A New Feature on Get Creative Blog

As of the 25th of each month Gett Creative will be featuring a creative blogger read what our leader Irini has to say.

 On the 25th of each month

we will introduce to you a
creative blogger
to inspire you
to stretch your creativity
so on that note I introduce you to our first
Creative Blogger

I have been following Cathy’s blog for many months now
Her scrapbook layouts are amazing,
full of layers, sumptuous colour and beautiful details.
Cathy recently featured a flower tutorial on her blog
which I thought was inspiring and creative…..
So…..gather all your paper blossoms
that are sitting in the bottom of your drawer
you know the ones!!
the flowers we used to use on all our projects
before Prima Flowers became so popular LOL
and Cathy will show you how to revamp them!!


Why not pop over to Get Creative to see Cathy’s amazing tips and pictures or visit her blog .
Hope you all had a great weekend and talk to you soon.

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