City Crafter Week 309 Balloons

Hello lovely ladies and gents.

Just popping in under the wire to enter this week’s challenge over at City Crafter,their theme this week is

Balloons !


Well we all love balloons now don’t we !



This is a Papertrey Ink die which I love but have found as with most dies that the borders are quite narrow and as I love to use double sided foam tape to give dimension I had to use my Silhouette software to enlarge the frame.

It’s quite an easy process once you get the hang of it and allows me to to play around with the die to get it just the way I want it,it really makes the die’s so versatile.

I used the Silhouette colour palette to fill in the negative space on the die and then printed it onto acetate which gives such lovely bright colours. I then lay the die cut frame over the top and popped up with double sided foam tape.

Do pop over and join in the fun at City Crafter as the DT has once again worked their magic.

I would also like to enter my card into Time Out Challenges as their theme is

Celebrations with an optional twist to use die cuts or fussy cutting

Lots of amazing cards from the DT and the gallery is full of stunning celebratory cards

Sorry for not commenting lately I made an unscheduled trip to the UK to see my dad who is suffering from ” Old Timers Disease ” and of course the rest of the mob. It’s so sad to see my dad like this and am not sure how long he will remember me for.  It’s difficult being in another country especially as most of the weight falls on my little sister Kal who is just amazing.

Despite the sadness I had a fabulous time and laughed non stop with my sister Kal who is an absolute nutter and a fellow crafter. She really is such a wonderful generous and hysterically funny lady who managed to embarrass me everywhere we went.

I wanted to share with you an incident that occurred while I was away and show you the murky depths of my sisters humour. As many of my regular bloggers know I had some health issues that lasted for over 18 months and was confined to bed rest and crutches. Well the last few months I have been a whole lot better and life had gotten back to normal, unfortunately the condition  has reared its ugly head and whilst I was in the Uk in a supermarket with Kal I had an attack. This consists of extreme pain in my ankle and I literally cannot walk, it also consists of me squealing like a stuck pig. So what did my lovely sister do…….. well after trying to take care of me for all of 5 seconds she realised this was an opportunity not to be missed and proceeded to find the most awful fragrance in the perfume section  and spray me from head to foot . There was no escape and  between stabbing pains I tried to hobble off but no she wasn’t having  it, I was cornered in the frozen food section and subjected to her spraying frenzy until her desire to humiliate me wore off which took a long time coming. Please note this was a rather large supermarket in Liverpool  people just carried on their normal shopping without batting an eyelid and after confiding in my neice she told me that her mum is a regular and the shoppers are quite used to her antics !!!!

Well thats all from me, it’s Easter this weekend here in Greece the weather is awful but maybe just as well as I have been confined to bed.

Take care


22 thoughts on “City Crafter Week 309 Balloons

  1. Fantastic project as always. Firstly, not sure how you managed to get “under the wire”. Still giggling after reading your post. I have no sympathy whatsoever. Having known you for so long all I can say is you probably got what you deserved. Congratulations to Kal for her quick thinking and making the most of the opportunity!!! 🙂 Pleased you where able to get over to see your Dad. Such a terrible disease. I suppose now you are confined to bed you are milking it for all its worth.
    Love you really.
    Flo xx

    • Thank you Flo for your compassionate response and as always you are a “true friend” I can always rely on you to side with Kal. Getting under the wire was tricky and my nightie got snagged a few times I can tell you !

  2. Giggle giggle giggle, – serious face, hope you are better and the pain has subsided! You have a seriously wicked sister, wonder where she got it from?

    So sad to see people you love deteriorate. You are lucky to have your sister living close to your Dad.

    I love your card and the colours. Whenever I see this technique of yours I want to go and make something similar. – one day, when I pluck up courage!

  3. Great card, love your bright balloons and reading about your sisters antics but I hope you are feeling better and will be up and about again soon.
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  4. You vibrant rainbow-hued birthday card brings “festive” to a whole new level, Marie! It’s divine! I am so sorry to hear that your condition has reared its ugly head, that your dad is suffering, and that your sister is a maniac!! I think any one of the three things would be difficult; not fair that you are experiencing all three at one time! I will pray that you recover quickly this time, but between you and me, don’t tell Kal if you do! I don’t think you should visit her again without crutches to fend her off, whether you need them or not!! Huge hugs, Darnell

  5. Fabulous card Marie … I’m really not sure how you get that into the silhouette to trace it? I did laugh about your sister… I hope she paid for that perfume Lol! I do hope you are feeling better… sending hugs and thanks so much for playing along at CCCB!!

