Less is More " White on White "

Let me just start of by asking would any one like a white card ? No, you have plenty OK then, will just have to ask somewhere else ! You see I have somewhat of a surplus, at the last count I made about ten ! None of which are up to much so they will most probably end up in the pile  ” to throw or not to throw “.

For weeks while I was hovering on the sidelines of the Less is More challenges playing ” should I or shouldn’t I ” it was mainly because of the huge amount of talented work I saw week after week. Well three weeks ago I took the plunge ( am I a Limette yet ? ) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even the acetate challenge ! This week I was back to dithering again and why well the theme this week at Less is More is White on White. Nowhere to hide on this baby, this one separates the haves ( talent ) and the have not’s and it looks like I am the only one in the not’s category . I was stunned by the amazing quality and quantity of entries so far this week and the amazing technical abilities of all the lovely Limettes, beautiful embossing and die cutting. For those of you who think it’s easy using a die cutting machine let me tell you if the pokey tool hadn’t been invented then I don’t know where I would be !

I can’t say I’m super happy with the outcome but after so many hours it seems a shame not to give you all a little giggle ! So feel free let it all out…………you know you want to !

Would like also to say a big thank you to everyone who visited and left a comment , very much appreciated as is your advice and humour.

Mandie, Chrissie will I have to go and sit on the naughty step now ? Please let me know as I will put on a pair of extra pants as I suffer from bloggers bum and want to avoid a flare up !

Have a great rest of the weekend


107 thoughts on “Less is More " White on White "

  1. Well if you don't want them i'll have 'um. Gorgeous stunning elegant and just what White on White is yours are perfect examples. i was just wondering where you were and what was keeping you LOL XOXO Zoe

  2. These are all fabulous Miss LIMette!No naughty step for you this week! What wonderful ideas beautifully executed!Superb examples of WOW!Thanks so much!ChrissieLady LIM"Less is More"

  3. He! he! he!, you're havin a larf!! Such gorgeousness abounds here, love all but have to admit to a sneaky penchant for your cherubs and floating heart, brilliant creations each and everyone, Bravo:0) xxxI've yet to come out , can't seem to get my head right yet, let alone a card, LOL :0) xxx

  4. These are great and so different, the owl is also my favorite. Everyone seems to have done 3 or more cards already and I am still struggling with my first.I have also found that the so called white flowers you buy don't look white at all compared to white cardstock.Kath x

  5. How could you honestly believe you are a "have not" – these cards are totally stunning. I'd agree with you that there is soooo much talent on this challenge but we all bring our own individual take on a theme which makes us all very individual and therefore there are no "have nots" at all 🙂

  6. Hello Marie, thank you for to visit my blog last week.FANTASTIC WORK!!!!i love all them, your cards are beautiful.The owl is a GREAT idea, well done!.A hug from Palma de Mallorca

  7. Hello Ms LIMette!! I think your cards area brilliant. I love the originality of the owl (I adore owls) – so much texture in it. And the square lattice card is beautiful. I like the gate with cupids too. I think you've nailed the challenge!!!

  8. I am laughing. Not at your creations but at your total lack of confidence. They are all amazing, how could you doubt such talent, I wish I had a quarter of yours. Love the owl, so clever, adore the cherubs but I think the lattice is my fave just for it`s simplicity. Me thinks I see a showcase here…Lynne xxx

  9. You did give me a giggle ,,,, but not at your cards !! They are fabulous and amazing ! I LOVE the owl especially ,,, so creative and beautiful ,,,, Bloggers Bum !! ha ha ha ,,, I wondered what my ailment was and you just named it !!! 🙂 Thanks for the diagnosis :-)LuvLols x x x

  10. Hi MarieWhat super cards, particularly the owl!Spoke to hubby, they have had FAB weather he says, home Tuesday!Thank you!Diva LIM mandiLess is More

  11. You knocked this right out of the park! All of your cards are simply amazing! I'd have to say the owl and the "grid" are my favs. I love how you did that owl- it's fabulous!

