Addicted to CAS Challenge #47 Oriental

Hello lovely ladies and gents ( yes I had a gent commenting this week )

This past week has been a real roller coaster for me so hope you don’t mind if I share a little of what has been going on before I get to my ATCAS card.

As many of you know I have being having problems with the old leglet for several months now , a damaged bone and bone marrow issues all of which have put me on bed rest and in quite a lot of pain. Now for most people the chance to be at home for a couple of months and released of all duties might be a welcome break but not for me . I can’t sit for more than a few minutes and lying down is even more painful so it’s really cramped my style as I’m quite active. Plus the fact that Mr P also has been having leg issues, bone spurs in his heel extremely painful but he has taken over the reigns in all departments and suffered in silence , well nearly in  silence you know how boys can be. To top the lot our baby dog Molly  started limping and we have been told she needs a knee operation !!!!!. So could the person with the voodoo doll give this poor family a break at least in the leg department people think we are joking when they come to our home and see us all limping !

Anyways this last week I was at a really low ebb the Molly situation was the last straw , there has also been a break in, police, guns and a brave husband but that’s a whole blog post on its own and will save for another day . I felt ready to give up but after returning from a few days at my beach house ( only managed to swim twice this year ) I found out that the lovely Kylie and Darnell had been in cahoots arranging a linky party for me at Addicted to Stamps and More  ! I nearly cried my good leg off , I couldn’t stop for  over an hour I was and am so touched by these wonderful ladies and for everyone who took part creating amazing cards to wish me well and cheer me up .  I can never thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness you have given me the will to go on and fight and put a smile back on my face for the first time in months. So a HUGE, HUGE thank you all and especially to my team mates who are the most amazing bunch of lovely and caring ladies and have put up with me for so long .  Oops here come those tears again…. better move on to our new challenge at ATCAS before bloggers blindness takes over !

Our code word for the next fortnight has been chosen by our lovely and talented Sylvia.

ATCAS - code word oriental

Sylvia I loved your code word as I love anything Oriental especially the food ! Not to mention that my son’s band is called Chinese Basement and I nearly used the cover of their new CD lol !


I have a beautiful book of Oriental prints so I printed this pattern onto acetate and placed it within the frame . The sentiment was computer generated and printed onto vellum. The translation is thank you very ,very much so quite fitting I think you will agree.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this challenge but if you’re feeling a little stuck why not pop over to ATCAS my fellow team mates have created some stunning cards for your inspiration. We would also like to welcome our newest Guest Designer for september  the one and only Tenia from Jazzy Paper designs if you don’t know Tenia and I very much doubt it unless you have been under a rock for the last few years then get on over and get acquainted.

We are sponsored once again by the fabulous Stamp Art Design who are offering five digs to our lucky winner.

9 button StampArt Design by Kathryne final badge

Hope you all managed to stay till the end !

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and thank you all once again

Love to you all .


32 thoughts on “Addicted to CAS Challenge #47 Oriental

  1. Firstly, your card is stunning. It is the perfect example of our code word and I love that even the sentiment is Japanese. In response to that “Doo itashimashite” (You’re welcome). Secondly, you make my heart sing that this crafting community can help in the way that it does and get you to put a smile back on your face. Even though we are 15,248 km (I googled it) away from each other, I will always be here for you no matter what. I spent five days with you, you crazy woman back in May and they were five days I will never ever forget. You have imprinted forever in my heart and mind. I love ya guts and don’t you ever forget it!! xx

  2. OMG, I didn’t realise that all this was happening to you, My dear Marie how awful for you. However through the dark comes light in the way of friends, as you have, and many too. It seems when everything comes at once that you feel the world is against you, but it’s just as my MIL once told me “one of life’s little tests!” but as I told her each time, “why do I have to have exam” I expect you feel the same.

    Now onto you your Oriental card, you know I always admire your style and love your work, love the vellum print your card is inspirational as always.

    Hope you have another good cry, they say it’s good for the soul! lots of hugs too. x

  3. Gorgeous designed card PF. Could the oriental theme be any more perfect for you. OK, I have taken the pins out and the doll is firmly in the draw. Only kidding. It wasn’t me but thanks for the idea!!! lol!
    Take care my lovely friend. Sending lots of healing hugs. xxxx

    • I thought it might have been you and now I have the proof ! I kid you not today is the first day for a long time that I feel a little better. I don’t know if it has been all the positive energy or you taking the pins out ! Whatever it is hip hip hooray !

  4. Gosh sweetie you got me started there!!! Hopefully we managed to raise your spirits but hearing about your poor hubby and the dog as well I think you may be right about the voodoo doll!!! Hopefully things will start looking up from now on and you know what we all feel about you so just do what the Dr says and take a little bit more water with it…….😜 Your card is absolutely amazing. I just love everything about it, it’s fabulous.


