April Fool’s Day Boo Boo Hop

Hello one and all

Yes it’s April fools day today , have you been pranked yet ? I was first thing in the morning by my lovely sister can’t say what the prank was but she got me fair and square.

To celebrate today the cheeky but talented Darnell of djkardkreative is asking us to share our ” oopsie – boopsies for all the world to see and do I have one for you, oh yes I do.

Screen shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.17 PM

This is especially poignant as I’m sharing a card that I entered into a challenge at Less is More a few years back and didn’t realise my mistake until I got the comments and it was too late to change it.I was absolutely mortified at the time but it didn’t stop me from entering their challenges.Why so poignant Β well…….today I just learned that I was showcased at LIM for their “Whats outside your window ” Β challenge so I’m embarrassed to post this but also happy at the same time.


Can you spot the mistake ? of course you can, I can only attribute my mistake to bloggers blindness !

Do pop over and join in this wonderful and fun challenge its a one day only affair so come on I dare you …..

Take care


41 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Boo Boo Hop

  1. Happy April!!! Haha! too many ‘U’s? Well done on being showcased … your creations are so pretty no one will notice that spell checker didn’t work… Have a great day!

  2. I saw this over on Darnell’s blog and had to come take a 2nd look! What a beautiful card with such a fun new way of saying congrats! Hee hee – thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful story! Years ago spelled ‘congradulations’ on my sister’s graduation cake…my mom wanted to choke me, hahaha! Still a really pretty card! Enjoy the day.

  4. I was so dazzled by your stunning bride and groom that your oopsie didn’t really stand out for me…darn those typos, right? Fabulous card all the same! Congratulations on your LIM showcase!

  5. I can see “why” you were chosen for the showcase…..gorgeous card.
    The typo must not have bothered anybody at LIM either…….but yes, embarrassing all the same……..so many of us have “been there…done that”….LOL!

  6. Yep we have all been there, so embarrassing, but, the eyes fall on the couple and I also didn’t see it until the comments. it’s still a beautiful card.

    I was so lucky not to be caught today LOL.

  7. First off your card is absolutely gorgeous so it took me a minute before I realized what was wrong with your card. Then I chuckled because I think we ALL have done this at one time or another! Plus I think our eyes read what it should say and not on the mistake. Congrats on being showcased at LIM!!! Hugs, Brenda

  8. I seldom computer generate messages anymore unless I really want to personalize a card. But even with the “boo boo” it is a gorgeous card design.

  9. What’s the problem? Doesn’t everyone know that’s the proper way to spell congratulations on the Planet Zordoff where this couple and my strange Mister are from? I’ve got your back, baby! Thank you so much for being a sport and playing in my first BFCBB Hop, Marie ~ especially on this day when we are all celebrating your well-deserved LIM Showcase! (Again! We’re all so jelly!) Hugs, Darnell

  10. That image is so beautiful that I didn’t even notice the spelling. Had to read a comment to catch on. And we know how Darnell spells things so we know it’s all OK! Congrats on being showcased at LIM. (Notice how I spell it?)

  11. Oh that pesky spelling! I had a student aide labor all day to make a congrats banner: congradulations. I pointed out to her that it is spelled congraTulations and she showed me the paper she was given to follow. Yep, misspelled there too. *sigh* We all work for a school.

  12. How gorgeous! Spelling…..schmelling……no one can even read lovely cursive writing fonts like that anymore…so no problem!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Beautiful card!!!

  13. Haha! I guess having your card showcased with a typo is equivalent to that dream where you stand up to give a speech and realize you forgot to wear pants!! Either way, this is a gorgeous card….and a story I can totally relate to!

  14. Thanks for sharing your boo boo. And sometimes, a spell checker won’t help either. Reminds me of one of the essays I wrote when I was studying English language and literature at university: I wrote ‘hearse’ when I meant to say ‘harsh’. What was I thinking?!

  15. This is such a beautiful card. It would have killed me NOT to use it!
    But then again, I probably take more poetic liberties than most with my cards πŸ™‚

  16. Scientists have proven that you can freely move the part of the letters in the word, and so each and read them correctly. This little thing is no Boo Boo πŸ™‚ Beautiful card. Often I hosted with you and I am always impressed! The beauty, attention to detail makes me always a delight.

  17. I’ll confess, I had to look quite hard to spot it. The motif is so pretty & elegant, and actually the eye is very good at skipping misspellings and reading properly! Well done, and thanks for your visit to my blog.Congratulations on being showcased at LIM as well. Nice to meet a new friend. TFS & Have a great Sunday.

  18. Pretty card… nice design…You would never know how grateful I am for spell checker…or most of my cards would have this problem…smile…

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