Just for Fun Size Matters !

No it’s not another R & B ( Rosie and Bailey ) the paper eating mutts story. It’s the Just for Fun Challenge Size Matters ! As you can see by the above photo not in our house, Rosie the french bulldog 10 kilos and Bailey her sidekick who incidentally is the man of the house 1.9 kilos !

This week It’s Neets turn to set the challenge and it’s her first one so best of luck to her ! Our subject for this week is  ” Inchies ” 1 x 1 inches more for the likes of Bailey than Rosie. I love these little mini pieces of art although the bloggers blindness and having quite long nails proved to hold me back a little , but that’s all I have to whinge about this week  ( is that cheering I hear in the background ??)  In fact I loved it so much that I made two pieces !!!
Just a little apology Mr I Mac has decided for some reason not to rotate this image so we are having to view it sideways and uncropped sorry for that. I used Hero Arts mini flower stamps and cut them into the inchies and then distressed the edges and added a little distress ink here and there. On this one I wanted each image to be random .I made my little flower and used Paper Artsy stamps for the leaves a tiny pearl for the centre and layered them on stamped rice paper and velum. This one looks so much better in the flesh and of course the right way up !

Here I stamped a flower onto onto white card stock stock and used distress inks to colour the background , I then cut into six one inch squares and placed foam pads underneath to give it a bit of depth, made a couple of leaves from some gorgeous velum . It was then mounted onto black card. The most time consuming part of the whole thing was trying to get the correct spacing between the inchies and unsticking them from my talons !

Do pop over and see the wonderful art the gorgeous design team have come up with at Just for Fun truly inspiring !

Hope you all have a fab weekend , it’s finally stopped raining here !!!!!!hooray


35 thoughts on “Just for Fun Size Matters !

  1. It's so cool, Marie! Stunning photo of your dogs! I was laughing to tears! Both cards are great. I like the first one the most. You impress me every time I visit your blog!

  2. They are both beautiful – the cards, I mean! Well, the dogs, too! The first card has to be my fave, though, just lovely. Happy weekend to you all! Hugs, Valerie

  3. You know when I first saw the sideways one (we all get those moments – doesn't it make you want to whinge when the program won't respond?)I thought it was made from material – as in cloth. It is lovely and the mulberry paper underneath really is the perfect back cloth. Love the flower!I like your second one too – the colours you hae used are perfect and the inchies really do look like tiles.Thanks for joining us at JFF again this week and bringing the babies along with you. Hugs, Neet x

  4. YEAHHHHHH!!!! best post ever!A little bit of everything, R&B, creativity and whining….I am so happy…you could here me cheering in the background!! LOL LOLI love inchies…….you just gave me a fabulous idea………thanks LOLI love your cards straight up and passed out they are perfect!!!!!!!!

  5. Να σας φέρω και τη δική μου τη στριγκλίτσα να μην σας αφήσει σε ησυχία με τα γαβ γαβ της χα χα!Δεν χορταίνω να βλέπω τη δουλειά σου στο έχω ξαναπεί και θα το λέω συνέχεια ότι και να φτιάξεις είναι αριστούργημα!


  7. These inchies are fabulous – love the distressed look of the first one (which even looks good laid on it's side)! and the flower on the second one is stunning. Thanks so much for visiting my blog – hugs, Sylvia x

  8. Minx rests on the back of the sofa as I read and write this she cannot understand all the fuss about R & B is, and thinks their paper eating antics are quite natural. Well aside from the pain in my neck from bending to see your card can only say Fabulous. love the random arrangement of the inchies on the first one and the gorgeous colour that thirst quenching green. Both are lovely but you might have guessed my favourite. Thank you for joining us again at Just for Fun you know we love to see you LOL XOXO Zoe

  9. Both are brilliant Marie. Love all the texture on the first one and the image and background on the second one. Regards Florence.

  10. Love your inchies, Marie. The top card with the inchies is just so beautiful. And very clean looking. I love it. The bottom one is such a cool idea that I'm going to try to do that myself. It is a very effective technique.

  11. Well first of all I would like to say, how nice to have a very different challenge, I was slightly confused at first (happens often) when I saw your narrative but then clear as mud when I saw your 2 fabulous cards. The first one is great but I do love the second one. Brilliant.Kath x

  12. Two wonderful pieces Marie :)the colouring on the topper is so cheerful and the textured paper just makes the card look extra special Two great makes for the Just for Fun challengeVon x

  13. Great use of the inchies Marie, especially like the top one, all the muted colours and the distressed look of it.Thanks for playing along with JFF again this weekSam xxxhttp://sam21ski.blogspot.com/

  14. You have done a great job with the inchies on both cards………so fun about your dogs. Have a great weekend. On a personal note I would love to see some of your jewellery designs as am sure they are fab. Annette x

  15. Fabulous card with the different inks. I love yr doggie story. Your post today "size matters" tee hee of the dogs sizes was great! take care and thanks for the comments on our home! Also I agree with Netty , lets see some jewelry. gerri

  16. OMG, just did a quick run-thru of your blog….gorgeous work.Thank you for your comment on my card. i feel honored considering your beautiful LIM entries.A Cyber hug to you.

  17. Hi MarieLove the doggies!!!!!Inchies – never, ever made an inchie, made a twinchie but not an inchie (is this starting to get very Dr Seuss?!!!)You picked beautiful colours for your inchie card, in fact, it is faultless.Have a lovely weekend.WishesLynne

  18. Hi Dolly. Sorry I haven't been by lately. I have been busy with gardening and stuff. So much to do in May. Both of your inchie creations are gorgeous.I love that color green. Inchies are such fun. I hope your dogs are behaving.Hugs and love being sent your way..Donna

  19. These are beautiful Marie, I love your second one, and you garden looks wonderful. I've never made an inchie, but I know what you went through trying to stick you squares down straight lol. Love to your owners/sorry pets :o) x

  20. Ooh I do love an inchie! Both cards are gorgeous and I thought I liked the second one with its clever tiled effect best – but that was before I bent over sideways to view the first! I love the pretty flower and the fab inchies on this one. Sigh! Fab cards AND stretching excercises – must subscribe to your blog! Vx

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