Just for Fun Guest Designer and Steampunk !!!!

I’m so excited ! All thoughts of bloggers bum have disapeared ! No I didn’t cover my mirror with a sheet !
The reason for such elation is as my post title say’s I am honoured to be guest designer on one of my favourite challenge blogs Just for Fun !! How about that then !!

Just for Fun was one of the first challenges I entered when I first started blogging. I remember I was so nervous but there was no need . The four lovelies, Zoe, Neet Sam and Von welcomed me with open arms
All four being very supportive and encouraging ( they even put up with my moaning ) . So when Zoe asked me would I like to be guest designer this week I was thrilled and honored and of course I accepted. For those of you who are new to my blog I have only been crafting since December and blogging since January so I was really surprised that I was asked although I have to say I think she has really excellent taste lol !

This weeks theme was chosen by Neet who I had the pleasure of meeting recently at Aintree what a lady ! Within two minutes we where chatting away and she was having a good old root in my shopping !!!! Neet has chosen for us steam punk and I do believe it is one of her favourite topics, you only have to check out her blog to see for yourself, there is also a fab tutorial where she makes an awesome steam punk mini . For all the deets pop over to Just for Fun and check out the fabulous work of the DT 

As you can see by my card it’s a little CAS meets steam punk lol. I used my silhouette to cut the penny farthing and the cog card and  Paper Artsy stamps underneath with black Stazon inkon  the wheels and  the side . The centre of the wheel has a little metal thingy no idea what it is ! The funny thing about this challenge was I was able to choose the particular theme I wanted to enter and me being me chose steam punk knowing full well I only had one stamp !!!! So I don’t want to hear any excuses from you all for not entering lol !!.

This second piece is a bit mad and wasn’t sure if I should show it or not but I  spent such a long time actually making it that I decided to share it with you all,  and if nothing else give you all a bit of a laugh.
I used once again my Silhouette to cut out some cogs ( you just can’t have steam punk without a cog now can you ? ) I placed them on my canvas and got out my distressing inks and gave them a good old seeing to ! I then removed them leaving behind well er …. cog shapes I think the technical term here is masking . I placed some black sand in an old metal tin which due to my wonderful photographic skills you cant see. I placed them in the sand at various intervals trying to get a 3 D effect,  have to say in real life  it looks a lot better,  ok a little better.

A little close up here trying and failing miserably to show  the 3 D effect !

Hope you take the time to pop over to `Just for Fun and have a go with this weeks theme I had great fun ( as soon as I had finished ) lol and am sure you will too.

Right off to work now see you all later.


50 thoughts on “Just for Fun Guest Designer and Steampunk !!!!

  1. oh well done hun on being GD,so well desreved just love love the pieces you have created,the first one,is amazing,just brilliant,and love the desing on the second one hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. WOW WOW WOW……firstly jumping for joy …congrats on the guest designing…..and as for the cards WOW WOW WOW… I have a slight (major) weakness for anything Steampunk….your creations are perfect!!!!!!!will check out Just For Fun!!!!

  3. I think you have ace it Dolly WOW, I'm so pleased Neet asked for you to be her choice for this month :)your CAS one is inspired and as for the 3D one it's telling me to think more out of the box.Thank you Marie truly fab creations for Just for Fun Von xxx

  4. Your CAS card is amazing Marie! It looks so delicate! I love the 3D piece as well – you are full of surprises! Congratulations on being chosen to be guest designer at Just for Fun. Vx

  5. I hate to break this to you but it was Neet who asked you to be our GD this time! An excellent choice on her part and she won you from some stiff competition.I love your CAS Steampunk card, and your alternative in the black sand great work as always. XOXO Zoe

  6. Love what you have made. Knew you would pull it out of the bag. That first piece is amazing! Absolutely fabulous and I think that penny farthing should be marketed. I'd order some!Second piece, I like a lot too, and I do get the 3D effect – brilliant idea with the sand.It looks like a Hitch fastener in the centre of the bicycle – probably bought at Aintree (Tim Holtz ideology).

  7. CONGRAULATIONS!!!!! Blogger Bum has disappeared, only joking, big time congratulations on being GA, well deserved and what fabulous Steampunkery artwork. I need to jot down the details and try and make this date.WishesLynne

  8. oh my God!! κάθε έργο σου ειναι και ενα μικρο αριστουργημα!!δινεις τοση σημασια στη λεπτομερεια και φαινεται!!συγχαρητηρια για τη θεση!!

  9. Well missy…Congrats on yr guest designing gig!I love the first one for the creativity of the bicycle with the patterned paper but…the next one that you! didnt like is my favorite. I love the inky effects and the dreamy colors. Hey you never know what everyone will like! Thanks for visiting and your awesome comments!Hope all is well where you are…take care, gerri

  10. Marie! You are amazing!!Thank you for visiting me and saying such wonderful things! I am following you right back!And I only started blogging the end of January this year! We are both "newbies", and I ask more experienced people questions all the time! I honestly have hardly and idea of what I am doing!!Your 3D piece looks 3D TO ME!! How awesome is that????? And your card is pure awesomeness!!I can see why they would ask you to be a guest dt member!! Your work rocks!!xxDaniella

  11. Πρέπει να προσλάβεις κάποιον να τις φυλάει είναι ανεκτίμητης αξίας!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Συγχαρητήρια!!!!!αν δεν έβαζαν εσένα ποιόν θα έβαζαν?το αξίζεις!!!όσο για τις κάρτες σου είναι σαν μικροί πίνακες ζωγραφικής!!!όπως λέει και η Ρένα ανεκτίμητης αξίας!!!!

  13. ✿ • ˚. Olá, amiga!Passei para conhecer o seu blog.Lindo, criativo e agradável.Amei o seu trabalho.✿ ˚ •. °. ✿ ° °. ● / ✿ / ▌ / \ Beijinhos. ✿ ˚. ✿ Brasil

  14. Hi Marie .. I love your work! It certainly has it's own style .. you know who you are. Thank you so much for dropping into my blog. You are always welcome there. I'll be dropping in here more often to see what you are up to … take care, Donna

  15. dear Marie, Congrats again…Hope all is getting better and not too many power outages for you. Thanks for your darling comments the past few days. Please keep safe. take care, gerri

  16. Hi Marie..Thanks for the birthday wishes.Lucky me I was born on the first day of summer. Except for the getting way too old part I had a wonderful day.I hope all your days are wonderful..hugs..Donna

  17. Great card.. I just love the colors!! I have a $65 stamp giveaway going on right now.. come and sign up. Have a great weekend,Jessica Lynnhttp://jessicalynnoriginal.blogspot.com

  18. Hi MarieZoe has contacted me and I'm so sorry that I missed commenting on your post. I really thought that I had. I have a lot going on at the moment and I know that is no excuse, so I hope you will accept an apology of an oversight on my part.As ever your JFF piece was stunning and you are a very worthy guest designer. So glad you decided to help us out. You've made some fab 3d pieces there.Apologies againSamhttp://sam21ski.blogspot.com/

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