  12. Marie, I don't know what sort of eyes you're using to see these, but they're not working properly!! They're all stunning and perfectly made!xxx

  13. Hi Marie, I LOVE that owl card, its super cute!!I think that sometimes we are our harshest critics, I like all of your cards.Kelly xOh also you asked who made the daisies die cut I used. I'm a stampin' up! demo so all the products I use are from Stampin' up!Let me know if you would like to order anything.xx

  14. WOWEE these are such beautiful work of art, your natural talent at designing has come through in your cards, and I don't care if you don't like it 'cause I loved them, so there 🙂

  15. I'm certainly not having a giggle at your expense more a Wow, oooh, and an Aw!! These are fantastic entries. Hard to choose a favourite but I really like your idea of the owl. Very clever. x

  16. I'm sure the extra pants won't be required Marie! What gorgeous cards you've made! The owl is very original and the fretwork and pearl card classy but the cherubs at the gate card has to be my favourite. You really are the mistress of acetate! Vx

  17. Marie, you are way to hard on yourself. Your work is beautiful. I LOVE the daisy card with the pearls – really classy.Please don't let Chrissie and Mandi hear that you 'liked' the acetate challenge – or they will make us do it again!!! :-))Caroline xxx

  18. Marie…you are SO silly! Your cards are magnificient! SOOOO much work in each one of them. If forced to chose my favorite…I would chose the second card…it's so ELEGANT!!! Is that a die cut background? If so, I neeeeeeed it!! LOL!

  19. Stunning cards Marie, you do yourself a disservice by being so modest! I love the owl and the cupids made me smile they look as if they are dancing along!Val x

  20. The owl is great…and no one else put up and owl card. I also really like your second square card with the lace pattern and pearls. Its very classy and beautiful. I think you're doubting your talents, which is so easy to do, but stop it. Your cards are fantastic.

  21. First, you always crack me up with yr posts! (thats a good thing!) I do love the white on white…The owl is amazing. I will dream of that tonight. Thanks for yr great comments on my piece today. You could always join me in my studio, if you're in the area. LOL. take care, gerri

  22. Oh OWLS!!!!! I love owls, my mum started me on them & she has a little nick name for them.. "Wols" we call them, I have a small collection of them too. I just love your owl, I think each owl has their own character about them, not one the same!Thank you for sharing this with us,Reggie XO

  23. Well, the owl is FAB, so original and clever, the second one is elegant and CAS and the third one, well I just LOVE those cherubs and the gate. Fab! xx

  24. These are gorgeous…. sorry if you are getting two messages from me, but blogger is driving me nuts with the "service error" messages. These cards are amazing with all the texture – you are definitely a "have"… "have talent" that is!

  25. Wow!First of all I'm amazed by the amount of comments you have here!!!:DSecond, I'm inlove with your owl!!!hahaha!It's perfect.And the other 2 are fabulous!And yes I like white cards and I must try to make one.Thank you for your comment.I wanted to tell you that I can send one of Valerie's tags if she don't mind.I enjoy reading you :)Alex…

  26. Μarie your cards are adorable. I could never think of doing a white card; I wouldn't know what to do with that. You are very talented and inspirational.P.S. I checked my link to Get Creative and it doesn't seem to link somewhere else. Please let me know when drop by my blog. Have a nice day!

  27. OMGoodness, these are AMAZING! The owl just blew me away with how creative that is. I have made a large square card with a Cricut cut lattice and was pleased with it until I saw yours. White on white? Never thought of using that cut this way … and it's STUNNING. Thank you for commenting on my blog, and THANK YOU for posting your lovely creations!

  28. Hi Marie, don't what you are going on about – they are just stunning! Don't know where you get your inspiration from, but could I share it please?! Love the owl, it's just gorgeous. Sarah

  29. Your owl is adorable, no question. It jumped straight out of the LIM thumbnails at me and I had to visit and tell you!I loved this week's challenge!Rosey x

  30. Really gorgeous, Marie, and you are definitely one of the "haves". I am curious how you got 92 comments. You sure have a huge following. And it's no wonder. I love your blog and I guess lots of others do too.

  31. Wow Marie, All stunning!I think you are without doubt a 'have'. I have seen you cards over the last few weeks and they are brilliant. I am now a follower.Avril x

  32. You are very definitely in the LIMette gang! your fabulous collection of creations are exquisite! I adore the owl – cute and elegant at the same time! You are definitely in the have camp, my friend – very much so!

  33. Hi Marie, this is me catching up after a bad Blogger week and I'm so glad I decided to check your previous posts – these are just lovely. I don't know where you get the inspiration, but if you can bottle it I'll have some. Elizabeth x

  34. wow! three gorgeous white on white cards! very creative and elegant; i have trouble making one white on white. 🙂 thanks for stopping by to comment; much appreciated!

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