Bloggers Bum continued

It seems there are certain health hazards to becoming a blogger none of which where mentioned on any crafting site I read. Do you all have comfortable chairs ? or is it that you can whip up a creation in a matter of moments ? Maybe it’s my lack of experience, I start of with one idea look at a few blogs( like fifty or so ) and before I know it bloggers bum has struck again and I have nothing to show for it.
I definatley need a new chair or a cushion at least or I should stop looking at everyone else’s blog and get on with my own ! Now there’s a thought……..

Here’s something I whipped up quickly due to the aforementioned pain in the nether regions.

CI Stamp ,SU basic Grey ink, Texture Boutique and sillhouette for the key, stamped with Horse purple ink a bit of matting oh and cor ordinations grey paper.


3 thoughts on “Bloggers Bum continued

  1. Oh, Marie, I'd give anything to be able to whip up something as beautiful as this. And I do have a really comfortable chair! Thanks for visiting my blog. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful works.

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