Just for fun challenge " Mixed Media "

 Another great challenge over at jffchallenge.blogspot.com
The subject this week is  ” Mixed Media ” or in my case mixed up and confused media ! What’s a girl to do ? As I keep saying I’m a novice three months only in your world and am all over the place, but I’m having fun which is why I LOVE  those gals at Just for Fun. Theirs was the first challenge I did and they were so positive with their feedback that this is my third attempt . So thanks for that.

My little offering is something I want to develop on (not that it’s a new thing) stamping on wood but it was my first time.

This piece of wood measure approx 5 x 6 inches and is used here in Greece for Holy paintings using mainly gold leaf . I stamped both front and back using Crafty Individuals stamps. On the first one also stamped part of the image onto card and matted it and adhered it to the block which I then attempted to dab with my dabber ( well what else ) using cats eyes paints and when it started getting out of hand I stopped dabbing . This is where my imagination deserted me so I left it like that !

The second one is plain old black ink from Ranger a bit like my stamping really.( Plain )

For anyone who is reading my blog for the first time don’t be put off by these images I have better one’s  ( I think ) further down………..

Marie x

16 thoughts on “Just for fun challenge " Mixed Media "

  1. That was quick! Love the idea of stamping onto wood! Have you thought of using gold leaf? and/or varnish. Can see so many possibilities terrific piece. Great to see you again at Just for fun glad you are enjoying it. Have fun XOXO Zoe

  2. I think your pieces are wonderful. That wood looks so fun to work on. My problem is not stopping until I have ruined something so I think your idea of not too much is better. Both pieces look just right to me! To answer your question about "my lady" -she is a swizel stick I got from a thrift store a few years ago.Cheers!

  3. Marie, your commentaries make me smile. I love your work and it's hard to believe that you are a novice to challenges. The wood is beautiful and I can just see some religious art on it, complete with gold leaf. I've never stamped onto wood. This must be very smooth for you to get such clear images. Great job!

  4. Well I for on have never stamped on wood so your one up on me, my first thought was the same as Zoe's some gold leaf would set it off a treat :)I can also see how you can take it a bit further with maybe a few shells :)So pleased you have given it ago :)Thanks for joining us at just for fun Von x

  5. Hi Marie. Great projects. Really like the aged look that you have got on the wood.Kind Regards FlorenceP.s. The tag below is lovely.

  6. Stunning! Absolutely stunning! I would not do anything to the first one at all – I like the balance you have achieved with it now and think to add anything it might unbalance the whole thing.Maybe the second one could have some gold leaf added as suggested by others, what about some pearl buttons in a cluster top right?Even if you leave the as they are they are really beautiful.Thanks for joining us with these entries at JFF.

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