Just for Fun " Precious Metal "

I am exasperated, flummoxed and in a bit of a quandary. Apart from spending half an hour writing my post and titivating it  I only went and posted it to one of the sites where I am a design team member and then accidentally erased it……so here I go again . !

The reason for being in a bit of a quandary is that try `as I might every time I attempt to do something inky and messy on the crafty front it turns out all CAS !  Why ? I don’t know ! I am messy, my desk is very messy and my house,  well pig and sty describe it very nicely . I’m a relatively new crafter and still finding my feet and my style but `I do oh so want to crossover as it where to the inkier side of the tracks .

One of my favourite challenge sites Just for Fun who incidentally have a great theme this week ” Precious Metal ” four lovely ladies who embrace all things, altered, inky and downright gorgeous have been putting up with my CAS creations for the past few months. I am trying so hard not to be so pretty ( they do not do pretty ) I do feel however that I am heading in the right direction , albeit slowly very slowly.

Take for example these two offerings ! I actually broke out the alcoholic inks ( private joke ) used aluminum, embossed it sanded it distressed it , dabbed and dibbed , used the ” pouncing technique ” ( don’t ask me !) and did all manner of things to it but as you will see they still look a bit CAS to me !

 A spot prize goes to anyone who noticed that the canvas is upside down !

So what should I do ? Fight the fight or give up the ghost ? I even thought about cheating and entering a piece of jewellery from my shop but where would have been the fun in that. !

Do pop over to Just for Fun to see what the amazing design team have come up with always inspirational .Once again there are some fabulous entries from their ever growing talented fans, definetly not to be missed.

Look forward to hearing your comments ( I think )

Take care


43 thoughts on “Just for Fun " Precious Metal "

  1. My goodness woman you are too hard on yourself. You haven't been playing very long with stamps and inks but your background and talent put you up there with the best of them right from the start. Never apologize for the way your projects always show an innate sense of design and style.I don't think they were speaking to you and anyhow it is more important for you to listen to your own voice….And your metal pieces are fantastic..hugs..Donna

  2. You need to stop beating yourself up.I know that if you want, you will find your own style and even if you never do, it doesn't matter. Have fun, challenge yourself that is what it is all about. Since I started my Blog my style developed into that faded old romance look to it but I never actually set out on that particular road, it just seemed to happen and the more I did that the more I enjoyed it so you really need to give yourself a break. It is amazing to realise you are so new to this, I know I would have said you had been stamping for much more time. Keep doing what you love to do and don't let anyone (that includes yourself!!!) tell you otherwise as you are doing amazing, creative work.Wishes and Apologies for the ramble !!Lynne

  3. Hey you we like your " pretty style " :)it;s the cute and froufrou we are running away from lol you think out of the box and produce some amazing works and this is no exception :)Thanks for playing along again at Just for Fun Von x

  4. Love what you have made, although it was rather difficult standing on my head to see the first piece properly! Apart from that, do your own thing, be yourself. If your things come out CAS, that's fine! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Hi Marie. These are fabulous pieces. What are you talking about. You do have your own style. And what a unique and fantastic one it is! What's CAS?!Regards Florence x

  6. These look fabulous Marie. Really love the inking and colours.You seem to be the opposite to me as I can't do CAS and every time I try it ends up inky and messy with loads on lolHugs, Fliss xx

  7. WOWZA! You are very talented with techniques and metals. I am so happy you went ahead and re-posted your pictures. I have accidentally deleted posts too. Ugh.TFS, the embossed metals look amazing.

  8. oh I love your pretty CAS creations I think everyone has a style and yours is quite unique to you, so I would not try to change to be like everyone else otherwise blog land would be so dull, I actually quite like the way you have used the embossing one way and the circles the other and thank you for your lovely comment tooHugs Kateps I have candy if you are interested

  9. Marie, you are so funny. I love your sense of humour, Yes, I noticed your card was upside down. But I know it was a test for us followers. Beautiful creations. Have an enjoyable week.Chris

  10. Your daft you are talented and creative inky messy altered is not grungy and un-appealing it is just not fluffy pink well your style is very much ours! and I hope you got alcohol inks on your fingers LOL so thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun and being one of us XOXO Zoe

  11. Sorry but couldn't help laughing at your post Marie, you are so funny. Your pieces are great. CAS this month and probably OTT next month, but what the heck, you are having fun and thats what its all about. Annette x

  12. Hi Marie … oh my, sorry but you are such a wonderful writer reiterating all your dilemmas, I am in fact in stitches. and … I would LoVE to see some of your jewelry. Have you ever posted any? OK, someone has to educate me … CAS???? OTT???? I feel I am very out of it. OOI. Love your skull and the poison piece. Is it a pill box? :o) Hope you kept on celebrating your birthday over the weekend. You did a marvelous job of making it L A S T. hugs, Donna