  6. Well firstly may I say what a clever card this is. Printing on acetate was a genius idea for a balloon theme and you have mad a simple card “pop”….pardon the pun.
    Now to the truth of the matter…..I am Marie’s younger sister and I can take this no longer. For years she has bullied and abused me and made me out to be the naughty sister. I have put up with it for so long for the sake of her reputation but I am certain that now is the time for an intervention.
    Marie did come to visit me to “dry out.” Those of you that know her well will know of the over friendly relationship she has with gin. Well I volunteered to help her and so offered her a safe haven. I did take her to a supermarket to get some headache tablets etc but she helped herself to the gin and then proceeded to fall over landing on a bottle of cheap “Charlie” perfume and dousing herself in the horrid stuff. Her coat was still reeking of the stuff as we waved her off at the airport. Of course she could not tell her Greek friends and family this and so she has concocted this ridiculous tale about me. I am utterly shocked and can only hope that those of you who know her will keep her away from the gin for the near future.
    Marie….i beg you, please sober up.

    • Better add whisky to the list. The truth is now out there. You no longer have to suffer alone Kal. We will have to go to Greece. You distract her and I will grab the dogs. For their protection obviously.
      Marie, it is only because we love you.
      Flo xxx

      • That’s right add fuel to the fire Florence .The dogs are fine I might add but Rosie says she would love to visit and maybe have a chicken dinner or two

  7. Oh Marie…I have had such a laugh reading your blog post and then after feeling sorry for you having to put up with the antics of your sister, I then read her reply and it all became clear!!! As clear as the gin you are consuming!! I wondered why last time I visited Greece I couldn’t get a G&T anywhere!!! Mind you, I have to disagree with Kal on one point – I used to be a fan of Charlie perfume back in the 70s!!! My sense of smell has improved since then although everything else is on the downward slide!! Great card and I’ve never thought of printing onto acetate. You are so clever 🙂

  8. Enjoyed reading your blog post…the ups and the downs. Fabulous card today, full of colour and fun. You are so clever with the dies and silhouette, although I don;t have a cutting machine I didn’t realise you could do this with dies! Thank you for sharing, hope you are on the mend…and did you buy the perfume?…..he he…LOL xxx Your sister sounds such good fun x

    • Had to come back and say…I’ve just read your sisters comment ….Hope you are not missing the gin too much and can’t help on that front as I am sat here with a glass of bubbly!!!? Such fun x

  9. First of all I love your card, but this post had me smiling. However you seem ti have had a great visit with the family and a bit of fun through the pain. take care
    Yvonne xx

  10. I’m so sorry that your condition reared it’s ugly head while you were away, Marie … how … erm … comforting to have your sister with you to … ahem … support you!! Do hope things are better by now. I’m so sorry too about your Dad … such a cruel, horrible disease … my heart goes out to him … and to you all. Your card … it’s a stunner … love the translucence of the colour on the acetate … so perfect for those celebratory balloons! Delighted to have you playing along with us at Time Out! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  11. Hi Marie. Amazing card and design as always. Love those bright colours paired with the black.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. It was great that you were able to see him and have a visit with the family. Your sister sounds like a riot! 🙂

    Sorry to hear you’re not well again. Hope this attack doesn’t last long and you’ll be us and around soon. Take care. xx

    PS … the email address I have for you is no longer valid. I’ve tried emailing you a few times over the past year but always get Message delivery fail. If you have time, would love your new email address. xx

  12. Beautiful & so festive! I may end up getting that die one of these days. Sorry your dad isn’t doing well, but it’s good you got to see him. I miss mine so very much, but was blessed he lived to 93.

  13. You did a fantastic job! I love how you were to customise the die and the balloons are FAB! Sorry to hear that your fathers’health is getting worse. It musr be heartbreaking to see him like this. I LMBO about your sister and I hope you feel a bit better now. Thanks so much for joining us this week at CCCB!

  14. Your Silhouette machine certainly comes in handy and has helped you create a fantastic card!! I love the coloured balloons, they really pop against the black of the die. And the string is such a cool idea. So very glad you shared this with us at TIME OUT!!

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