Less is More Week 148 Lucky Dip

Hello lovely ladies !

Thanks for all of your well wishes I have to say that I’m feeling a whole lot better …………Having said that yesterday my darling husband had to undergo surgery on a knee injury so now its my turn to look after him ! Leaving the hospital a few hours ago it was difficult to tell who was the patient and who was the carer , I’m still feeling a bit wobbly and have to walk slowly , he was hobbling and I was a wobbling !  Anyways we are back home, hubby tucked up in bed so I thought I would play along with LIM as its been an absolute age.

This week is lucky dip and what to the queens of CAS have for us this week…….


LIM for blinkie

Well goodness gracious me am not really a sparkly person but you wouldn’t think so from my card !!



I used the Spellbinders card creator frames dies to cut the apertures and added a layer of glitter foam in the window. I used my Cameo to cut this lovely feather and embossed just the tip in gold and then neon pink embossing powder . I love the effect of the partial embossing which I had seen some time ago here at the lovely blog Candles in the Garden and wanted to give it a go. I do hope this is not too sparkly for the lovely LIM ladies but feel free to delete if it is. The doglets as always are now supporting a light dusting of glitter as is my sofa, craft desk and floor !

Do pop over to LIM to see the fabulous sparkly creations by Jen and Chrissie and this week they have a very talented guest designer Gillian to inspire and motivate us all.

Well its time for me to put my Florence Nightingale uniform on again and have a little peep at the patient.

Take care and will be popping by to see everyone’s sparkly creations as soon as he drops off to sleep

Take care


30 thoughts on “Less is More Week 148 Lucky Dip

  1. WOW WOW WOW most impressive, love the partial sparkly and everything about it otherwise.

    What a pair of old dodgers you are, hope you’re both well soooooooooooooooooon!

  2. Περαστικά Marie μου!!!!!!
    Η κάρτα σου με εντυπωσίασε!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Καλό Χριστουγεννιάτικο Μήνα!!!!!!!

  3. Oh good grief! You two are having a time of it aren’t you! Here’s to a speedy recovery! Love the sparkles against the black – beautiful card. Valerie won the ‘candy’ by the way. I know she will use it for things I couldn’t even think up! Here’s to good health, happiness and some wealth thrown in. hugs, Donna

  4. Oh WOW!! This is absolutely stunning. I love the effect the card creators make, the black card is fabulous, love the touch of neon pink, love the gold…..Well I just love it!
    Hope you are getting time to put your feet up and enjoy the lovely comments you are receiving for this stunning card.
    Take care.
    Love Sheila x

  5. Hi Marie, wow what a wonderful card, that glittery background against the black, just fab! I must get that feather file, it’s lovely:) Hope you both get back to being fighting fit soon!
    Val x

  6. There’s nothing like black to give sparkle a bit of extra sparkle! Love your dramatic card with that beautiful feather Marie! Hope you and hubby are feeling better. Vicky x

  7. Stunning! The visual impact with the black frame, gold glitter, and feather with a little bit of hot pink added into the mix is incredible. You always make “WOW” cards Marie. Hope you and hubby are feeling better today – you’ve had a tough go. Loll xx

  8. I can always count on you to turn out an absolute masterpiece, Marie! Even not at your most physically fit, your creativity is running at 100%!! I am sorry that you and your Mister are topsy-turvy twins right now. I hope you get a chance to practice with each other so that when you go out in public, you are in sync! As he dips into a hobble, make sure your wobble is dipping in the same direction. Do you see what I mean? I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to gather a crowd if you work at it and there might be some spare change in it for you, too!! Big hugs!! Darnell

  9. Oh my goodness, Marie, this is breathtaking! I adore the bold black and gold … and that feather is simply stunning … I love it! Thanks for revisiting and redoing your disappeared comment … don’t know what happened there at all … the missing one is maybe floating around the ether, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations, boldly going … now where’ve I heard that?! Anita 🙂
    BTW … love the falling festive snow!

  10. Wow, this is totally awesome! You’re glittery creation looks so sparkly, and the combination of gold and neon embossing powder is just genius! Thanks so much for the shout out too!

  11. Jaw. Dropped. This is fabulous. That neon pink. I could eat it up.
    Just wanted to say thanks again for my prize from the ATCAS anniversary celebration. It arrived today. Have to decide what I want to produce with it now… And your card with it is just beautiful. That is amazing cardstock… can I ask where you get it?

  12. Even though I am a fan of your simple, white-n-black cards, this one actually stunned me! Wow, Marie, I really loved it! Such a nice composition! And the splash of neon… genius! (Let me say here that I am not a fan of glitter myself either!)
    Kisses, my dear!

  13. Great to hear you are feeling better sweetie. F. Nightgale uniform…bit too much information there!! LOL!! Only joking. Fantastic card as always. Unique and classy.
    Did you save me a bit of apple pie??
    Hugs, Florence xx

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