Three Muses challenge Ancestors

The challenge at The Three Muses this week is ” Ancestors ”  .
I don’t have any ! Well I do we all do but I don’t have any photographs . So what have I done, Ive borrowed my good friend Barbara’s ,and besides her family is prettier than mine. !

The two children in the photograph are Anniki and Paavo born in Finland 1920 and Anniki is Barbaras grandmother and the little boy is her Uncle. Anniki studied Art and design and later became a photographer which was something unusual for a young woman at this time.

 One of her main hobbies was to travel and to capture these images with her camera.

She died at the young age of fifty leaving behind the most beautiful album of photographs documenting her life , her travels , her spirit and freedom .

This photograph is a tribute to Barbara’s grandmother who she never met but learned to  love her  through the photographs she left behind.

15 thoughts on “Three Muses challenge Ancestors

  1. Marie! It is amazing!Thanks for sharing! I would never have thought of black as a very good background colour in card-making (if this sentence makes any sense. What I mean that the card is so well-balanced! Love it!

  2. Marie, what a great tribute to Barbara's family. You have brought a story to life and made a perfect piece of family history her and your presentation is lovely. Thank you for sharing at the Three Muses.

  3. Stunning work love how you framed the picture giving it a vintage look that is perfect. Wonderful to have the back story as well that little girl grew into a fabulous sounding woman. XOXO Zoe

  4. Gorgeous little piece, stunning colours giving a lovely rich tone to the vintage feel – I had to lol at 'borrowing' the ancestors – very creative xxx

  5. Hi Marie, I love all the gold. And Barbara's family is indeed beautiful. How sweet of her to lend you her ancestors. That was a fascinating story about Anniki. I hope we see more of the photos in the album. BTW, your work in silhouettes is really wonderful.

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