! I will most probably end up just stuffing it all in a couple of paper bags until I return !

I had recently bought some special ink jet fabric in cotton and silk and have been dying to use them I have to say the print quality is really good and I was quite pleased with the results . Now don’t collapse Zoe I did say quite pleased ( which means it’s most probably rubbish ) I embossed and inked some lovely linen card and printed the images onto the cotton and then just tied them loosely with some fabric . I wanted to keep it simple and natural looking although as usual the simpler it is the longer it takes !!!
So as of tomorrow am packing up the mutts and going to the beach , hubby has to stay and hold the fort  and I shall be holding a glass of chilled wine ahhhhhh. I will have my I Pad thingy with me so will still be able to visit you all. 
Whatever you do and where ever you do it do it in style and have fun !

Oops nearly forgot,  go and see what the fabulous DT have come up with at Just for Fun  ( don’t know how they do it ) once again this week more wonderful inspirational pieces !

Now where did I put those carrier bags ???

36 thoughts on “Just for Fun " Fabric and Fibre "

  1. Gorgeous pieces Marie, I especially love the butterfly as it reminds me of the colour of my favourite flower, the poppy.Hope you don't stay away too long as we will miss you entering challenges – perhaps you could pop some things in the carrier bags and take them with you to craft with?Thanks for joining us each week at JFF – Hugs, Neet x

  2. Stunning! Is there anything you cannot do? as you troll off to the sea and wine while you long suffering OH stays at home with the rock star? and the his equally talented brother? Have a great week-end and thank you Marie for joining us again at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

  3. Well that looks just lovely Marie 🙂 your embossed and inked background is the perfect seting for your fabric tag :)Have a drink for me please but make it a white wine lolHugs von x

  4. Marie, both are just gorgeous. I love the colorful butterfly and the lovely flowers. I am envious of your going off to the beach house. I probably would take a quick swipe at the art room mess and just close the door, not bothering with putting things in bags, except what I was going to take with me.

  5. OOh I love this work Marie, quite detailed but lots of colour too, yum :0) I hope you're not deserting us for too long? BUT seriously I hope you have a great time by the beach and the cool breeze with your glass in hand, hugs Gay xxx

  6. House by the sea … AHHHH! SIGHHHHH! Oh, sorry, yes I did want to say your tags are fabulous, Marie. So light, fresh and speak of summer. Have a spectacular time … I will imagine you there (in style of course). I nearly bought a house on Hydra in the 60's. That Island is forever imprinted on my heart. Enjoy the moment. I will miss you! xxDonna

  7. Hi Marie! i love what you did, once again!, love the fact that you are not afraid to experiment with a lot of different things!Have a great time on your vacation, enjoy some R&R and come back fresh and relaxed!filiaxoxo

  8. Ηi Marie!!!να γράψω και λίγο αγγλικά!!!!τι νόμιζες πως δεν ήξερα?χαχαχα!!!θα το πω για ακόμη μία φορά!!!λατρεύω τη δουλειά σου!!!να περάσεις υπέροχα όπου κι αν πας και περιμένουμε να δούμε πάλι τις όμορφες δημιουργίες σου!!!!Φιλιά!!!

  9. Wow – these are fabulous Marie! I love the loose layering of the fabric with the embossed and inked card stock – it looks like the kind of tag they'd have at some posh boutique for their ludicrously priced boho clothing. I was wondering why you'd bother with paper bags – is there not a door on your craft room? Out of sight certainly does it for me! Have a lovely time swanning about on the beach, chilled wine in hand! Vx

  10. Uhm-mm…. Beach, chilled wine… Sounds great! With the weather like ours you would opt for fireplace, stew and Shiraz instead 🙂 Love your tags! xenia (ps, pop in, I have a tiny candy for my readers, honey)

  11. These are stunning, Marie, love the colour of that butterfly – very eyecatching. Ink jet fabric – got to look for some of that! Enjoy your summer break by the sea and return refreshed and ready to participate in all the challenges again 🙂 Elizabeth x

  12. Very nice indeed, in fact they're gorgeous! The images have come out lovely! Have a nice break, and have a glass for me – by the time you've had a glass for all of us, you'll be well & truly sloshed, lol! Maria x

  13. Marie, thanks for your lovely comment on my entry. I bought the soluble fabric from a lady who had bought too much to use herself(!) but I think you could get it from any good fabric shop, or I found it herehttp://www.barnyarns.co.uk/Water-Soluble-fabric-c-1016.htmlSuze xx

  14. Marie your tag looks fab!the problem with things in bags at my house is that they never seem to get unpacked…but who cares??? Go and have some lovely swims,and it goes without saying,a couple of glasses of wine too!:)

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