A Dogs Dinner !

Today was supposed to be a big day for me I could finally announce to my fellow crafty bloggers (doesn’t sound right ) that I have been keeping a little secret .  The secret is that I had been offered a design team position with the amazing Irini and her talented team at Get creative /http://craftycroppersgr.blogspot.com/

I nearly fell of my chair when I heard the news ( another dent in the old bloggers bum ) Had there been some mistake,? is she mad ? ( she is a little but in a good way ) was this a cruel joke ? but no none of the above, so of course I accepted before she changed her mind ! http://craftycroppersgr.blogspot.com/http://craftycroppersgr.blogspot.com/
 is an amazing group of women all of whom are very talented, each one has their own individual style and unique talent and they have welcomed me with open arms. I have only been crafting for four months now and feel there is a lot that I can learn from each and everyone of them as I have been learning from all of you lovely people whose gallery’s I have been visiting since the start of my blog a few months ago.

Anyway getting back to the beginning of my post, today was supposed to be a big day but Bailey and Rosy ( my two pesky dogs ) had a different idea. I had been crafting away all day on a piece for Get Creative who has a challenge at the moment to scrap a layout using five flowers or more. So I thought to coincide with my announcement  of becoming a DT member I would participate. R & B as they shall be known as from here on in, little did I know had been planning revenge.

For the past couple of months they have been feeling somewhat neglected due to my crafting addiction . They sit behind me on the sofa in my crafting room and growl and whine at me when they get bored , which is about five minutes after I start fiddling with my inks. To cut a long story short they could sense that I was really in the zone and definitely not up for lots of cuddling so they waited until I had finished my  ” work of art ” and while I was away looking for my camera the little so and so’s upped and eat it !!!!!! Of course it was my fault I left it next to them on the sofa, they had been feigning sleep, biding their time it was pay back !. So of the five flowers on my creation there is sadly only one and I don’t think it will survive the night ! So instead of posting something lovely on my design team debut I’m posting a picture of the culprits ! ( please excuse mess on floor )


18 thoughts on “A Dogs Dinner !

  1. Oh my god- they ate it. That is so bad but Congratulations on being invited to be on the R&B team. I am sure you will create lots of wonderful works of art for them. I will have to check out their blog.Hugs…Donna

  2. You are too funny seriously…we gave that excuse at school!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope they were not too sick afterwards…did they come up smelling like roses??? (aghh…that was a bad pun even for me!!!)Welcome to the team Marie and yes I am crazy I have the papers to prove it!! LOl LOL

  3. Καλώς σε βρήκα Μαρία φοβερή η δουλειά σου,συγχαρητήρια για την είσοδο σου στη δημιουργική ομάδα!!!!Ζωηρούτσικα τα σκυλάκια σου βλέπω χα χα!

  4. I love the evil dogs, and I feel bad for laughing, just as well I have good bladder control.I am however, immensely proud of you, you work so hard that you deserve all the success you get, it's wonderful to have a big sister I can look up to.Keep believing in yourself and most of all enjoy x

  5. Well, first and foremost congratulations on your DT success. Well deserved – your work has been amazing.Secondly – love the look on the dogs faces – especially the one on the right – it really says "wasn't me, honest".Thanks for the smile.

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