  13. I really like that metal art or faux metal. Alcohol inks..mmmm I've made some messes with them.. Perhaps I will try again. Hope you have a great week. Kim x

  14. dear Marie,They are great…don't beat yourself up!They are wonderful, I like the second one with the skull and crossbones. Glad you could try something new!It's scary but you succeeded!take care, gerri

  15. You are too hard on yourself!…you are so talented, everything you do is so beautiful, I would never have imagined you are a new scrapper!!!so, relax and enjoy the ride!I don't get along with stamps and inks either by the way!but all of my 'scrapfriends' tell me that practice makes perfection and I guess you have been practising! I love what you came up with!!!Have a great week!

  16. metal and inks go so well together, I really like your Halloween ones, not that theres anything wrong with pretty, We all need pretty once in awhile. nice job ,keep it uphugs Lynn

  17. oh hun you do make me laugh love reading your post,now listen to me,you are one great artist,and if its upside down or not it does not matter what matters is that you had fun,and you still have created 2 masterpieces,your style hun is,unique and you should never,critisise yourself,as I just love what you do,so lecture from me over,I struggle really hard with cas,so you are not alone,but honest hun I love your work its brilliant and as I said unique so off you go take a chill pill,and start crafting,love hugs cheryl xxxx

  18. fabulous embossing and colour in these pieces, absolutely love the poison one thats so original. love the other one too and yep i did notice hehe, have used that before and done the exact same thing lolIf you get time, please pop by my Dezinaworld blog today as i have a free collage sheet for everyone. I hope you will like it. Have a great day !June

  19. I don't know whether it's the frustration of losing your post or too many alcoholic inks but you sound a bit down! I don't think so many people would be visiting you if you didn't have something they wanted to see… I particularly like the top one (and what's wrong with CAS may I ask?!!!) and it looks very detailed to me! Vx

  20. happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!…ooops I forgot the rest of the words LOl LOL…….must be all that alcohol ink LOl LOLsorry I was not around for your birthday!! I will make it up to you in October….Thessaloniki here I come!!

  21. I love your cards, particularly the black one! Very cool, and you do make gorgeous things! By the way, what is the "pouncing" technique (intrigued!!!)??? I have to say, I find your posts very entertaining, lol! Maria x

  22. Well I love what you have produced for the metal challenge and I enjoy reading your blog. Hugs Sandra XOXO PS I am miffed with myself as I missed the metal BUT shall be back with the challneges next week.

  23. Hi Marie, Don't be flummoxed, enjoy your craft, I love what you make and it will evolve with you and your style will change as you keep going, try not to rush it LOL I do love visiting you there's always a delight here and often a giggle too. Great metal work today, gorgeous bottle tops, great colours and the poison piece is not so CAS and very interesting. Just keep having fun and experimenting, what is that Timmy H says? Oh Yes 'Enjoy the journey' hugs Gay xxx

  24. Hi Marie,I love what you created, but I don't know what CAS means. I looked it up on the internet and still can't find it…I think your creations are awesome, my friend!!XOCindy

  25. Hi Marie, I enjoyed reading your post and understand to a certain extent. I'm not in your league but do find it difficult to move away from the Clean and Simple. I think crafting is a great hobby to dip into all sorts of styles and looking at your entries you are managing that just fine! Love the top one. x

  26. These are lovely Marie, if you are happy with what YOU create then that's enough…you can't be someone your not :)You asked about Paper Smooches stamps…I buy direct from Kim at PS and she charges a reasonable postage per set (if I order more than one at a time customs stop them!)…but Kim has just started up wholesale accts and I've asked this lady in the UK if she would stock themhttp://www.makethedayspecial.co.uk/Unless of course a supplier out where you are starts to sell them…you can always pester them to ?Hope this helpsJenny x

  27. These are great!!I can totally see where you're coming from with CAS as I'm exactly the saem!! I've tried vintage and shabby chic style- which looks fab on other cards and very inspiring but mine look messy- so it's back to the same old same old for me. If you have a style why change it?? Although I do keep trying.Claire xx

  28. How dud I miss you this week? I am a bit muddled as things have been getting in the way of my commenting but to miss you…..Love what you have done and it is all in some of my favourite colours in AI's. Thanks for being with us again at JFF. Hugs, Neet x

  29. Some of us actually prefer CAS, Marie. These are gorgeous. Your upside down piece reminds me of the time I posted a piece with hot air balloons upside down. Thankfully, one of the commenters asked me why they were upside down so I could go in and change them.

  30. Loving your work, but missing my sister :(Your work is so detailed and you are very talented, as someone else said, stop beating yourself up.When you get a minute, ring or email me please, missing your cheery voice XX

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