    Karen xxx

  5. oh my. i’m so sorry to hear all that is going on with you your family. sending healthy healing wishes to you all. and your card is beautiful and gorgeous as your work always is! 🙂

  6. You and your family, pets included are sure having a go of it Marie! It’s enough to break the best person. I hope you continue to hang in there because it’s got to get better at some point in time, or one would think so anyway. I will keep you and yours in my thought’s and prayers. I know the heel spur thing as I have 5 in one foot and 4 in the other, very painful indeed. Knee problems here too, also no fun and your leg stuff sound like no fun too! I agree someone needs to put their voodoo doll away for a while! Now onto your card, oh my quite lovely it is! I love how you printed the image on to acetate! So clever and beautiful. Hugs, Brenda
    PS Found you through Darnell

  7. Sounds like you are having a real rough time of it, hope things get better soon and the pain improves and gets under control, The card looks gorgeous .

  8. Hi Marie. I’m so glad the linky party cheered you up. We are all thinking of you and sending healing thoughts and we will include Mr. P and Molly as well. You have created another stunning card. Love this print and it’s beautifully framed. I hope creating this gave you some joy as well. Take care Marie. Loll xx

  9. Hi, Marie – I love your card, and that acetate looks amazing. I hope you are all on the mend really quickly and can get back to doing what you love doing. 🙂

  10. Wow Marie – what an emotional Post – thank goodness for tissues!. It’s so good to know that you are enjoying the Linky Party, and feeling a little better now. It was very good of Flo to fess up, and remove the pins!! As for the card – It’s absolutely
    FAB-U-LOUS. Love every little bit of it, and the sentiment is awesome!
    I hope you , Hubby and Molly are soon in top form. Hugs, Sylvia xxx

  11. Hi Marie, on the sick list myself but so sorry to read about all the health issues you and your family, that includes Molly, are having to deal with at the moment, and the break-in sounds traumatic too. Your card is lovely, I like the framed print and the greeting on velum. Such a good idea – I imagine velum goes through the printer better than card. I wish you all a speedy recovery. Elizabeth xx

  12. Oh for goodness sake, have you been walking (or should I say hobbling!) under ladders or something. It never rains but it pours! Your oriental card is very classy. I’m afraid under the circumstances I can only say nice things to you! Take good care and hope things start to settle down soon! xx

  13. Fantastic card, brilliant creation, love it.
    I am so very sorry to here about your latest episode of ill health, I truly hope that you have a speedy recovery so I can look forward to your next mishap.
    You certainly are a one off and aren’t we really glad of that, lovely Marie.
    Very best wishes .

    Kath x

  14. I’m sorry that it has taken me a few days to come visit your Oriental post, dear heart. I’m having a little tiny challenge happening over at my place which takes a bit of time. Your post was so beautifully written and heartfelt and filled with sincere gratitude. You and Mr. P and Molly (Molly, too??) are having so much shit descending on you that a simple gesture of care and concern from your friends can bring your topsy-turvy world back into balance somewhat. I’m delighted to have been a part of that for you!

    I hope you are getting cards via snail mail okay, too. I sent you the hop card, but I also sent you a card over a month ago on, too, so I hope you got that one. It’s always uplifting to get Happy Mail! Plus, you can email me any time, too, I hope you know!

    Your card skills have certainly not suffered with all your gin drin – er, I mean with all your discomfort. This card is brilliant with the lovely leaves printed on acetate and that cool band design!!

    I pray you all get the best care possible and that your recoveries go smoothly and as fast as possible. I’m sending you the warmest and biggest cyber hugs possible!! Email me when you can about your other family situation, too. Prayers and Mwah, Darnell

  15. Oh, Marie, I didn’t realise that life had been so horrid for you … and have been out of blogland for a while, so didn’t know about your linky party either, I’m sorry. Nevertheless, I am sending you warm, positive thoughts, and keeping you in my prayers, that recovery will come soon and that life will return to full happiness very quickly! Your card is stunning … as usual it’s a work of art and merits being hung in a gallery! Healing hugs to you, my friend! Anita 🙂

  16. Marie – your post is both heart-melting and heart-warming. In the midst of all these issues facing you, your husband and darling Molly, your hardy, resilient spirit certainly shines through. The others before me have expressed well that the tide will flow in the ‘right’ direction, and I’m sending prayers and positive vibes that it does so for you, soon! I was so delighted to be part of the hop for you (it’s such an honour to be on the ATSM DT…I’m still in shock that I was selected) and it makes my heart smile to know that it touched you deeply! That’s what makes this community so incredible: we’re all here for one another, despite the physical distances that separate us (I live in Alberta, Canada). You’re a gem, and more than deserved this special attention! Your card: beautiful!! Even though you’re in pain, your creativity is flourishing! Crafting: wonderful therapy, indeed!

  17. Sounds like you’ve hard a really tough time Marie, well done for picking yourself up, very brave! I really hope that you ALL get better tout sweet!!!
    I love your card, very subdued colours but very classy, hugs Gay xx

  18. Marie, I hope you are ALL feeling better!!!!
    I love your take on the challenge this week. I love the colors, the textures and the use of the Japanese sentiment. Gorgeous.
    Big hugs

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