Simon Say’s Stamp and Show " A Word "

Difficult times here in Greece as to may have heard or read about. Won’t bore you all with the details but we are now at the stage where we are having intermittent power cut’s at unscheduled hours, funny how they seem to coincide with me uploading something to blogger. After the power cuts my internet is having it’s own little demonstration and is not co-operating . Hence I have to be very quick with the old crafting and uploading .

Last week I took part in a Simon Say”s Stamp and Show challenge for the first time and enjoyed it immensely another great theme again this week so am having another go. This week Simon Say’s Stamp and show  ” A Word ” and here are my two cards.

For this first one I used Designer Digitals paper which I printed onto parchment and added some little green pearls on the butterflies wings , although you do need a magnifying glass and a spotlight to see them ! I used my Silhouette to cut out anther piece of paper with the word nature incorporated. I made my flower using more parchment paper which I then embossed and coloured with Distress Inks a little bling in the centre and a pearl.

Once more I used my Silhouette to cut out the word nature and to incorporate a beetle within the word, the bird on the branch is also a digital stamp from Silhouette and the dragon flies I have no idea where I got those from as I tend to throw the packaging away as I have minimal space ! Once again the paper is Designer Digitals printed on to parchment. Do pop over to Simon Say’s Stamp and Show once again they have some fab entries and as usual their DT has some amazing pieces.

Hope you like them .

Am off quickly to upload before the lecky man  ( anyone from Liverpool will know what this means ) pulls the plug. !!!

Bye for now


49 thoughts on “Simon Say’s Stamp and Show " A Word "

  1. Hi MarieIt is no exaggeration to say that every time I see the news reports you are in my mind. I keep hoping that it has no impact on you but obviously it does. A really worrying time. As for your cards I just love these. The first one in particular I am drooling over – not literally, that wouldn't be a good look!Wishes & Take CareLynne

  2. Gorgeous cards!!!!! the first one is a real stunner!!I could go on forever about the #$%^&*() bozos that cut our electricity…..I will say one thing if we were not living in a third world country, these criminals would have been collected and thrown in jail, or even better let them suffer as people do when their electricity is cut! think of elevators and people stuck in them and the health risk we all run when buying frozen or cold goods……sorry for the rant these people make me very mad….think I will have to go and pop a high blood pressure pill to calm me down! LOL LOL…………

  3. Funny I am just working on a Nature project. I have been thinking about how things are for you there with all that is going on. Sorry about the power cuts. Annoying at the least. Your card is gorgeous. I love parchment paper. Take care my friend..Donna

  4. Really lovely cards, especially the first one with the gorgeous flower and bird.Hope the power problems get sorted soon as it sounds a real nuisance.Fliss x

  5. Absolutely beautiful i love the birds and that beautiful are welcome to pop over to my Dezinaworld blog when you get a chance, i am celebrating with a giveaway if you would like to join in.hugs June x

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous and I love the papers and embellishments too, great words also. Hope the troubles end soon, it's been very sad seeing it all on TV. Also hope the lecky (yes, I know that, my hubby was brought up in Liverpool :D) is back to normal very soon. x

  7. Great work Marie. So sorry to hear about the trouble Greece is in. Somehow our recession pales into insignificance when we follow on the news what's happening over there. As for going without electricity – I suppose it must have it's upside, I believe there was a baby boom after the 3-day week that we had in the UK in the 70s:) Hope it all gets sorted soon. Elizabeth x

  8. Such beautiful and creative cards Marie! I love how you've made the flower on the first one. I can't imaging what it must be like in Greece at the moment; it makes me feel so sad. xxx

  9. oh hun these are brilliant pieces really love the words,especially the first one,hope you will have electric hun know what its like to be without hugs cherylxxxxx

  10. Super gorgeous, Marie. I couldn't believe you had made the flower and had to go back and check it out again. What talent! This is truly elegant. I hope the electricity problem as well as all else gets settled soon.

  11. Lovely cards, Marie! I adore the colours of the first one as well as your flower! I can see perfectly well the pearls without even maximizing the picture. The second one is very nice too! Have a nice evening!

  12. Hi Marie. Your cards are just beautiful! I particularly love the first one…but I love birds and butterflies. Your bird and butterfly on this card are so lovely. I also love the flower! The second card is beautiful as well…so well done!! I feel for you and having all the internal problems in your country right now. I hope that everything will be all right. Thanks for taking the time to join Simon Says Stamp and Show's Challenge. Well done! ❤ Candy

  13. I had certainly not thought about issues with the Internet as a result of the economy. But suppose very little is sacred. My grandson has a Greek friend and he is worried about his relaties, so my grandson keeps him on prayer lists. Your card is just lovely and I am more and more closer to buying a Silhouette because of your creations. Thank you for your continud support of my blog. I love your comments.

  14. Καλημέρα Marie! Πολύ όμορφες οι κάρτες σου, ειδικά το λουλουδάκι με ξετρέλανε!!!

  15. You are absolutely the queen of the Silhouette Marie! These are both utterly stunning! I don't come from Liverpool but I do know what the lecky man is! And how about this: I was talking to a londoner friend of mine about a cat I had as a child and when I mentioned sitting with Sparky on my lap, my friend said: "What? The electrician?!" Funny old thing the English language. Sorry, will stop wittering on now… Vx

  16. I am so sorry Greece is suffering yet again .. you know about my love affair with your adopted home. The work you do so intrigues me, Marie. It's very beautiful in it's detail. I must say I don't know about your magical 'silhouette' and must investigate its uses. Hope your 'lecky' left the power on for awhile so you could play. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving your lovely words. hugs, Donna

  17. We are going to have to figure out a way to get you alternative power…we can't go without your inspiration too long!Your cards are WONDERFUL and such a treat to the eye.Way to beat the lecky man and get this post in. :)Lisa xx

  18. dearest Marie,I do hope you will keep safe, even if the trouble is not near you, I want you to know I am thinking about you. Your commentson my art and writing over the past two days have been amazing. You are such a supportive friend. I loved your bird pieces today, very lovely. I guess the poweroutages, impact your whining and maoning, cause you have to post so fast. LOL. take care dearie, gerri

  19. Your cards are beautiful!! I so love most anything with birds!Thank you for leaving the sweet comments you do on my blog – I greatly appreciate them!I hope things get better in Greece soon – can't imagine how frustrating the power outages must be.

  20. Great card.. I just love the colors!! I have a $65 stamp giveaway going on right now.. come and sign up.Have a great weekend,Jessica Lynn

  21. The power outages have to be very difficult to deal with, but glad you got to post this! Such lovely "nature" cards." The colors and that flower is stunning! Have a great day and hopefully with power!

  22. Two fabulous pieces and I just love the flower,its gorgeous. Hope the power problems are sorted soon and things get better for you in Greece.

  23. Two really beautiful cards! I think the second one is my favourite – I love that beetle! So sad and worrying to hear about all the troubles in Greece at the moment, I hope things get better soon. xx

  24. Beautiful cards Marie, great use of a word, They're fabulous! Sorry to hear about all the troubles…Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!HuGs Kim 🙂

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