Take a Word " Architecture "

For those of you who didn’t read my post yesterday shame on you ! and for those of you who did sorry am going to repeat myself. Had a bit of a fiasco ! I had received exciting news about being appointed ( sounds so official ) design team member for Get Creative and spent several hours creating something for their challenge to scrap a layout with five flowers or more. To cut a long story short my two terrible dogs R & B ate the flowers ! Well four out of the five the fifth unfortunately expired  in the early hours of the morning it’s injuries being too severe. So had nothing to upload except for a picture of the two villains . ( Irni please believe me the dogs ate them I tell you)

Have to say was in no mood today to look at another flower and shall postpone my debut with the gorgeous girls at Get Creative  until tomorrow.

In the meantime something that I had been toying with for the last few days popped up on a challenge over at Take A word their theme being architecture . I had the bees already cut out and the honeycomb mask in front of me. Now what could be more fitting than  natures own architecture ? So here is my version.

I used my Silhouette for the bees and cut out as mask of the honeycomb ,various Ranger and SU inks plus my texture boutique for the wood effect, a bit of gold shimmer mist which you can’t see but it’s there a bit of distressing and there you have it.

Hope you like it .


16 thoughts on “Take a Word " Architecture "

  1. Apolgies, have not yet congratulated you on joining the Get Creative team. Have come to know a little of your style in recent weeks, no surprise they have invited you to join them, have fun with it!Natures architecture honeycombs are such amazing structures combined with the word great piece. XOXO Zoe

  2. Brilliant idea! Honeycombs are marvels of nature. I love your take on it. I watched a show once where an artist made wire structures and left them at a bee farm and the bees covered her forms with honeycomb. So amazing. I only laughed a little at your naughty dogs. Hugs..Donna

  3. How brave you are! You enter challenges that really challenge! I have a feeling that I said it already the other day 🙂 Lovely card. Is that silhouette machine that magic?! Love, kissinia

  4. Marie, I know it's not nice to laugh about other people's misfortune, but "my dog ate my homework" somehow just elicits a chuckle. They certainly look innocent in the picture. Are you absolutely positive that they are the culprits? I am a dyed-in-the-wool dog lover so I nearly always take the dogs' side. LOL!Anyway, on to your bees and honeycomb art. That is really fantastic. You are so creative. Really gorgeous. And also, congratulations on being selected for the DT. Your blog is always fun and always a work of art.

  5. Congratulations on joining a DT & what a creative take on architecture – stunning, Marie! Those naughty dogs, yes they do look innocent – I bet they blamed each other, too!! LOL!

  6. Wonderful creation, just love the different textures. The bee hive and the wood make a wonderful pair! Oh , spank those little doggies for me for eating the flowers. LOL, gerri

  7. I love that you have chosen "nature's own architecture" for your artpiece which is so cleverly designed and coloured. I love the earthy tones and your beautiful bees!

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