Challenged by Challenges

Yes  it’s me again Dolly Daydreams but not for much longer am thinking of changing my name to The Winger (  but I bet it’s taken.) After reading my post’s of late that’s all I seem to do , if I’m not moaning about my lack of talent or stash , something somewhere is hurting me !

So to close my first full weeks blogging thought I would end on on one last moan.
I am a newcomer as you might have gathered and this past week thought I would take part in a few challenges, BIG MISTAKE ! have entered three loved the subjects and the sites but I can’t do it .  ok ok you say its a challenge it’s supposed to be challenging . My brain hurts my fingers are numb I wont even mention my severe case of B.B . It seems that the word challenge has given me a case of bloggers droop , the creative juices( more like drops in my case ) have dried up and gone on holiday and taken my inspiration with them ! Its taken me all day to create this next morsel and I’m not very happy with it at all, but blimey have spent so many hours on it I’m posting all the same ! So there !

I know most of you will probably laugh at it but I really don’t care , someone out there might just identify with it on some crazy level . So for that one person whoever you are this is for you enjoy !

So to you all at The Sunday Postcard Art Challenge please accept my apology in advance
The theme for the challenge was faces ( at least I got that right )

I used Vintage Moth paper and coloured with Lyra aqua markers then ran over it literally with a baby wipe ( cos I made a mistake but I liked the effect ) then stuck on the phrase. Really must learn photoshop !

7 thoughts on “Challenged by Challenges

  1. Hi Marie!What's wrong with you? I do not really like the mood of your last posts! Cheer up! Your cards are just brilliant. All we have to do I suppose – is to enjoy! So enjoy your crafting! Challenges are great source of inspiration, but you craft for pleasure first of all! Love, kissinia

  2. This postcard is lovely, Marie! Don't get stressed out over blogging and challenges – it is supposed to be fun and relaxing. I used to try to do too many challenges and it wasn't fun anymore. So, now I limit myself to only those I want to do and it is much more enjoyable.

  3. What a beautiful and uplifting postcard, Marie! I am viewing it on Monday and it is a great way to begin the week. Your coloring is pretty and the baby wipe effect makes it even more special. Don't give up. Some days are better than others, and we all have been in the muse-less state.

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